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Zygophyseter --> Takes buffs under the sea





New the crafting skill of 100%!!!


We get a creature for the land part and we get one for the air, what ist missing? Yes the sea, so we need a creature for the sea :)


Discriptionof Zygophyseter from Wikipedia:

Zygophyseter varolai is an extinct sperm whale that lived during the Tortonian age of the Late Miocene 11.2 to 7.6 million years ago. It is known from a single specimen from the Pietra Leccese Formation in Italy. It was a member of a stem group of fossil macroraptorial sperm whales (often shortened to "raptorial") also including BrygmophyseterAcrophyseter, and Livyatan. It probably grew to be around 6.5 to 7 meters (21 to 23 ft) in length and shared some characteristics with other raptorials, such as large teeth with tooth enamel that were functional in both the upper and lower jaws which the modern sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) lacks. It also had a beak, the ability to echolocate prey, and could have probably swum faster than the modern-day sperm whale which can reach 4 kilometers per hour (2.5 mph). These were probably used in the capture of large prey, such as large fish, seals, and whales. In fact, its common name, the killer sperm whale, refers to its feeding habits that would have had a resemblance to the modern-day killer whale (Orcinus orca).


Steam Workshop::Livyatan And zygophyseter




He swim in a pack with babys, you must tame the baby of the group. You put Basilo Blubber of the "0" in the inventory and feed the baby the Blubber.


The archaeologists have find new discoveries about the Zygophyseter:


He is the the killer whale of the old times, his passive is predator of the sea: If he swims around in 3 groups, other water animals dont attack him except Tuso and Mosa. And he make 1,5x more damage vs a Tuso.

His other passive is intilligent predator: If he eats jellyfish or eels he can make shocking bite attacks on others, but he is immune to it.

Sea view: his rider sees everything clear and bright in the deap sea.


left klick: bite with passive (intilligent predator)

right klick: headbutt -> he can make his opponent drowsi

x- klick: flippers blow -> beats with his fin and can hit rider down

c- klick: call buffs


Call buffs: you have many call buffs with the Zygo and can swap the calls with the R like the new Tek-bow. But every call have a cooldown. And you can call only one buff.


echo sounder: can uncover all livings being like the Para, you can also see how far away the animal or person is.


heal call: can only be used with Zygo groups, you can heal all group member.


damage call: all buffed animal get a damage buff.


attackspeed call: all buffed animal get a attackspeed buff.


tank call: all buffed animal get a tank buff, he get a fewer damage from opponents.


slow call: all debuffed opponents are slower down.


confusion call: all debuffed opponents are confused and swim awy.


Their saddle is similar to the Roll Rat saddle, where the dome-shield is furled up until the player mounts Enhydriodon. Then, it unfolds and completely encases the player, protecting it from firearms, creatures that dismount the player (Cnidaria, Microraptor, Kaprosuchus, etc.) Underwater, the dome makes it so that the player will not lose oxygen while mounted, but will not replenish oxygen should the player dismount underwater, similar to the Andrewsarchus minigun saddle. 


His smart aura gives you (when you are in the water with him) 100% crafting skill efficiency,for a certain time!!!


He is stronger in a pack, he needs his family and they can kill everyone together in the sea!





He can farm white and black perl, crystal and obsidian with his good denture


File:Zygophyseter varolai skull.jpg - Wikipedia



For many Ideas feel free and write your ideas under the post :) 

I hope you like this creature and vote him up for the better sea in ARK :)

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