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diver NATOVENATOR The romantic diver dino ⭐️⭐️⭐️




Welcome to my submission  for the Ark The center vote,and in this post i will show you what i had in mind for the Natovenator.

In real life:

In real life these creatures were quite smaller than what i wanted for ark and they lived fishing in the sea, this species is not a known species so i wanted to represent it here because....it catched my attention and i think the abilities i thought to him are cool.




Common name: natovenator

Species: natovenator peritissimus

Diet: carnivorous

Temperament: territorial


In the wild the natovenator peritissimus lives alone or in couples, it can be seen hunting fish or small animals in the sea or in rivers, this creature is extremly territorial with survivors or other creatures who try to pass in it's territory, that are normaly beaches or caves with big nests, one admirable behaviour on this species is the dance, it mares this dance as sign if it whill not let you aproach or if you can pass, legends say that survivors tamed those creatures this way, bad face or shaking tail don't move, strange laugh or clapping hands you can pass, a lovely behaviour on this species is that when trying to impress a female it will give gifts hug and kiss, but don't let the lovely acts fool your self, because this creature has the psycopathic behaviour of just diving in the air and catching small creatures and then doping them.


Only Lucky or strong survivors succeded in taming this magnificent beast, some say that only understanding the significa and then feeding fish will make the creature docile, but others prefered rubbing the egg, putting their lives at risk, after taming them they can flat like a boat, climb, glide and dive really fast in the air or in the wather.


Abilities and controls:

1) The natovenator has a boost of 20%of damage in aquatic creatures.

2) When pressing C it activates the peck abilitie that does 40%more damage but only works for a few seconds and it has a cooldown.

3) As a flyer it can carry things with its beak like a small animal or an item, so you can drop bombs while gliding,  but you know how to do that.

4) By pressing CNTRL you can activate, the one, the only, DIVE!!!

An abilitie that makes you really fast while gliding and if you colide in the ground you don't take damage, and if you do that on a creature if it isn't dead it's because it's really strong, and to get things even better it can be used underwhater but just a bit slower.

5) By pressing y on a creature while gliding it applies a bleeding effect to kill the creature(remembering that it can only do that with samll creatures).

6) If you can't escape a fight just find a climbable place to start gliding and then press CNTRL and C to activate an escape energy to run away.

Design and the end:

The natovenator is a bit larger than a raptor on ark, and it's arm feathers are long and it has the colors of the dwarf oriental kingfisher in the same order, just adding tiny yellow balls to it's wings and tail, and the female looks like the one from the picture i showed on the beggining, and on it's tail and head it has a crest made from feathers just like the ones in the raptor or in the rockdrake.887693432_images(2).jpeg.2d33100f345896eb06fecf67bec90849.jpeg

Well, that's the end i hope you liked my idea, and if you have any questions you can ask me, so thank you, and that is the end.

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