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I own/breed slime molds such as Physarum Polycephalum IMG_20190218_131701-800x600.jpg.f9dfa3047fb96474f6e9f15f713f726a.jpgahandoutpict.jpg.ad5797ec5f3c594b631fee28de963324.jpg

So slime molds is a misnomer... They are not molds they are an amoeboid like creature. They even grow flagellas when submerged in water. They gets the name molds because the reproduce in a similar fashion as fungi (forming a mushroom like stalk which produces spore (like) vessels for the baby amoebas. These stalks are often carried off by ants which eat the stalks. Which is how I think they should be breed


ants having a percentage chance to drop spores which can be grown into slime molds.

Slimes are actually really intelligent despite not having any neurons. They can solve mazes by laying down a mucus which they can use chemotaxis to determine where it has been. They kind of try every possible combination of paths until they reach the end of the maze... And then rearrange itself in the most efficient way. Which is why I think they would be great for something like lock picking/ pin cracking or even disabling tek



(In the 2 images above researcher in Tokyo made a petri dish map of Tokyo. The placed food at all of the subway stations. And the placed physarum Polycephalum at Tokyo station and watched it spread. The next day it had rearranged itself in a more efficient way than Tokyo's actual subway system) 

I also think it would be cool to see if you feed them element shards or dust or be in radiation their mucus would change and become a mutagen farm.

In lab study's they've found that they do not like light heat or salt because they are mostly water and would dehydrate. However they can gain resistances to these things over time so maybe a leveling system like the moschops /theri to gain resistances 


(The center slime mold has learned to be resistant to the salt block Infront of it... But slimes can also share their adaptations by joining with other slimes)

Another interesting feature of the slime molds is they can survive with out water for up to 2 years by creating a cyst around itself and harden on the outside til water is available is why I think it should be a shoulder pet it could act as an armor by hardening... Could act as a radiation suit (given that some microorganisms can eat radiation) or a scuba suit ( given that it can grow flagellas it could increase swim speeds)

I think that it would also be cool if attacks a player it can act as hand cuffs

Slime molds such as Physarum Polycephalum are also excellent hunters mostly eating plants and fungus so they could gather the various mushroom types 



while they are not extinct slime molds have been around for 600 million years so definitely prehistoric origins

(Source: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/brainless-slime-molds/#:~:text=Compared with most organisms%2C slime,or even simple nervous systems. )

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