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This sounds interesting in how the saddle would work. As it is now, it could never have an ascended saddle. So it would need to be ride-able without a saddle in its current form. But if there is a saddle, then the shell would either not affect, or slightly affect armor. I would propose that the shell would prevent ALL damage to that crab/player when in stationary protection mode, and would take damage based on the armor ranking of the saddle.

It seems that a lot of the shell types could be consolidated into one, or two shell options. Make the base shell have the retaliation spike damage. So this way when pinned, and being attacked, the wild attacking creature would either kill themselves on the shell, or run from low health. That is, if the shell can last through the attack, which would depend on saddle strength modifier applied to the shell. So the better the saddle, the longer the shell lasts through an attack, and the higher chance for the attacker to just kill themselves. Plus with the spiked version already default, it would lend to a few options. The cannonball shot would not have a variable distance based on shell. But without a shell, the distance would double. If you have narcotic in the crab inventory, the shell would already be set up for delivering narcotic through the hollow spike channels. This would mean the narcotic would make dinos run away as a defense from being knocked out, as well as add another layer of torpor application to the cannonball move. The shell would do both instant concussive damage, as well as torpor over time from the narcotic in the crab's inventory. But the spikes in general will add more damage, making the damage to torpor ratio less efficient than other methods. Particularly with the cannonball move.

Maybe make it so that in protection mode, the crab can slowly rotate, and the only way you have access to the flurry of attacks that uses every limb of the crab is from the protection mode. So you can slowly target a direction, but the strike itself is quick, and the last limbs to hit would be the claws. the little claw doing more damage than the feet, and the big claw doing knock back as well as similar damage to the little claw. Maybe even charging the attack could do a little more damage, but the big claw attack at the end would do even greater knock back. This way if my previous idea is used, it would be a way for the player to fight back, and hold out longer when they have a lower quality saddle attached/reinforcing the shell. This would also mean that the crab would not have instant access to an on demand multi-strike. They would at least need to quickly enter protection mode before the strike. Even if the strike is not charged at all.

Gathering wise, the crab should have a big reduction on resource weight. Probably even a smithy saddle while mounted. As though you enter a hidden little workshop on the back of your crab buddy. The reduced resource weight makes sense for a walking tank that carries its home. So anything that can be gathered with a pick, or a hatchet should have a weight reduction on it. Especially since I doubt this thing would not be carry-able by anything other than a rhynio, and would not be super fast. So it may as well be efficient. The pointy claw attack would be the pick, and the large claw attack would be the hatchet. The pick/hatchet damage modifier would be linked to the saddle armor quality, while also modified by the melee damage of the crab. Which would make for a very competent gatherer. Maybe even a gatherer that is a step above the abilities of the beginner gatherers, such as the anky, and doedic. We have raptors, and we replace our raptors with carnos, then allos, then rexes. But we are never able to replace our doedic with something better. Magmasaur is the only thing that really replaces the anky. But you can carry an anky/doedic with an argent. So why not have the rex level gatherer, with a "non-beginner" taming level of complexity, or difficulty, to replace the beginner gatherers? Especially one that can gather under water, and can only be carried by a rhynio, which only advanced tribes would have access too. An advanced gatherer, for advanced tribes. While also fun to jump around on, and swim on. Maybe also a very slow wall walking ability, just to make sure it does not get stuck anywhere. And make that same ability the one you use to walk along the ocean floor, and make the under water crawl faster because it is easier to move heavy things under water, and that would mean water cliffs would not be the worst thing ever. This sounds fun.

And lastly, the shell types I mentioned. The default one with spikes, possibly made of a chitin, and stone in combination, could have only one alternative. The metal version, also with spikes, made of chitin, stone, and metal. This would be similar to the jump in efficiency of switching from stone pick/hatchet, to metal pick/hatchet. And when your shell breaks, you can at least build a new shell, the way a survivor builds their first pick/hatchet, then use that shell to build the metal one, all without having to go back to base, then use that shell to do some REAL gathering. And the saddle reinforcement of the shell would be the only real boosting factor for how effective that process is. This stone shell, versus metal shell could also effect the efficiency of narcotics similarly to stone arrows versus tranquilizing darts. Same would go for the efficiency between using a club, then switching to a cannonball.

I hope these ideas help with the final design. This seems to be a good path to take while keeping the crab from being over powered. It would all be about defense, quicker than beginner gatherer movement speed. Fun, but not amazing movement abilities, with cannonball jumps to "boost" speed in straight lines, and basic wall walking, maybe with launching onto a wall, or off of a wall. And calculated attacks that can be strong, and wide, but not quick. All while having a less boring, but more fun gathering experience while you gather what you need along your crab walk journey toward your tribal, and ark based goals of a better, funner, more advanced future.

Edit: Side note. Since with this idea, the shell would be a skin for the saddle, or a side skin that is separate, it would be cool if when removing the shell to enter fast swim mode, you could also color the shell the way you would with a skin, or saddle. This way you could do something similar to what hermit crab owners do when they give their crabs fun shells to choose from. That way you can also color a shell that best fits the personality, or look of your new crab friend. Especially if you can custom paint the shell, and not JUST dye based on color regions.

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Dude @TheEnderBuilder445, if you see this, please resubmit the Giant Hermit Crab for a next map. Try like genesis with the crab having variants for each biome or try crystal isles, but bro pls resubmit te creature it was an amazing creatures so pls resubmit it on a fitting map

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