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Community Crunch 372: Community Creature Winner, EVO Event, and More!

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On 7/29/2023 at 5:54 AM, BlakeEIves said:

I have noticed that some creature submissions have great proposed ability ideas, but few read far enough to see them. I am thinking a very brief summery of the abilities before anything else would be beneficial. Such as for this Chimerarachne Yingi having a smithy saddle because no other aberrant creatures having one was probably overlooked. Since few bother to read the whole submission. So being able to craft high level blueprints on aberration is impossible without a smithy saddle. I am suspecting that people seeing the summary first, before the flavor text would help these more creative, and nuanced creatures to be noticed for their strengths along with their appearance.

Short rant... This creature gave the possibility for adding in a "primative" incubator, since we are going to have to wait forever for gen 2 to be released to get the regular incubator. There was an opening for the spider milk mechanic to work on wyverns, and rockdrake, thus making this chimera appealing to all the players that wanted the bison. That is, if the devs took the hint. Plus the net gun feature, or we have to wait for gen 2 for the engram again. Then the fact that you can haul stuff with on demand, inexpensive zip-lines, or wall crawling. I am thinking nobody put all that together in their heads to see how useful that is. Hell, nobody realizes that the Sauropod this vote would have been the only stone gatherer that can HARVEST ITS OWN FOOD TO FEED ITSELF. The only one! That sauropod is basically a primitive stryder with a built in saddle forge. READ PEOPLE!... Rant over.

Rock golems

rock golems are a stone harvester that can harvest its own food

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