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Giant Charge frog (Electrorana Limoae)

The Electrorana Limoae  would be the first mount that emits charge. Being able to eat charge bugs to gain charge it can then use its Vocal sac as a large lantern inflating it and filling it with charge to emit light.


- emits charge
- Rideable

- It’s saddle can charge batteries as well as be used like a charge lantern.
- Can climb walls and zip lines
- Can hold creatures smaller than it in its mouth so you can move them up zip lines or cliffs. 
- Radiation proof

- Can use its sticky tongue like a grappling hook to swing like a blood stalker.

Taming method: 

Tame with the help of charge light.
You can use charge light to get a wild Electrorana to fill with charge allowing you to ride it. Allowing you to lead it to a charge bug and get it to eat the charge bug. causing it to be tamed after an eating a few charge bugs. 

Omnivore, eats meat and mushrooms.

I think the game of ark needs more than one frog and a giant glowing cave frog would make a fine addition. Imagine how useful the first charge emitting mount could be, for traveling aberrations depths. transporting baby dinosaurs around your base, or stealing baby Dinosaurs from others. 





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