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Morohasaurus(Ancient poisonous lizard found in Japan)



Morohasaurus is an extinct genus of cf. monstersaurian squamates know from a single left dentary from the Early Cretaceous (?Albian) Ohyamashimo Formation of the Sasayama Group in Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
The type and only species is Morohasaurus kamitakiensis.
As of 2021, Ikeda et al. place this taxon a conferatur within Monstersauria based on general synapomorphies but without performing a phylogenetic analysis. The unique characters described in the paper to distinguish Morohasaurus kamitakiensis as a valid species include "the sinuous posteroventral rim of the dentary with a large U-shaped upper notch and small V-shaped lower notch, posteroventral corner of intramandibular septum with a weakly pointed eminence projecting posteriorly, and unicuspid, curved trenchant teeth with distinct blade-like carinae on their mesial and distal sides without grooves or serrations."
If its presumed affinities are correct, Morohasaurus represents the oldest known monstersaurian to date.


In-game, it appears as a giant venomous lizard about the size of a rock drake, with a similar design to the Helodermatidae.


This lizard is normally neutral, but becomes hostile when attacked by the player or other creatures.
Naturally, it has a strong poison and gives the following poison effects to the player and other creatures.
Increased coma, decreased movement speed, reduced stamina, loss of fighting spirit, poor visibility, and bleeding are all effects of the lizard's poison.
Of course, even if you manage to escape, there is always a risk of death from this poison, and even Reapers and Giganotosaurus die from it.
All creatures, including the Reaper, are afraid of the lizard's venom, so no one bothers to attack the Morohasaurus.
It is recommended that you take Nameless Venom immediately after receiving this poison.
By the way, they have a very good sense of smell, so they can recognize players wearing Ghillie gear.
Taming method
There is a small chance that a "Morohasaurus Nest" will spawn, with several fertilized eggs in the center.
The player must steal the fertilized egg from its nest.
However, there are Morohasaurus roaming around, and if you try to approach the nest, they will attack you.
Even if you approach the nest with Ghillie equipment, they will be detected by their sense of smell, and once they have taken the fertilized eggs, they will all attack at once.
Therefore, if you steal a fertilized egg, you can either run away quickly with something like a rock drake or kill them all.
Fertilized eggs do not hatch unless they are in a very cold environment, so it is necessary to lower the temperature with an air conditioner.
And once they hatch, they just grow into adults.
Luckily, meat is enough.
After taming
It can be ridden with its own saddle, it can attack with powerful poison just like a wild one, and even a Reaper that is almost invincible when not exposed to charge light can use this poison's effect to kill a Reaper. Can be defeated without charge light.
It has Radiation Resistance, Electricity Resistance, Coma Resistance, and Poison Resistance that nullifies all living creatures' poisons.
Also, by putting Narcoberry, Ascerbic Mushroom, Narcotic, and Bio Toxin in Morohasaurus' inventory, "Morohasaurus Venom" is automatically created, and by putting it in a water bottle, you get "Morohasaurus Poison Bomb". And this Morohasaurus Poison Bomb can be thrown to act as a Poison Bomb.
Even powerful creatures that cannot be defeated, such as Reapers or Giganotosaurus, can take a lot of damage from this poison bomb, and in some cases, it can be used effectively for taming by increasing the coma value at once.
However, you can't climb walls like in Megalania.

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