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Rosamygale(Giant ancient tarantula with glowing abdomen)



Rosamygale is a genus of extinct Triassic spiders, with a single described species, Rosamygale grauvogeli.
It is the oldest known member of the Mygalomorphae, one of the three main divisions of spiders, which includes well known forms such as tarantulas and Australian funnel-web spiders.
It was described by Selden and Gall in 1992, from specimens found in the Middle Triassic (Anisian ~ 247-242 million years ago) aged Gres a Meules and Grès à Voltzia geological formations in France.
It is also considered to be the oldest known member of the Avicularioidea, one of the two main divisions of Mygalomorphae.
Rosamygale is known from compression fossils consisting of brown-coloured organic cuticle remains of several juvenile and adult individuals, up to 6 mm in length.
In the original description, Rosamygale was placed in the Hexathelidae, with reservations.
However, later studies noted that it was placed in the family based on characters that are plesiomorphic (ancestral) for many groups of mygalomorphs. It can be securely placed in Avicularioidea, one of the two major groupings of mygalomorph spiders based on the absence of an abdominal scutum (a hard plate located on the underside of the body) and well-separated posterior lateral spinnerets (silk-spinning organs).
The sediments where the spiders were discovered represents a deltaic environment, with the fossil found in what likely was a stagnant brackish pond that filled during the rainy season, surrounded by sparse vegetation.
Associated terrestrial fauna includes scorpions, myriapods and insects. With an associated aquatic fauna containing the brachiopod Lingula, clam shrimps, and fish. The authors speculated, due to the nature of the locality, that Rosamygale burrowed into or near the banks of water courses.
Primitive avicularioids such as Rosamygale are thought to have hunted using funnel and sheet webs.


In the game, it appears as a giant tarantula, always has a neutral personality, and will fight back when attacked.
It features a luminous abdomen that glows, which has the same effect as a charge light and can weaken Reaper and Nameless.
Also, since it has radiation resistance, electric shock resistance, and coma resistance, it cannot be coma.
And when attacking, I will take out the thread and restrain it before attacking.
Of course, there are times when it has poison that causes poor visibility and movement speed, and attacks with it.
There are also rare aggressive alpha species.
Taming method
Normally, taming is not possible, but a "Rosamygale's Nest" is actually generated, and there is a fertilized egg in it, so the player obtains the fertilized egg.
However, as soon as you get it, all the Rosamygales around you will be hostile and attack you, so you will have to either escape with a creature that can escape, such as Rock Drake, or annihilate the Rosamygales.
And it needs to be hatched in a cold environment, and an air conditioner is essential.
Once hatched, the baby Rosamygale is raised, but fortunately it can only be fed with meat or Kibbles, and then grown into an adult Rosamygale.
After taming
It can be ridden with its own saddle.
Like the wild, it always glows with glowing abdomen, and Rosamygale itself is radiation-resistant, lightning-resistant, coma-resistant, can attack with poison that causes blindness and slows movement, and shoots strings. This makes it possible to restrain even large dinosaurs such as Reaper, Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus.
It also produces 'Rosamygale Thread' over time.
This thread can be used in place of organic polymers.
And because its abdomen glows with light, it can weaken Reaper or Nameless to attack.
In particular, you can fight Reapers by binding them with strings, or attacking them with poison that reduces visibility and movement speed.
And when the Reaper dies, it can nullify the strong acidic bodily fluids (blindness for a period of time).

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10 hours ago, RyuouShenron said:

Speaking of which, many users have suggested a number of arachnids for this Aberration new creature vote, so perhaps new spiders could be added.

That's what I'm hoping lol, I'm a little worn out from all the reptiles and mammals we've been getting. I love the Rhyn and the design of it because it's unique and different than the new creatures we've recently been getting.

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