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Diprotodon:Demon knife like teeth




Protection of Small Animals

Diprotodon has a desire to protect small animals, and they can provide damage reduction buffs and immunity to bleeding to our small creatures and Diprotodon, who are like them, through their roar. They are immune to the effects of enemy flying units or zebra dragons catching them. After howling at the same time, the small animals under shelter will give Diprotodon a combat power bonus to increase the combat power of Diprotodon who provides shelter to everyone. This bonus can increase up to 6 layers as the number of small animals around it increases.

Collection Expert

Diprotodon has excellent collection ability for basic outdoor materials, including fruits, stones, wood, thatch, metal, and various colored gemstones. Diprotodon has good weight bearing and endurance, and is a very practical miner in the early and middle stages of development.


Radiation and Resistance

In addition to howling that can reduce damage between each other Diprotodon,Diprotodon have a special immunity to radiation, and entering the radiation range Diprotodon can receive an additional reduction in damage.


[Manner of Taming]

Diprotodon is a gentle beast that only retaliates when you actively attack. Sometimes they will act alone, and sometimes two or three will appear together. You need to find Diprotodon group with wild cubs, first lure all adult individuals out of it, and then peacefully tame them to feed the lonely Diprotodon cubs with rare mushrooms, Z seeds, and excellent feed. The effect of domestication gradually increases, and the tamed cubs are still in their infancy and can be brought home for raising. Be careful not to let the adult Diprotodon of the corresponding group of Diprotodon cubs die during the domestication period, otherwise the cubs will die immediately due to excessive sadness.



Diprotodon's saddle is unlocked at level 52, but even without saddle Diprotodon, it can be ridden, while Diprotodon with unlocked saddle can carry two survivors and both survivors are protected by the rider


学名:妖刃双门齿兽 demonkniffeDiprotodon





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On 7/9/2023 at 3:30 PM, CourtEntertainers said:

Hii!! Since there's already this post I will post here my own idea for the Diprotodon. There are some similiar aspects but they are coincidences I have made this weeks ago. Good luck for the Diprotodon!!!!


Diprotodon was a genus of australian marsupials that went extinct around 46.000 years ago. They had a lifestyle like the actual wombats. In Ark, they have adapted to the wild and savage Aberration's conditions from the top (the surface) to the bottom (the deepest caves). They are a medium-late tame especially useful in every area, but they are sleepy too.





Diprotodon is a genus that contains 4 sub species that you can find on the fertile zone of Aberration's cave system. They look very peaceful and calm until you bother them while they take a nap. Diprotodon´s heavy weight helps them to carry up to two medium creatures such as ravagers, raptors... that can be released in the middle of a combat, or maintained on the saddle so they can use their abilities such as parasaur's roar. While they wander on the plains, they will randomly dig a small hole in the ground where you can find valuable items, with the help of an already tamed one, so it is a good idea to keep some wild specimens.


To tame one of these gentle beasts you must play with them. They love to hide items underground and you will have to find them so your friendship will improve. Apparently, the Diprotodon sub-species only differ on their fur pattern, but they have plenty of different abilities. By now I have named them as: D.ven. they can unearth the hidden items underground and they can even track dinos or resources smelling their scent; D.gra. they have the ability to trample the ground breaking rocks, trees and bushes, and even stunning dinos; D.hyd. they can throw different items that are a good help for the combat, they have developed a fierce bite to face Aberration's biggest predators; and lastly, D.odo. (or also called as the hairy diprotodons), they have evolved their fur structure and now they can retain scents and other properties on their fur, with this skill they can survive on the wildest environments such as the burning surface, or even the radiated depths.

Diprotodons spawn on the fertile green zone on small groups from 3 to 5 adult specimens and 1 or 2 babies, they wander and dig some holes on the ground hiding different objects like resources, weapons, tools... They like to sleep and are always calm, but if you approach too much while they are taking a nap or if you attack them, they will show their fierce side. It is a good idea to keep a small group on a medium enclosure wandering so you get free items similar to Gacha, but it is not that simple, you will need help from already tamed diprotodons (I will that explain later).

The taming process is a bit complex (at first time), but it is fun too. you will have to find a baby alone, if the adults near see you they will attack you so you may have to kill them or take away the baby which is simpler. The babies are very curious and will follow you if you have honey or rare flower on the last spot of the tool bar (like Ferox do with element). To start the tame, you must give them one of the two items, then you will have to give them special ones such as crops, gems, pearls, sap... If the item is common the tame will increase only a bit, but if it´s a rare one such as black pearls, the tame will advance faster. Once you give them the item, they will knock you they will start digging a random number of holes from 4-8 (only for the first time); then after you wake up you will have to find the item hidden on one of the holes, if you don't, they will hit you and the taming effectiveness will decrease, you only have two opportunities for item and 3 opportunities to fail in each tame. This process would be easier with the help of a sniffer diprotodon that is able to smell if there is an item in the hole. Once tamed, you will have to care for the babies and feed them until they grow. But fortunately, if you have a female Diprotodon tamed, you will have Diprotodon milk (generated only on the female's inventory but slow because it is a useful item) this item helps them grow faster but they gain a buff so you cannot feed them milk all the time, just after a period of some minutes.

As the dossier says, there are four distinct species, each one with their own pattern. All of them have some abilities in common:

-High health and oxygen (while being in the water the player doesn´t lose oxygen because their fur retains bubbles of air underwater, so it is helpful for harvesting underwater resources).

-They are immune to earthquakes because of their heavy weight (this means that the screen won´t move while there is an earthquake).

-They can be mounted with or without saddle. The saddle is unlocked at a medium level and has two baskets to carry two small or medium dinos (from Dodos to Parasaurs). With another key (a different "attack") the dinos of the baskets are released and they attack if they are neutral/aggressive.


-The main attack is a hit with one of their front legs, that deals damage on area.

-They have fatigue level too (that could be a new stat for them) if this stat runs out, they will start to sleep, no matter where they are. This stat decreases using their species unique abilities. The milk can be used to for increasing this stat, so they do not fall sleep.


The 4 fur patterns are: plain (sniffer), spotted (tank), stripped (hairy) and dotted (attacker). Their hair glows in the dark of the bio-luminescent region (with cyan, lilac, violet and blue tones) and the molten region (with pink, purple and red tones).



The four sub-species have different abilities and a higher stat compared to the other ones:


-Higher stat: speed.

-Sniff (new attack): can be used to check if there is an item on a hole; or to track dinos (you must sniff the death body of that dino species) or resources (you have to sniff the resource thrown on the ground). Then some marks like Parasaur's enemies will show you where the nearest dinos or resources of that kind are.



-Higher stat: weight.

-Stomp (new attack): to stun dinos, break bushes, trees or rocks with their back legs. -While wandering they can pick up items from the ground such as earthquakes' items.



-Higher stat: stamina.

-They can cover their fur with different objects this ability consumes one item of the inventory every certain short interval of time and to start this ability there is a small bar of items on the left of the screen similar to Mek's gasoline level for choosing the item): sap (surface's sun protector), gas ball (immunity to radiation), rare flowers (the Diprotodon is followed by other Diprotodons and herbivore dinos), gems (increase defense) or insect repellent.

-They can cover their fur with the scent of an object (you have to make them consume the item and they gain a buff for some seconds/minutes): nameless venom (the Diprotodon is ignored by nameless), reaper pheromone (reaper queens follow the Diprotodon so they can be trapped) and angler gel (the Diprotodon glows like small shoulder dinos like Shinehorn).



-Higher stat: damage.

-They have a throwing attack that leaves an area on the ground. They can throw honey (slow down), gas balls (increases torpor) or oil (to burn it). This Diprotodon can stay on turret mode such as Velonasaur and consumes items from its inventory (like the sniffer, it has a bar to select the projectile).

-They have a bite attack too.

A well-planned Diprotodon formation won´t stop you exploration around the Aberration’s caves and surface. For example, to dive in radiation zones, a hairy Diprotodon will give the nearest creatures immunity to radiation. If your plan is to steal some Rockdrake’s eggs, some attacker Diprotodons as companions will help you to get rid of the beasts. You could even count on a tank to receive all the damage and a sniffer to find the eggs more easily. And this is not considering the dinos carried by them on their saddle.

As you can see, each species has its own range of abilities, but combined with a good strategy they can face all the aberrant dangers that await them in this savage world. They are incredibly strong and adapted to every environment, but they have a weakness (already explained before), their sleepiness, that could lead to a failed battle. They may fall sleep on half of a combat, and their fatigue level cannot be increased by level points, so you must be conscious about that.



-I am not a professional artist I have tried my best on the dossier and the artworks. I would appreciate any advice for the next drawings.

-All the drawings are mine except the dossier icons and templates.

-The species names are not real; these names have been created by me combining Latin words related to their own abilities. The original species is Diprotodon optatum. -I know these are too many abilities for one creature but I think the game needs a multitasking ground creature. Any of these abilities can be modified and I would appreciate every advice or idea for the concept.

-English is not my first language so please if there are any mistakes let me know on the comments. I am sorry in advance for any mistakes.

My objective is to add different and unknown creatures to the game so they can be seen by new people that may discover their amazing potential. Of course, the extinct Diprotodon did not have these abilities, but they were amazing as all the creatures of our planet. I think Ark needs to deepen about australian extinct fauna (and Cenozoic megafauna too), Diprotodon is the third marsupial on the game and a new way to appreciate Australia's unusual fauna.

Thank you so much for your attention. Only your view and reading of my post is especially important to me and I appreciate it. I hope you like my Diprotodon concept!! Thanks again.


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