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Eoarctos(An ancestor of bears that resembled a raccoon)



Eoarctos is an extinct genus of arctoid carnivorans, known from the latest Eocene to early Oligocene of North Dakota and Nebraska. It is known from several remains, the most notable of which is the almost perfectly preserved skeleton of a large male. It was comparable in build and size to a fisher or small raccoon, with an estimated body mass of 4.3 kg, and possessed a variety of features that indicate a mix of terrestrial and scansorial locomotion. Its most notable feature is its unique dentition, with its massive premolars and hypocarnivorous molars, as well as its robust mandible, indicating that it consumed hard-shelled prey, possibly making it the oldest molluscivorous carnivoran known.
Fossils belonging to Eoarctos were first discovered in the 1940s, when its unique jaws were found at the Fitterer Ranch fossil site in North Dakota, but not described until decades afterward, although they were occasionally referred to the species Subparictis dakotensis. In 1982, a crew led by paleontologist Robert Emry an almost complete, beautifully preserved fossil of a male arctoid, which was later designated as holotype (name-bearing specimen) USNM 637259. Emry and his colleague Richard Tedford, who recognized that the fossil represented a new species, planned to describe it, but the already slow moving project remained unfinished after the death of Tedford in 2011. However, several other paleontologists were invited by Emry to continue the project, and the description of Eoarctos vorax was finally published in 2023. So far remains of this taxon, nicknamed "kitten-otter-bear" by its describers, only been discovered in the Fitterer Ranch locality, which dates to the late Orellan or early Whitneyan, and an outcrop of the Chadronian Chadron Formation near Roundtop, Nebraska.
The genus name is a combination of Eos, the Greek goddess of the dawn, and arctos, “bear”, while the species name vorax is Latin for “voracious eater”.


In-game, they appear as omnivorous, neutral mammals the same size as Nameless.
They are mainly hostile to small fish such as coelacanths or small creatures such as Achatina, Mesopithecus, and Dodo, but they are neutral to players and will fight back if attacked.
Also, since this creature has an excellent sense of smell, it will steal food from players or tamed creatures, or steal food stored in storage boxes.
And for that you can open the door.
In addition, it has a dexterous raccoon-like ecology, such as washing the food it obtains with water before eating it.
However, if you make it your ally, it will be a reliable partner.
Taming method
It will be a coma tame under special conditions.
It's about making you steal beer from the player on purpose.
Eoarctos steals beer from the player and makes a washing motion in the nearby water before drinking the beer.
And after drinking beer, he gets drunk and falls into a coma a few minutes after drinking.
During this time, the player can put any kind of food, such as meat, berries, and mushrooms, into their inventory and feed it to increase the taming gauge.
However, it wakes up quickly, reduces the coma value quickly, and wakes up quickly.
When you wake up, go into a 1 minute cooldown, then steal beer again, drink it, get drunk again and fall into a coma, put food in there again to increase the taming gauge, wake up and do the same as before. By repeating the same action all the way to beer, the tame is completed.
However, if you accidentally attack or are attacked by another creature, the taming gauge will be reset, so be careful and make sure there are no dangerous creatures around.
After taming
This creature will collect mushrooms, berries, fiber, and even meat and hides from wild animal corpses in free-roaming mode, but will collect twice as much as the player.
It's also a great weapon on its own, and can take on Nameless and Raptor.
However, if there are two or more, they will form a pack and will be granted the pack buff, with the higher level being the leader.
The greater the number of herds, the more powerful the Reaper will be.
But that's not all.
The best feature of this creature is that it stealthily steals rare items from wildlife.
For example, you can steal "Reaper Pheromone Gland" from a Reaper or "Nameless Venom" from a Nameless.
Of course, both dead and alive can steal rare items.
While stealing, dive close to the target so as not to take damage. When you get close to the target, steal it stealthily, and then dive to a safe place.
If there is a water nearby, it will wash the stolen item before giving it to the player.
Players are rewarded with petting to delight, and Eoarctos increases their own regeneration speed.

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