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Kayentapus(Carnivorous Dinosaur Killing Reaper)



Kayentapus is an ichnogenus from South Africa. It is most notable for the giant footprint assigned to the species K. ambrokholohali. It is said to be the first evidence of giant megatheropods living in the Early Jurassic, and was most likely the apex predator of its ecosystem.


In-game, it appears as the strongest and ferocious dinosaur that can damage and kill the only Reaper without a charge light.
Like other carnivorous dinosaurs, this dinosaur attacks other creatures in its vicinity, but can even attack Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus.
This dinosaur is radiation resistant and coma resistant.
However, when it finds the player, it will come closer to the player, but will watch over the player without attacking.
However, if the player attacks, it will be hostile and fight back.
Why is this dinosaur watching over the player?
It is to kill Reapers that appear at the player.
Reapers tend to only attack players, but this dinosaur will attack the Reaper as soon as it sees it.
When Reaper is attacked by this dinosaur, it fights back and turns from a player to Kayentapus.
However, the Reaper is naturally invulnerable and takes no damage unless it is hit by a Charged Light, but Kayentapus doesn't care and damages the Reaper without a Charged Light, killing the Reaper.
Of course, wild Kayentapus will also attack tamed Reapers, so be careful when riding a tamed Reaper.
Taming method
First, if Kayentapus comes near the player, it will look for the Reaper.
The next time the Reaper appears, Kayentapus will start fighting, so you need to let him fight, so just watch from a distance.
After defeating the Reaper, the player will come to Kayentapus and hand over the Medical Brew to recover their physical strength, and then the taming will finally begin.
Luckily, it regenerates well, so you only need to hand over Medical Brew once after a fight.
From there, search for Reaper → Kayentapus vs Reaper battle → After Kayentapus wins, hand over Medical Brew to increase the taming gauge... just repeat this process.
However, there are times when you fight creatures other than Reaper, but you can't hand them over at that time.
Also, if the player accidentally attacks Kayentapus, it will become hostile and the taming gauge will reset, so be careful.
After taming
It can be ridden with its own saddle and can defeat Reapers just like the wild.
Also, as an ability that can be used after taming, you can use the same howl as Yutyrannus, which gives buffs that increase attack power, defense power, and speed, and can do a trampling attack that deals a lot of damage.
This dinosaur collects more skins than meat, especially since it cuts the weight of skins, furs and polymers by 75%, so you can collect a lot of skins.

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