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Basilisk lizard - AKA The Jesus Christ lizard



Welcome to my first ever submission and post! Note: This is mainly a place holder to guage the interest of the submission, with artwork and additional info being added depending on engagement.

The Jesus Christ lizard, a very iconic reptile thats adorned with a large headcrest and fin-like sail across its back. A creature that prefers life near sources of water where it can pick up smaller creatures and vegetation to eat in the safety of its own domain but at the first sign of danger, will rapidly run across bodies of water where predators will have a hard time chasing them down.

Habitat: Wild basilisks are omnivorous and prefer quiet bodies of water with plenty of fish, small creatures and or vegetation and can be seen frequently going back and forth, collecting it's meal to eat in peace or feed it's mate.

Taming: A tame which has different methods for both sexes. With males, you would first have to sneak up and find out it's craving food, once fed it will follow you, as you kill and leave small carcasses for it to eat, any large creatures, damage, or lack of things to eat will scare the creature away and lower taming affectiveness. Females on the other hand are looking for mates and as such are always looking for the flashiest of creatures to pair up with. As such, a collection of dyes will be needed to tame them. On a slow approach to a female they will raise their head to guage your response and ask for a colour, on knowing the colour, you need to quickly paint a piece of your armor to that colour to appease her, extra taming affinity is determined by tech progression of your equipped gear (Cloth lowest, Tek highest. I.e. the Shinier the better!) Using the wrong colour, applying too late or being scared off will lower taming affinity.

Tamed: The lizard is comfortable living in all biomes and has very little offensive capabilities but more than makes up for it with its speed and agility to get out of bad situations or relies on the player to pick off enemies from its back with a stabilized roller saddle that allows the player to look and attack from every angle whilst mounted.

Abilities: (Although none are guaranteed it will make it to game.)

Bi/Quadrupedal - Quad for brisk land cruising Bi for running from danger

Radiation immune - Able to traverse the radiation zones without fear of hazard damage. (Can still be damaged by liquid element.)

Water runner - The lizards iconic feature, being able to run bipedal over water and liquid element at high speed, gaining a buff like spinos from water sources which can also be taken to land.

Item collector - With its natural instinct of grabbing and relocating it's food to safer areas, the lizard is able to pick up single static items such as eggs, dead bodies, bags, pearls, artifacts (Able to hold a second artifact.) and loot drops to different locations so a survivor can collect said items in much safer areas.

Tic tac - An ability that allows the lizard to jump from one surface to another in order to reach places it normally couldn't but not climb. (I originally wanted a climbing creature but didn't want to overshadow the Rockdrakes so a parkour style double jump is what I ultimately decided on.)


I hope you like the ideas in my submission although I understand that my vision for the creature may not be for everybody. I'm always open to critique and constructive criticism, so if you see something that you think would work better or might be better fitting, then please let me know in the comments. (Artwork will follow if this submission picks up enough interest.)

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