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Agriarctos(ancient panda adapted to Aberration)



Agriarctos is an extinct genus of panda from the Middle to Late Miocene, approximately 8-18 million years ago. This genus and its type species A. gaali was established based on fossils from Hatvan, Hungary, and A. vighi based on fossils from Rózsaszentmárton Miklós Kretzoi proposed Agriarctos was closely related with Agriotherium. Previously published, Ursavus depereti was assigned to Agriarctos by Kretzoi, but now proved to be polyphyletic.
Agriarctos beatrix was published in 2011 as a new species of Agriarctos.
It was later erected as a new genus Kretzoiarctos, which was named after Kretzoi.


In the game, it appears as a bear that is slightly smaller than Dire Bear.
They are neutral and will fight back when attacked by other creatures.
Also, if there are hostile creatures nearby, they will howl and threaten them, giving them a debuff that causes them to lose their fighting spirit.
This also applies to the player, who likewise howls and threatens to inflict a demoralization debuff when he sees a player with a weapon drawn.
When we think of pandas, we think of herbivores, but this ancient panda is an omnivore, eating anything from meat to mushrooms to berries.
Taming method
It will be a normal coma tame, but will only eat Sweet Vegetable Cake.
So you have to prepare the Sweet Vegetable Cake and put it in a coma before taming it.
After taming
Can be ridden without a saddle, granting the player immunity to radiation and coma while mounted.
Also, you can use howl menacing to apply a debuff of morale just like in the wild.
Foraging is also better, allowing you to get more fiber and marbled meat, and 80% weight cuts on items such as metal, so you can carry more items.
Also, Agriarctos itself has radiation resistance, and it will glow when exposed to radiation.
This luminescence has the same effect as Charge Light, allowing it to weaken Reaper and Nameless.

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So, does eating food have some kind of effect?
If so, "Meat greatly increases the amount of damage dealt to enemies", "Berries or vegetables increase movement speed and greatly reduces stamina depletion", "Mushrooms restore health" will increase significantly and recover faster than usual." That would be interesting.

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