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Common Name: Giant Katydid

Species: Archaboilus Musicus

Group: Tettigoniidae

Pack/Herd/Swarm/Flock Behavior: Males will usually spawn solitary. Females may swarm during mating season. Males spawn rate - 1 | Female spawn rate - 2 to 4

Time/Era: Jurassic

Idle Temperament: Docile

Temperament On Hit: Skittish,Flee

Diet: Herbivore, Insectivore

Feces Size: Male - Small | Female - Medium

Tameable: Yes

Rideable: Male - No | Female - Yes

Saddle Level: Male - N/A | Female: Level 65)

Shoulder Mount: Males mount to back, similar to Sinomacrops | N/A Female version

Creature Harvesting: Seeds,Thatch,Fiber,Rare Flowers,Chitin,Honey,Rare Mushrooms

On Death Drops: Chitin,Meat,Fiber,Seeds, Cricket Head Trophy

Real Facts: Like most crickets,males sing to females by stridulation. This song is created from rubbing wings and leg parts of the crickets body. Fossils of this speciffic species suggest that it produced pure musical tones. The tone analysis also suggests that the tones are around 6.4 kHz. This tone could be appropriate for communication over long distances. Like locusts these insects can pose as threats to some crops. Erythrism is found in these creatures sometimes. This is a genetically inherited condition that causes them to be of different colors. Colors uch as: pink, orange, tan, brown and yellow. Detail colors on the body can include blues,yellows,oranges and reds. Eye colors tend to match body color in those with erythism but most common green ones they have red or orange-ish eyes. Katydids can lay up to 20 eggs on the edge of leaves and plant stems!

Wild Info: Females are mostly found in tall grass grazing, open meadows and forestry...males are similar but they tend to hide in trees more often. They will attack and eat Titanomyrma if in proximity. Katydids will have some bioluminescence that will detour creatures that hate light. 

Taming: These creatures are not tamed like most creatures by force or feed. The only way is by hatching eggs. This means one will need to find eggs in its habitat and hatch them. The issue is that once you find them you have to collect all of them. There can be up to 20 eggs together! The eggs are found on a special aberrant giant 4 leaf clover plant hidden on the underbelly of the leaves of said plant. Harvest the plant to get the eggs on the leaf. 🍀
You will than be required to hatch them all at the same time by planting the leaf in a crop plot. Each egg will produce a Nymph, this is the second stage of the growth cycle after egg form. During this stage these creatures are very fast and hard to catch. They will literally sprint around and seem almost impossible to catch at first but they can be baited and netted to claim them. You may wait to claim them before they molt into young adults but you will miss out on caring and nurturing them for imprint.

Introducing new tools for taming with this creature are large Butterfly Nets and Nymph Lure. The net will cost wood,fiber,silk and metal. The lure will cost honey,sap,rare mushroom,silk,longrass,spoiled meat,chitin and thatch. Players can also opt to use a cast net or net gun as well to try and catch the babies.

While these nets are targeted to catch the nymphs, they can be used to catch other small creatures like glow bugs for example. 

Breeding/Farming:  After the second stage (seen in Taming), they become young adults after growing over time and they will need to grow and molt into full adults before breeding. The molting left behind can be collected and farmed as chitin.
Once they are mature enough to breed,they will and can breed as other creatures do but they have 2 requirements. They will only breed at night and they will request the beat of a drum! Once these requirements are met, breeders will witness the song of the male katydid. Be warned that during this time other females might come to the song and mess up the level of breeding, so you want to make sure that other females are at a distance away from the male.

Tamed (Male Shoulder Mount version) Info: When tamed, these back mounted pets will attack and harvest Titanomyrma automatically. They will give off light automatically at night using their antenae. They are another means to flight, much like a Sinomacrops. When mounted they can help find max level creatures. While unmounted they can be placed in a turret mode that will make them sing a war song during combat that will give a buff to stamina and speed. Be warned though,the war song is also a taunt that will pull aggro away from you... making the Katydid the target and vulnerable.

Tamed (Female Rideable Mount version) Info: When Tamed,these enormous female insects will attack and harvest Titanomyrma automatically. They will give off light automatically at night using their antenae. They give a buff to harvesting cactus sap,silk,honey,sap,rare flowers,rare mushrooms and seeds. It can jump really well as is but it can also charge up for a much more massive leap. While in air after leap you can hold the jump to flutter and fly. These creatures can also perform a massive mule kick that will give torpor like an Equus...though will cause a bit more damage due to this giant insects barbed leg armor. 

Other Notes: Cook the rare Cricket Head Trophies with Mutton to get Bug Kabobs that will not only be a great food source but will also have taming benefits for chitin eating creatures that will make it the best perfect tame food for those creatures as well. It will also give a slight health increase to you or any creature that will eat it for a set time. 🍡




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15 minutes ago, H3XANDRA said:

I am not a big bug girl but this one has pretty colors lol. I like that it has glow and the fact that you used my ideas to merge the shoulder pet and riding mount to genders. Got my vote! Honestly this is a great submission. Am surprised it only has a single vote so far

I am not really surprised because most of the community wants giant toothy reptiles. I am hoping for birds or bugs on all the future votes going forward. Though I also don't mind more mammals too.

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On 7/8/2023 at 6:06 PM, H3XANDRA said:

I am wondering if people are just not reading or seeing this. Its super good for the map. But I guess you could be right on the assumption.

Pretty sure I am correct on my assumption. I think Ark players are just getting bored with utility and uniqueness. Many of the creatures are starting to look similar to other creatures already in the game. I was surprised with the last vote to be honest. 
Sadly,there are and is movements and communities that are backing these votes. So creature submissions like this one don't get any time noticed. But we have seen that the final vote is what matters more...the first vote is just to get the creature on that panel. I don't have a community or backing so I highly doubt anything I submit will get to shine. I will still try though. 
I wish I had a good artist to draw up my visions of the creatures I submit. I think that would help catch peoples eye but I try to use real world images instead. I mean they do want real world ideas right? I guess I could maybe try AI generation... 

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1 minute ago, Nilo said:

Ya no salió un insecto, una ave y un lagarto. Es el momento de elegir un mamífero como nueva criatura 

I would not mind a mammal actually but you are technically wrong about the bird. The Gigantoraptor is not a bird...its a giant ovi with feathers. 
I do have another creature posted that is more bird-like than that. 
Anyway, I added an AI generated image of this creature to the profile I submitted.


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