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Epigaulus(Ancient rodent called Horned gopher or Ceratogaulus)



Cenozoic, Miocene & Late-Pliocene is the previous year have been living in North America in rodents. Hand is large, the forelimbs had become short and sturdiness. From this fact, it believed to have been living by digging a hole. The head was equipped with a corner of one pair. The male is thought to have been attached only to, but does not know much about the role. Nante marked with two angle to the head, I like the cute Kooni.


In-game, it appears as a slightly larger rodent, about the same size as Pachycephalosaurus.
The horns of this ancient rodent can actually be made to emit light, which has the same effect as a charge light.
So it's possible to undermine Reaper and Nameless.
It is usually friendly and timid, so it has a habit of hiding in the ground when attacked.
By the way, if you hit it with a pickaxe, it will stop mimicking the crystal, emerge from the ground, and immediately run far away.
By the way, they are omnivores and will eat anything.
Taming method
There is a special taming condition called "hide-and-seek taming".
What this means is that you first hand-deliver food such as berries, mushrooms, and meat.
Then, when it receives the food, it dives to get to safety and goes somewhere else.
At this time, the taming has not started yet, so it is not possible to open the taming list to track it yet, so the player must find out where it is on their own.
And when you find a place where you are diving, there is an action to "dig up", and by doing that, the Epigaulus hidden in the ground will appear, and at that moment you will stroke it, and the taming gauge will finally rise, and you can tame it. is started.
After that, it will have a 1 minute cooldown, then feed it and then go somewhere else to hide, so look for it and find it.
Of course, it will repeat until the taming is completed.
By the way, after the taming starts, you can open the taming list and track it.
However, there are no dangerous creatures around, Kibbles equipment is required, the player is wearing Kibbles equipment, there are no tamed creatures nearby, and the player must be alone. If you don't match, you'll get scared and you won't be able to tame or the taming gauge will reset.
After taming
Can be ridden without a saddle, can use glowing horns that have the same effect as charge lights to weaken Reapers and Namelesss just like in the wild, can hide under cover, and can be disguised as crystals. can.
Epigaulus also grants a "Family Buff" if they are a male-female couple and have at least one child between them.
This buff grants effects such as defense power, attack power, speed increase, regeneration power, halving stamina consumption, coma resistance, etc., but it should not be misunderstood that "herd" and "family" are different things. A "family" is defined as a male-female couple with at least one child.
By setting it to wandering mode, it will automatically collect berries and mushrooms.
However, when it comes to PVP, it is possible to act as a spy, and at the direction of the player, you can sneak into the opponent's base, automatically steal items from the opponent's base, destroy part of the building, etc. After working as a spy, it will come back to the player.

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