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Poposaurus gracilis The cave stalker, dinosaur look alike and new stalk mechanic




Real world poposaurus


Poposaurus is an extinct genus of pseudosuchian archosaur from the late Triassic of the southwestern united states, that shares a striking resemblance with dinosaurs. It was 4-5 meters long and weighed 90-100 kilograms


in game


in game it will be roughly the same size as a carnotaurus. With the following stats at lvl1.


Hp 510

stamina 450

oxygen 150

food 2700

damage 35





poposaurus can see the exact stats of the dinosaur it is stalking and additionally it can see in infrared.



like the rock drake the poposaurus can become invisible. But unlike the rock drake their cloak will be more primitive, randomly flashing into a dark Grey shadow from time to time.



poposaurus can stalk a single target at a time, you will have to hold RM while aiming at the target and over 0-15 seconds their damage will slowly charge up to as much as 400% against the stalked target. The stalk will pause when spotted and end when attacked. They also gain a 20% speed buff for 10 seconds after fully completing the stalk.





to tame them you have to sneak up on the stalker. If you sneak up to them and scare them the taming will start. They will gain respect for you and they will become passive towards you. After this you have to play a game of hide and seek the faster you find them the better the taming effectiveness.




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