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Dlckinsonia, Why not Sacrifice your Light Pets to a Living Carpet?



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(Wildcard is censoring all mention of it’s name with sausage, keep in mind it’s real name is on the dossier, the L is to avoid censorship)

When I was a young child, first getting into prehistory, I loved looking for the superlatives, the biggest dinosaur, the last mammoth, etc. But there was one that eluded me, the oldest. The dinosaurs lived a long time ago, yes, but reptiles are older, and fish older still. Eventually I was lead to the Cambrian and the explosion in life that many of our modern lifeforms can f trace there ansestors back to. But I still wanted older. Then I found it. A small group of organisms, called the Ediacaran biota, strange animals from many millions of years before the Cambrian.

They were unusual, quilt-patterned animals that resemble ferns more than you or I, the tri-laterally symmetrical disks, and the largest of them all, the one-and-a-half metre Dlckinsonia. When I first read of these, little was know, were they even animals? Fungi? Some unknown experimentation of life? Nowerdays, they are nearly universally believed to be animals, but the much mystery remains.

Many years later, I first booted up and played ark, I loved the game, and it would rapidly exceed all other  of my games in playtime. I loved the game, as I adored prehistoric life. Only last year, I begun a playthrough on Aberration, while the last two votes ment less to me as I wasn’t on either Scorched Earth or Ragnarok during the vote. But because I was playing on Aberration, I have an idea of what creature I’d want on the map.

Have you ever wanted to build a base where you shouldn’t? Perhaps near the fertile lake or in the more rural regions of the blue zone? Have you feared that nameless or reapers May spawn if your light pets ever run out of charge? Or been inconvinved by having to travel far to reach a charge node? Well I have a solution, the beast from long before all others aboard the ark, Dlckinosonia!

Here’s a transcript of what was written on the soldier above:

   -Wild. I had long believed the trilobite was the oldest animal to be found, but while journeying beside through the lower parts of this broken ark, I found something much older. Dlckinsonia luxavora congregates around the bioluminescent

   -Domesictaed. I doubt Dlckinsonia has the brain power to be domesticated, but by taking advantage of it’s hunger, one can be lead to a more useful location.

So, what use would this pose to you, as a survivor? Well I have two main ideas. First off, if you wanna make a base in the blue zone, you often need to fill it with glowtails and featherlights to prevent nameless from killing all your tames, I prepose Dlckinsonia would resolve this by acting as a standing charge source, giving off charge light permanently in a certain radius, with no need to recharge. Along with this, my concept includes the ability to function as a charge node, allowing you to fill up your batteries or craft element from your base. Finally, it would be able to accumulate oil in it’s inventory, helping ease the resource’ rarity on aberration,

How would you tame such a beast? Well for this I prepose something similar to the beloved method of the troodon, you have to feed it your tames. But not just any tames, your light pets. This will cause it to rear up like shown on the dossier, giving it effectiveness when it kills them. Rinse and repete and you got yourself a anti-reaper carpet.

As I know from the Dinopithecus wildcard loves to give creature submissions some usability for PvP, so I suggest possibly giving it bear trap/plant species R functionality, where a player walking near will be trapped and have to button mash to escape, giving the, use outside of aberration.


To adresss some possible questions:

Do you mean this to be an upgrade to/replace light pets? No, unlike lights pets, it is not pickupable by hand, and I intend it to be more of a base deafense/utility tame.

Where would it spawn? I’m thinking it would spawn rarely around the blue lake, and more common around the crystalline lake deeper in the blue zone.

Why should I pick this over the Reaper Emperor? It’s all up to, I am proposeing this to help take some of the lategame grind away from aberration, maybe not adding to much, but making it a more enjoyably experience.

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