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Primitive tetrapod that lived in the Upper Devonian


Length 8-9m | height 1.5m


real animal


design inspiration: fire salamander


how it looks like in the game



this salamander has adapted to living in the bodies of water of Aberetion, learning to exploit all the toxins present in the waters, in the vegetation and in its prey, accumulating them in its body to be able to use them both as a weapon and as a defense.

Acanthostega is immune to all poisons and narcotics indeed finds them very tasty.

Survivors will be able to use this creature that uses chemistry as its weapon to overwhelm all their enemies.



It is usually found in water spots of the bioluminescent biome, waiting near the banks for prey.

It is aggressive and territorial towards creatures and survivors. One of its signature strikes is the "poison curtein" capable of easily stunning who breathe it, it is used both to surprise prey, but also to escape from stronger creatures.



To train this creature, the survivors must throw a poison grenade (or other poisonous gas such as the basilisk's breath) on the salamander to sweeten the character for a few minutes, so the survivor can offer bio-toxin or the venom of titanoboa ,megalania and nameless  to train it. In fact, the salamander is immune to poisons and to all blows based on poison such as the basilisk breath and the poison wyvern



Once trained, this large salamander proves to be a powerful biological weapon, capable of assisting its tribe in stunning creatures to be trained or the creatures or survivors of enemy tribes.


Simple Attack: Simple frontal bite (30 power) 

Tail Slap: A tail slap that slams targets behind the animal and knocks back creatures similar in size to or smaller than a raptor (30 power)

Poison Curtain: Poisonous breath that covers a large area in front of the pet inflicting large amounts of torpor, the attack consumes a lot of stamina

poison shoot: the animal splits a jet of venom at high pressure and range, inflicts torpor


Toxic defense: her body is covered in toxic mucus that poisons any creature that damages her with bites and the like inflicting torpor, the skill is only active when the salamander has more than 75% hunger.

Toxic revenge: if the salamander is killed and its body devoured, the animal that ate it will be instantly narcotized.

Venom Boost: gains 20-25% bonus stamina and health regeneration if hit by a poisonous attack or  it eat poison item in its inventory (like poison vegetable, poison mushroom or venom of other animal), the normal bite become a poison bite



The saddle allows you to collect a part of the toxic mucus produced by the salamander's skin thus obtaining a poison that can be used to produce poisonous arrows (30 units per day), salamanders produce poison only if they have more than 75% hunger.

In the salamander saddle crafting menu, it will be possible to produce a special poison (using 30 units of salamander poison or titanoboa, megalania and nameless poison) that is capable of completely filling the torpor of an already narcotized creature.


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On 7/8/2023 at 3:50 PM, Swiftswim said:

Interesting.  Maybe needs a little more fleshing out. But I really find the taming method very interesting.  Would it be better for it to be blue zone instead of red?

I followed your advice and added more things, especially in the attacks/skills, and as you can read I put the animal in the blue zone

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