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heavyarmor Anomalocaris Luxarmis: The Survivor Multitool/Heavy Body Armor




Common Name: Anomalocaris

Species: Anomalocaris Luxarmis

Time: Late Cambrian

Diet: Carnivore

Temperment: Opportunistic


Wild: Of the many different creatures I have encountered in my travels, Anomalocaris Luxarmis is one of the strangest I have encountered, looking more like a strange alien from a science fiction movie then an actual animal. These armored predators effortlessly glide through the water with rigid armor plates, and use their tusk like appendages to hunt their favorited prey, Trilobites, and Lamprey. Their many adaptations have allowed these predators to flourish in their environment. Their armor is extremely durable, akin to carbon fibers, and they swim surprisingly quickly. They are also covered in specially modified bioluminescent organs, allowing them not only to provide light in the dark environments they dwell in, but they can also completely disappear from sight, becoming almost completely invisible similarly to the Rock Drakes that also inhabit these caverns.

Domesticated: Making use of Anomalocaris Luxarmis' many adaptations, one can drastically improve their survivability on foot in almost any of the environments the arks could throw at you. I have seen some survivors wearing Anomalocaris comfortably upon their backs, similarly to a backpack. When like this, Anomalocaris can provide one with many of its adaptations to augment the wearer. Their diet has made them completely immune to radiation, which when worn can also reflect harmful radioactive particles from the wearer. On top of this, their special producing light organs provide charge light, bolstering other charge creatures in a symbiotic relationship, and when sufficient harm comes to the wearer, provides a incredibly bright flash to allow one the ability to escape from harm. However, the most useful gift the Anomalocaris provides is its armor bolstering shell, allowing one when in its active state to take drastically reduced damage, and bolster ones posture to inhuman like proportions; making one immune to being stunned, slowed, frozen, covered in disgusting sap, as well as allow you to move completely normally when encumbered. It even could refract light in a way to cause one to completely disappear! 


Greeting Everyone! Allow me to help introduce my Creature Submission; the Anomalocaris Luxarmis:


  • Role in both PVE and PVP to protect the wearer from a variety of threats
  • Difficult to tame; Hard to find
  • Gets worn on back similarly to a Sinomacrops
  • Is tamed similarly to a Horse or Andrewsarcus but with Electrocution
  • Can be whistled into differing active states when tamed


Aberration has always been a very alien like environment, with massive caves, bioluminescent lights and creatures that defy imagination and skew into the realm of fantasy and science fiction. I believe that Anomalocaris helps to fit the bill for this type of design format, as it is one of the oldest predators on the Earth, looks completely unlike anything one could find in real life or even Ark, as well as fill in the spot of a crustacean like animal, which the game only has a few of. In this case, Anomalocaris is more related to that of a shrimp then anything else.

Anomalocaris in the design was chosen very early on to be a smaller creature, and while that might be a turn off to some, allow me to explain: Aberration compared to other maps is one that focuses more on smaller tames, and being on the ground, climbing, ziplining, flying with gliders, etc. While there is larger tames, they are usually reserved for later on in the map (Rock Drake, Reaper King) or getting down to the bottom of the map (Sarco, Karkinos, Spino). Anomalocaris in the fashion of Aberration is meant to help drastically improve your survival on foot. Going up the surface will be far safer, as well as delving into the caves and deeper map. Off this map, it still is useful to survivors as it provides invaluable defense when on foot, as well as helping one in a multitude of ways, from the every day like carrying a ton of thing around your base, to protection from raids or wild dinosaurs.



In the wild one will find Anomalocaris swimming around the massive bioluminescent lakes on the Aberration. Occasionally disappearing from sight with its cloaking like abilities, which might make finding it difficult. Anomalocaris itself, is not dangerous at first, and will harmlessly swim by you, which is perfect time to try the taming method. However, if you are already hurt is when Anomalocaris will show its true colors, and attack the survivor. In this case, the Anomalocaris will snatch and hold onto the survivor, similarly to a bear trap but in the water, making you slowly sink unless you click quickly like the Desmodus. If there are other things in the water with you, or you get plain unlucky, and dont escape quick enough, they will slowly drown the survivor in water.


Taming Method:

The taming method has admittedly changed a couple of times; from originally being feeding it tamed light pets to win its trust, to stunning it with electric prod and feeding it (unforuntately cant be used in the water for this). I decided to have the use of another tame in the game; Electrophorus. Anomalocaris' armor is incredibly tough and tranq arrows or even the spears will not have any effect, thus the way to tame Anomalocaris is to drive it into Electrophorus, causing it to get electrocuted and causing a long stun, to feed it a black pearl. The reason for this is to make use of a less popular tame in the game, as well as it means you may need to go down into the Red Zone to get Black Pearls before you have enough to tame the Anomalocaris. Using tamed Electrophorus will even make this process easier. For safety with the tame, I would say the electrocution would obviously not effect taming efficiency, and perhaps Electrophorus will flee from the sight afterwards. Cnidaria could even work too, though be wary that when the Anomalocaris gets electrocuted you get thrown off to give it pearls.



As stated above the Anomalocaris has ALOT of special uses for your character. For one, it is a light pet technically, which means it will tell you when max level wildlife is nearby. Most of the abilities that Anomalocaris can do are either passive or active. For active abilities when worn, you will have to whistle to the tame. One whistle will allow you and the Anomalocaris to cloak similarly to the Predator, which can be useful in a PVE and PVP setting, especially for PVP when scouting and sneaking around. Its second whistle, Armor Mode, causes the Anomalocaris' armored fins to form shields around you. In this mode, one takes reduced damage, similarly as if the armor you are wearing is of better quality. Ranged attack would effectively do nothing, and tames will find you incredibly durable to bite and attack. In this armor mode, you cannot be bola'd, slowed, stopped with bear traps, frozen, or the like. Tames could still pick you up, but we will get to this in the passives. One of the other useful abilities of this is it also allows you to carry more, as encumberment doesnt slow you anymore (As a secondary, it could also lower the weight of things in your inventory if that works better). For those wondering what would happen if Anomalocaris is thrown off when on land, I think it would be cute and amusing if it is the slowest tame on land, like trying to follow with its fins, but otherwise just chills there like a cute lil guy.


  • Cloak Mode = Cloaks the survivor and Anomalocaris
  • Light = Can be whistled to provide Charge Light like a Charge Pet
  • Armor Mode = Drastically Reduced Damage, Immune to Stun, Slowed, Frozen, and Encumbered effects
  • Both are Activated by Whistles


Anomalocaris also has many different passive effects. For one, light pets other then Anomalocaris regenerate charge when nearby. Wearing Anomalocaris makes one immune to radiation damage, meaning they can wear Armor into the Red Zone onto the map, or future radiation environments on maps. Lastly, Anomalocaris can unleash all of its charge light into one flash, similarly to a flashbang. This effect covers the entire area of the charge light, and will stun tames and other players when caught in it. This effect cannot be whistled or activated, and only occurs when the Anomalocaris is threatened. When the Anomalocaris in the wild is injured to 1/4th its hp, it will flash and flee. When worn, the Anomalocaris will flash when the survivor is brought to 1/4th the hp OR if they are picked up by a mount. When Anomalocaris does this, it loses all its charge light, and has to recharge.


  • Radiation Immunity when worn
  • Buffs Light pets to regenerate their Charge faster
  • Defensive flashbang when Anomalocaris in the wild/not being worn is brought to 1/4th hp left
  • Defensive flashbang when Survivor that is wearing Anomalocaris is brought to 1/4th hp, or picked up by a tame/wild dino


Utility (PVE):

The Aberration, and many other Arks are incredibly dangerous, nothing however more then caves. Many caves are too cramped to allow tames in, or only smaller tames, and there are times where we either lose a prized tame, or you have to gun into a cave alone Anomalocaris provides the user with light, as well as defenses against the many threats in the cave, as they push through in almost juggernaut style through the cave. Even when brought low on hp, the Anomalocaris flashes, saving them and allowing them to pull back and heal. Even when leaving the cave, the survivor is then tackled by a raptor, which thanks to the flash from the Anomalocaris, allows the survivor to quickly spin around and shotgun it in the face.


Utility (PVP):

A tribe is about to attack another persons base, which happens to be in a cave, cramped and wont allow larger dinosaurs inside to lay siege, the tribe takes out their Anomalocaris' and charges in, blasting the tribe without them, who attempt to fire back, but are effectively firing at near bullet proof warriors in riot gear. One attempts to grab their trusty Karkinos in the cave and grab the intruders, which is then flashed, they fall back to the ground and continue their siege, destroying the rest of the base with minimal casualties, and offers defense for them to collect the loot even if the enemy spawns in to try and catch them off guard. One happens to, but doesn't see the 3rd player, who walked into the cave cloaked, and is quickly dispatched



In a way to balance this creature if it seems like it is too much, there are a couple of methods. The armor mode for one could take food to keep going, similarly to the Daeodon, which means it cannot be used all the time. Electricity can also be used as a method, which could either completely bypass the defenses of the Anomalocaris wielding survivor, or make it fall off onto the ground, which could give time to kill the survivor or the Anomalocaris. Poisonous Gas would also not defend the survivor in this case, and poisonous bombs can be used to completely deter intruders.



In Conclusion, I think Anomalocaris would make an excellent addition to the Aberration map. In this form, it provides many different helpful buffs that could keep one alive on this map, which is arguably one of the harder ones in the game, as well on others, and provide them with a helping of active and passive support abilities. While it isn't large enough to ride, I believe Aberration is a perfect map to do this on as it is a very alien creature to begin with, and much of the map requires either being on foot or with a smaller tame. To boot, this is another crustacean like arthropod to add to the game, which I think is just incredibly neat! I thank you for hearing this out, as I put a lot of effort into this art, and making this dossier, and tame.

Art/Dossier: By @_Omegez and substituted art from older Anomalocaris Dossiers found on google (PivotNaza, VII2U5, Kamikazy) 

Authored: By @_Omegez 

Written: By @_Omegez

Dossier: By @_Omegez

Electrocution Taming Method Idea: My wonderful Brother

[If the dossier I made is too small to read since I did have to compact it down to get uploaded, I also have it uploaded onto Twitter at @_Omegez]


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Anomalocaris would be Scaled up in size to be rideable. 

Anomalocaris is perfect for Aberration! One of the oddest creatures of all time for the constantly rewarding and interesting map! Aberration has a lot of water that is dominated mostly by crabs and fish, why not add something new?

Anomalocaris would be capable of traversing the land and sea, and could be found resting on shores.

While on land, anomalocaris’ movement speed would be GREATLY reduced. It would wove at a crawl. However, in the water, it would move at incredible speeds, and be able to shift between surface and submerged. 

It would be able to crush armour in its jaws to grind back the resources at a rate slightly worse than an industrial grinder.

When tamed, you would be able to ride it with a saddle that would make its abilities similar to that of a submarine! It would gain a torpedo crafting recipe made in its saddle, and would fire them from two cannons underneath its ‘fins’. There would be an option for multiple different torpedoes:

  • Torpedo: the torpedo would act as a normal way of dealing damage for the anomalocaris, and would travel at a moderate speed.

  • Lightweight torpedo: the torpedo would do less damage, but travel at a much faster rate.

  • Nuclear torpedo: powered by element ore, the torpedo would be able to do MASSIVE damage to all those attacked.

While submerged, it would be able to act like an oxygen tank that is replenished through breaking the surface of the water.

Anomalocaris would have a generator powered by either gasoline or element ore. When powered by gasoline, the anomalocaris would travel at a faster speed, and be able to fire torpedoes. 

When powered by element ore, the engine would create a wide area of effect that would deal radiation damage and increase mutation rate to all creatures in its vicinity. Additionally, the anomalocaris would receive an ability to put the engine in overdrive and deal much more radiation damage to all creatures in its vicinity. This would come at the cost of rapid element ore depletion. 

If an anomalocaris is put in liquid element, it would instantly replenish all element reserves. (this is mostly a joke, but it would be really funny if they did it)

The anomalocaris also has a trashing bite, meaning if you were to hold down bit on the anomalocaris, you would be able to trash the creature and deal more damage over time.


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• Location
Anomalocaris will be found in the waters of the green and blue zone of abberation. The deeper you go into abberations caves, the higher the level. 

• Controls

left mouse button on pc, L2 on PlayStation, LT on Xbox - standard attack.

right mouse button on pc, R2 on PlayStation, RT on Xbox - dash attack.

C on pc, R3 on PlayStation, R on Xbox - shift.

• Attacks

Standard attack - a simple bite attack

level 1 damage - 30

level 150 damage - 355

Dash attack - anomalocaris will dash into the enemy

level 1 damage - 60

level 150 damage - 540

Shift, searches for loot in the sand

does no damage

depending on how high the level is, the loot will vary. Example: a lower level will find primitive up to apprentice loot, while a higher level will find journeyman to ascendant loot. In the blue zone it can also find bits of element. Sometimes even dinosaur eggs!

• saddle

Unlock level: 54


10 silica pearls, 95 hide, 20 metal ingots, 100 fiber.

• stats

level 1:

135 health

200 stamina

350 food

225% melee damage

235% movement speed 

level 150: 

2470 health

600 stamina

700 food

790% melee damage

235% movement speed

stat increase every level:

health - 30

stamina - 45

food - 65

melee damage - 40%

movement speed - none

• taming 

Method - knockout

Preferred kibble - standard

torpor - 1600

diet - carnivore


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I LOVE the idea of this little guy riding on a Survivors back like an armor pack. My suggestion though is that it should have a downside. You shouldn't be able to use Glider Suits with one on you. This also kinda makes the Lamprey useless. Even if it hardly has one at all. I would consolidate the abilities of it a little more, plus, I think you'd have to use the emote wheel to get it to change stance on your back cause whistles are already a messy system in Ark, the clap for light Pets works well enough and should work fine for this guy too, so you can still keybind it.

As difficult as it sounds to tame I think people would still rather use it if they aren't pressed for time as opposed to making a Hazmat Suit for Radiation immunity, and there's not much of a reason to tame higher level ones if the main lure is radiation immunity. What's the point of other means if it's essentially an endless rad protection tank? I suppose it's armor could scale with level? Or would there be any benefit to its extra levels.

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