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big boy dmg Yi qi, the Skilled Assassin (now with ability art!)


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Hello! I've loved your idea so far, but i feel like there are a few things that could be changed/moved around.

To begin with, the "parrying" Of the tek saddle does not make much sense, as most ark weapons are Hitreg, meaning theres no projectile to predict when you're gonna be hit, so my idea for this was a type of "Forcefield" or "Shield"

A easy way to put it visually, is a type of reinhardt shield from overwatch, which you can move around the creature as it glides, being able to block shots, of course though, this forcefield would have durability, the higher the saddle %, the higher the durability, capping out at like 10k Hp, while this forcefield is active, it will slowly drain element, not at a fast rate of course, but at a rate that makes it take into consideration when to use it, and when broken, it will go on a 3 minute cooldown, Also, as a mainly Ab-bonus to this, in the surface, this bubble could be pointed upwards to protect you from the sun, meaning you'd take no damage, and could be there till you run out of element, or till someone breaks this forcefield.

It would still take damage from fab snipers, etc etc, but due to the creature being REALLY weak (Seriously, i feel like if this creature does not win, the main reason will be how fragile you made it, because the main idea is amazing) But this would mainly add for a way to cover yourself when needed, due to it being shot and dropped to the ground.

Though, i do have another idea, it being a more offensive one ( Maybe, this creature could have 2 different tek saddles, a offensive one, and defensive one, and i mean two different saddles) This being something that increases the accuracy of your "feathers", what this tek saddle would do is, due to the technology used it in, it allows for a type of "homing" on your feathers, allowing the Yi-Qi to shoot them at a faster-more pulsating rate, and allowing these feathers to have a light ammount of homing. (Nothing too crazy, it would still take a decent bit of skill, but something to make it easier to learn and handle), Basically, this saddle would make your feathers travel faster, and add a type of homing to them, allowing the Yi-Qi to truly, be the desired glass cannon, as also, this tek saddle would not be a full on saddle, of course, it would give the player a spot to ride on, but the whole "tek" part of it, would mainly be focused on from where the feathers are shot.

As my last idea, this is for the base, primitive saddle.

I was thinking, since the Yi-Qi assimilates a smaller wyvern, it should be rideable without a saddle, but of course, getting its saddle should be a MUST for this type of creature, now, my idea is basing off of the tropeo's saddle, mainly the propulsor part.

So, since the Yi-Qi is stated to not be as good as the rock drake, id say this saddle would allow it to match the rock drake in a way, making it the new apex predator of the green and blue zones in aberration.
What this saddle would do is, while the Yi-Qi is gliding, you can use some types of propulsors to glide at an even faster rate! (No, not fly, and no, not a longer glide, just a faster and overall better glide.) Of course, at the cost of a brand new fuel, being the mix of gasoline, and smashed up gems, allowing the Yi-Qi to truly, assimilate a Jet when seen by other grounded players.

This saddle would be mainly focused on PVE, as moving around in AB is highly annoying, also, a way to balance it out is, while using the propulsors, you are not able to shoot your feathers, due to the Yi-Qi going too fast to aim, instead, you can let out a type of burst, letting out around 5 feathers behind you/around you, shooting out as if they were Quills, hitting whatever is close to you. (Would not have a lot of range of course, and would be reduced damage), though, you can just turn off the propulsors, shoot at whatever you want, then turn it back on to keep going around before having to land, or clinging onto a wall. (A way to balance this out, is due to the propulsors having to cool off once turned off, you can't turn them on for another 10-5 seconds)

These saddle ideas are mainly coming from the fact of how fragile you made the Yi-Qi, to the point where i and others ( As someone else had already commented ) feel like the Yi-Qi would not be worth it, hitting fabi shots is not difficult at all, and all the drawbacks you gave to its mobility make it even worse, in my opinion, it should be able to move while clinging on walls, and it should be able to regen stamina (At a slower rate of course.) I just feel like its a creature that could have a lot of mobility, but due to the ammount of nerfs you gave it, it loses that capability.

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