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Introducing Blue Glaucus. A friendly little buddy to help you on your adventure to the treacherous caverns, caves, and corners of Aberration. 


Blue Glaucus can be found in the bioluminescent zone, specifically in the water. Their diet consists of bio toxin which they are passively fed. After feeding these adorable blobs, they have the tendency to zip away quickly in the water and will only accept food again upon revisiting the surface. This presents a problem for anyone hoping to recruit this comrade, as most creatures see this fella as a quick easy meal. 


Not only is this little guy cute, but the radiation of aberration has gifted this bugger with some rather interesting abilities. Much like many creatures of Ab, Ol’ Blue has found a way to project light from his body, allowing survivors and tames alike to see with ease. Blue Glaucus has also increased in size from its original counterpart and has evolved to sustain life on land or water indefinitely. They can be placed upon a persons shoulder, but have adapted to be able to mold to a person no matter where you put them. When bio toxin is placed in its inventory, using it’s tipped fins, he can latch onto many creatures when thrown, injecting them with a surprisingly very strong sedative before depleting it’s food source and needing eat to replenish its venom. Surprisingly enough, when placed on a survivors head, Blue can also filter air within a small radius, making gaseous toxins no longer a threat to a survivor. When placed on the survivors hands, it will cling to walls, almost as if it were a pair of climbing picks. When placed on the survivors torso, it will spread its fins allowing the player to glide across certain death. When placed upon a survivors legs, it will flap its fins downward, allowing a survivor to jump much higher than before. When placed on a survivors feet, it will straiten its fins and act as a pair of flip flops. Certainly an exploring tame-seekers best buddy. When placed on the ground, Blue can be set to “trap mode” acting almost as if it were a bear trap, to which it will fold its fins upward to latch onto unsuspecting creatures. As if the mentioned abilities weren’t enough, the things produce “slug venom” which can be milked and  stored as a replacement for nameless venom. 


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I also thought about proposing this creature, but I was thinking more of an amphibious mount. In addition, due to its large amount of radiation, since it is found in elemental lakes, it would have the ability to increase the chances of mutation in the offspring, it would be the size of a wolf, more or less, and when its ability to emanate radiation is activated, an anti-radioactive suit or a tek suit is needed. It's a good idea, I think it would fit perfectly in aberration

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