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12 hours ago, Zonaroh said:

I love this idea and I think it would be interesting to act like the Mesmer in Subnautica for player encounters. For those that are unaware, the Mesmer does the same thing where lots of lights flash and your character is forcibly moved towards the Mesmer as it waits in the water, with the only way of breaking yourself out is to force your camera (which has much lower sensitivity) to break LOS with it for a second or so. I think if it acted in a similar manner with Players that would be insane. As far as the character itself I feel like given all the other stuff Aberration has from the Karkinos to the Light Pets to the damned Rock Drake and Blood Stalker, this would feel right at home!

Funny enough what you're mentioning with the Mesmer was the inspiration for the hypnotic ability when i came up with it

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