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Llukalkan(Neutral Carnivorous Dinosaur)



Llukalkan (Mapuche for "one who causes fear") is a genus of abelisaurid theropod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Bajo de la Carpa Formation of Argentina. The type species is Llukalkan aliocranianus.

The holotype of Llukalkan, MAU-Pv-LI-581, consisting of a partial skull, was discovered during 2015 in the La Invernada site in Neuquén Province, Argentina, in the rocks of the Bajo de la Carpa Formation. meters (2,300 ft) away from the remains of the contemporary abelisaurid Viavenator. It was described as belonging to the new taxon Llukalkan aliocranianus in 2021; the generic name is Mapuche for "one who scares" or "one who causes fear", and the specific name is Latin for "different skulls".

Llukalkan is very similar to Viavenator, except that it is smaller and the holes in the skull through which the veins pass are larger and more widely separated from the supraoccipital crest, among other differences. middle ear zone, a recessus tympanicus caudalis, that has not been found in any other abelisaurids and thus is an autapomorphy.

On account of its unusual ear, it has been theorized than Llukalkan had a keener sense of hearing than other abelisaurids, almost like a crocodile’s.


In-game, it is the same size as the Carnotaurus, but will not attack the player unless attacked by the player.

However, when attacked, it will be given an "anger buff" that increases attack power, speed, and defense power, and will become hostile in that state.

Llukalkan can also regenerate health like Argentavis by eating the corpses of living creatures.

Taming method

Passive taming by hand using randomly selected food.

The randomly selected foods are "Shadow Steak Saute", "Battle Tartare", "Sweet Vegetable Cake", and "Broth of Enlightenment", and they only eat them.

In addition, after eating any of the four, it tends to attack small wild creatures such as dodos in the vicinity, and after preying on the small creatures, it will seek one of the four again.

In other words, ``hand one of four randomly selected ``Shadow Steak Saute'', ``Battle Tartare'', ``Sweet Vegetable Cake'', and ``Broth of Enlightenment'' → ``Wild small creatures around Prey" → "Hand over one of the other four" → "Prey on small wild creatures in the surroundings", and you can tame it.

By the way, they will not attack smaller creatures that have been tamed.

Also, if there are no small wild creatures around, it will go looking for small creatures, and the taming gauge will gradually decrease while looking for them.

For this reason, flying creatures that can catch small wild creatures such as pteranodons should be kept near Llukalkan.

However, if you attack by mistake, you will become hostile and the taming gauge will reset. So make sure there are no natural enemies such as Tyrannosaurus before taming.

After taming

Eating the corpse of a creature, just like in the wild, restores health like Argentavis, and grants a 'rage buff' that increases attack power, speed, and defense when attacked.

Also, it is possible to efficiently collect skins, furs, organic polymers, or chitin, and with this dinosaur, things like making saddles will be easier.

Also, you can ride without a saddle, but the Llukalkan saddle is actually special because it is equipped with a Gatling gun and a radar detector that detects living things.

Having plenty of Assault Rifle ammo in Llukalkan's inventory allows him to attack with the Gatling Gun while on the move.

Also, by using a radar detector, you can quickly find out where hostile creatures are.

This is much better than Parasaurolophus, and can probe up to twice the range of Parasaurolophus.

In addition, it is extremely heavy and can carry a lot of things, especially with large amounts of assault rifle bullets, leather, fur, organic polymers, and chitin. cuts weight by 90%.

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