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Thylacosmilus - Saber-toothed, tool-sharpening specialist



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Common name: Thylacosmilus

Species: Thylacosmilus magnidon

Time period: Pliocene

Temperament: Lazy

Diet: Carnivore



General gameplay concept:

Thylacosmilus are medium-sized, saber-toothed marsupials*, roughly between the Ravager and Thylacoleo in size. As marsupials* Thylaocsmilus have a pouch on their bellies, and like the Procoptodon both males and females have one. Light pets can be stored in this pouch, and as this will orient the light pet towards the ground, Seekers will have a smaller aggro radius on you while retaining full effectiveness at repelling Nameless.

Thylacosmilus has two attacks, a standard bite and an aimed lunge. The lunge pierces most forms of damage reduction but has a slight cooldown between uses. This lunge can be angled upwards to also act as a charged jump, though its range pales in comparison to those of Karkinos and Reapers. 

Thylacosimilus’ saber-teeth are always growing and are extremely durable and sharp. So much so, that resourceful survivors can actually hone their tools on a Thylacosmilus’ sabers for some temporary benefits. By equipping any melee/close range tool (ex: not guns or bows, but chainsaws and climbing picks work) and then sharpening it VIA the tame’s radial menu, that tool will gain a buff that increases its damage by 25% and will not use any durability for 5 minutes. This sharpening ability is extra effective on climbing picks, as the effect lasts twice as long on them. Be sure to wait for the right moment to sharpen your tools however, as this ability has a base cooldown of 30 minutes

Thylacosmilus saddles also function as a smithy and automatically unlocks three unique engrams that are only craftable in its saddle, ala the Equus’ lasso. These three are additional armor pieces made from metal, various common to uncommon resources like hide and crystal, and one of the varieties of colored gems. These are applied to the saddle in a similar fashion to a costume, and each gives your Thylacosmilus some additional abilities:
- Green gem armor suits Thylacosmilus to a gathering role, giving it 30% weight reduction for any and all   items placed in its inventory, increases the spoiler timer of applicable resources in its inventory by a x7.5 multiplier in total (halfway between the preservation of a normal dino’s inventory and that of the preserving bin), and halves the cooldown on the tool-sharpening ability (15 minutes down from the base 30).
- Blue gem armor is useful for travel, as it makes sprinting take no stamina ala the Iguanodon’s quadrupedal movement, increases base movement speed by 20%, and causes most predators to have a harder time detecting you similar to the effect of a ghillie suit.
- Red gem armor is all about combat, granting an additional 15% damage resistance, 20% more damage, dismount immunity, and grants the lunge attack the ability to inflict the Gnashed effect. Red gem armor also allows the Thylacosmilus to benefit from and contribute to the pack bonuses of any applicable tamed creatures nearby, which can stack if they are in a mixed pack (say, Ravagers and Raptors). Not only that, but they can roar to momentarily give all allied, pack oriented tames the same shared boost. 

In addition to their specialized roles, all three armor skins provide the Thylacosmilus immunity to most negative status effects, such as bleeds, stuns, and slows. However, green and blue armor don’t prevent dismounts and none of them prevent the Thylacosmils from being grabbed by dinos capable of doing so.

Taming Ideas and Wild state:

Wild Thylacosmilus are found in all three zones of the ARK, being rarest in the Red zone while being equally common in both the Green and Blue zones. They can be found both wandering about and sleeping at regular intervals. Sleeping individuals are easy to sneak up upon and take significantly increased torpor gain from the first hit that they take, but be warned that Thylacosmilus understandably don’t respond well to being woken up this way and will attack you with much greater ferocity than normal. In this state, wild Thylacosmilus gain the blue gem speed buff AND the red gem’s gnash-inducing lunge.

Thylacosmilus are somewhat traditional knockout tames, but with a slight twist. They receive only a quarter of the torpor from tranq arrows and darts, but in turn are especially susceptible to other forms of torpor delivery. Clubs, electric prods, scorpion stings, Equus kicks, and more are the way to go when knocking Thylacosmilus out. 

Stats, Attacks, and Misc.

Size: A little smaller than their redwood-loving relatives, the Thylacoleo

Health: Moderate to high, maybe around 600 with an average gain per level

Speed: Moderately quick, very fast when under the effect of blue gem armor. Maybe balanced so it is a little slower than a Megalosaur without the armor but just faster than one with it. 

Weight: 450 with a slightly lower per stat gain than a Ravager

Primary, LMB attack: Simple claw swipe, OK damage but nothing fancy. Gathers chitin, keratin, and organic polymer at an increased rate.

Secondary, RMB attack:  Thylacosmilus lunges a few dozen feet in whichever direction you are looking at, dealing heavy damage to anything you hit along the way. This attack pierces through most forms of damage reduction and gains the Gnashed effect with red gem armor equipped.

Tertiary C ability: Roar for aesthetics normally, shares pack buff when equipped with red gen armor.

Jump: Roughly equivalent height to a Ravager

Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thylacosmilus

*Technically they aren’t really, but this is ARK

Mammalian predator with a saddle smithy, craftable armor based on the colored gems that give different abilities when equipped. Can sharpen melee tools and weapons to boost damage and halt durability temporarily. Tamed by knockout, but highly resistant to arrows and darts. 

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