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"Good day, Survivors! Today I present to you my submission for the Aberration creature vote, Chasmosaurus luxoscutum!"



The real world Chasmosaurus is a medium-sized ceratopsian that lived during the Campanian stage of the Late Cretaceous period in what is now Alberta, Canada. 

For more info on the real world Chasmosaurus, here's the Wikipedia article so you can read up on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chasmosaurus




Common name: Chasmosaurus

Species: Chasmosaurus luxoscutum

Time: Late Cretaceous

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Short-tempered



“The fauna on this ARK never ceases to amaze me. An example of this can be seen with Chasmosaurus luxoscutum. While not as large or powerful as its cousin Triceratops or even Pachyrhinosaurus, the Chasmosaurus has one trick up its sleeve to set it apart from the rest.”


“Since Chasmosaurus has relatively short horns, they aren’t very good at warding off larger predators. To counteract this, they have developed photophores in their frills that they can use to create a large flash of charge light to blind and stun any potential threats. However, this comes at a cost, for it takes a lot of energy to produce such a large quantity of charge light and will leave the Chasmosaurus fairly tired, with barely enough stamina to allow for a quick getaway.”



“Usually residing in the bioluminescent forest, the Chasmosaurus is a very good, well rounded companion to have. They are big enough to ride, can carry around a fair amount, and seem to be immune to the effects of radiation sickness in the lower levels of the caverns. This, as well as their charge light ability has led to several unhinged lunatics to bring these fellas down to the territory of the Reapers in fruitless efforts to tame one. I strongly advise AGAINST this due to the Chasmo’s lack of physical strength.”


To quickly summarize, Chasmosaurus luxoscutum essentially serves as a walking charge lantern, being able to release a large burst of charge light to stun enemies in place. It resides in the bioluminescent forests where it feasts on its favorite food, Plant Species Z fruit. Once tamed, the Chasmosaurus proves to be a pretty good companion. It can be ridden, carry a good amount of resources, and is fairly fast as well. If you really play your cards right, it can possibly even be quite useful in the taming process of Reapers. Personally, I wouldn't recommend doing so due to Chasmosaurus's low damage and defensive abilities. Speaking of abilities…




Primary Fire: Melee attack - A standard melee attack, alternates between headbutt and back kick if camera is facing backwards; does moderate damage and minor knockback.

(NEW) Crouch Button: Light Toggle - Chasmo has two different light themed abilities that it can swap between, Flashbang and Intimidation Display; These abilities do not do physical damage.

Alt Fire 1: Flashbang - Releases a large flash of charge light (much like a Plant Species Z fruit or Charge Lantern) to blind and leave enemies in a daze, unable to move for ~10 seconds; long cooldown after use; uses ~60% stamina when used; temporarily gives Nameless and Reapers the "Charged" debuff during the stun duration.


Alt Fire 2: Intimidation Display - The Chasmo roars and pulses a hypnotic pattern on it's frill and body to intimidate larger predators such as Spinosaurus and Rock Drakes; decreases aggro radius for aggressive creatures; gives enemies minor damage reduction and defense down  for ~20 seconds when within a certain radius of the Chasmo.


Jump Button: Precise movement - Hold down to allow for precise rotation to aim the flashbang ability.




(NEW) Battery Charger - Saddle has "charging ports" on it to passively charge batteries while on the move, able to charge 6 at a time


Head Shield - 30% damage reduction on headshots.


Stamina Tracker - The glowing spots on the side of the Chasmo’s body indicate how much stamina it has left.


Adrenaline Rush - Gains a minor speed boost for a few seconds after successfully stunning a threat with the Flashbang.


Radiation Immunity - Does not take damage when in the radioactive Element Caverns area.


Energy Refuel - Plant Species Z fruits can be used similar to that of a sweet veggie cake where force feeding the Chasmo one will replenish its stamina quicker; cooldown after use.


(NEW) Charge Light Synergy - When in the presence of a source of charge light, the Chasmo receives a slight boost to its damage and overall defense 


^^^ Beautiful art here done by Lapis Lazuli on Discord. Go show them some love! ^^^


This idea was suggested by Zipperslipper457 (Big thanks!)


This new proposed taming method would require you to have a metal shield specifically. When approaching the Chasmosaurus, it will enter a defensive state and begin to flash its intimidation display, during which it will look at you and prepare to flashbang you. Right before it flashes you, bring up your shield to reflect the flash back at the Chasmo. Doing this will stun the Chasmosaurus instead. When it this stunned state, walk up to it and feed it the Plant Species Z fruit/seed. Rinse and repeat until fully tamed.


And there you have it! If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read this! It really means a lot. If you liked my silly little ceratopsian, feel free to give it a vote! Good day, survivors!


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Added new and reworked abilities, courtesy of Luux (big thanks!)
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Chasmosaurus Lucidus is possibly the most enchanting creature I've ever seen. Its stunning array of bright colors make it seem right at home here in these massive caverns. Upon first glance, it appears as though the Chasmosaurus isn't able to defend itself very well against the more lethal predators that call this Ark home, but it has an interesting way of defending itself. Unlike its larger cousin the Triceratops, this little guy utilizes the bioluminescence that all creatures seem to have here to create a sudden burst of incredibly bright light, stunning predators to give itself some time to escape.



Chasmosaurus is not the most easy creature to tame, but I've seen survivors with a metal shield have little to no difficulty taming this beautiful animal. Once tamed, survivors can feed their chasmosaurs rare mushrooms to extend the range and duration of their light, revealing even the darkest part of the deepest caverns to anyone brave enough to go looting them. But that's not even the best part; when it uses its stun attack,it seems to have a MAJOR effect on nameless And reapers, making them a great companion for anyone looking to go into the depths of the ark.


The Chasmosaurus is a medium sized herbivore that can be found in the fertile river and the blue zone. They are rideable and come with an array of abilities that make them crucial to your survival in the vast caverns of Aberration. 




Headbutt: a headbutt attack that does a medium amount of damage.


Flashbang: a bright flash of light that works like plant species z, immobilizing players for 3 seconds and blinding them for 5, making effects last a total of 8 seconds. Blindness starts to fade over time and completely fades at the end of the 8 second timer. If the stun hits any nameless or reapers in the Chasmosaurus’ line of sight, the stun duration is doubled on them and the Chasmosaurus is granted an attack speed buff. (This ability has a cooldown of 13 seconds that begins as soon as the ability has been triggered. The aoe is a 50 degree cone that has a range of 100 feet.) 


Guiding light: Chasmosaurus can extend a forward beam of light that covers a broad area in front of it, weakening nameless and reapers that are caught within the cone of light. (Light is extended in a 50 degree angle cone and has a range of 200 feet.)


Precise movement: Chasmosaurus can strafe and turn in place to better apply its light in combat situations against reapers and nameless.

Turret Mode: Chasmosaurus can be placed on a turret stance to either provide a floodlight effect for your base or serve as a flash bang to stop intruders.


In order to use the Chasmosaurus's abilities, you'll need to make sure that it has rare mushrooms in its inventory.



Chasmosaurus is very easy to frighten and will try to stun you with its flashbang attack before running away. You will have to hold a metal shield in front of your face in order to make the Chasmosaurus stun itself, afterwards you can move in and feed the Chasmosaurus its preferred food: basic kibble or mejoberries. 

The Chasmosaurus saddle is unlocked at level 25 and can be crafted at the smithy.


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2 hours ago, Dilophospinus said:

i think if this won it should be the size of if not slightly bigger than a trike

Personally, I don't think this would make sense for a few different reasons. My intention for the Chasmosaurus is for it to be a weaker, but faster version of the Triceratops given its "Adrenaline Boost" ability. I feel having it be smaller than a Trike would be a good way to signify this. Not to mention, Chasmosaurus in reality was actually significantly smaller than Triceratops.

(Triceratops is in red, Chasmosaurus is in green.)

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Ceratopsians are some of my favorite prehistoric critters, and there is a lot that can be done with their abilities given the large "canvas" that their frill provides. It would be a missed opportunity if Chasmosaurus didn't have a bioluminescent frill. I especially like the fact that the frill doubles as a flashbang. 

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