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Just now, AtomikalDusky said:

Dang, if it wasn't for my work shift I was gonna submit my own version of Koolasuchus for Abberation, been working on it since the Scorched Earth creature vote. :(

I'll probably still submit my version of it for fun and I'll give you my vote as I also want Koolasuchus in this game.

Submit it in the comments under this one, the devs like to look through the comments of the winners when making the creatures

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30 minutes ago, Hatcheri said:

Submit it in the comments under this one, the devs like to look through the comments of the winners when making the creatures

(So sadly I was beat by user SpacePjoes with the Koolasuchus suggestion, but as user Hatcheri suggested that I can still at least put my version of it as IF Koolasuchus wins they'll check the suggestion as well as the comments for ideas of the ASA version of the winner)

Title: Koolasuchus - A Massive Salamander that's also a Battle Submarine
Common Name: Koolasuchus
Species: Koolasuchus candentis
Time: Early Cretaceous
Diet: Carnivore 
Temperament: Aggressive 


*Candentis means glowing in latin*

Wild: If there is one creature that can adapt perfectly into these massive caves systems, it would be Koolasuchus candentis. This large amphibian prefers a more aquatic lifestyle but will not hesitate to walk on land in pursuit of prey. Because of the prey it eats, Koolasuchus candentis has developed its own form of bioluminescence and uses it to lure prey into the water as well as using it to turn nearly invisible when underwater. Witnesses of Koolasuchus candentis attacks note of its nasty bite that can even pierce through armor and cause its victims to lose alot of blood in the process.

Domesticated: Survivors who were brave enough to tame this massive amphibian were able to exploit its sensitive eyes by lobbing Plant Species Z fruits at it, temporarily blinding it and then feeding it fish while its blinded. Survivors noted how Koolasuchus candentis produces a coating made of slime that makes it difficult for creatures such as Karkinos to grab it and the slime allows it as well as anything smeared in it to be immune to the stuns of Cnidaria and Electrophorus and has a similar composition to Cementing Paste. The strong jaws of the Koolasuchus candentis allows it to be able to carry creatures, which survivors use to aid in transporting creatures to ideal locations. Some crafty survivors were able to build a special saddle that protects the rider by providing oxygen and has a built in harpoon launcher.

So how would you tame Koolasuchus?

Well as the dossier states, you will have to use Plant Species Z fruits. First you want to lure the Koolasuchus you want on land as they are much slower on land (similar to how the Sarco is slower on land). Once on land, you want to throw the fruit at it, which will blind the creature temporarily and will trigger an animation of it staggering (about 15 seconds) while that goes on, you want to feed it a fish basket containing Salmon (also Aberrant Salmon and X-Salmon work too) to initiate the taming process. Once fed, retreat to a safe location until its hungry again and repeat the process, Ghilie Armor is highly recommended. The larger the Salmon, the faster the taming process will be. Note that if the Koolasuchus is trapped, the taming process will not work at all.

Taming Percentage Based on Salmon Size (Based on Base Settings):
- Less then ×1.0: 1% (100 Salmon to Tame)
- ×1.0 to ×1.9: 5% (50 Salmon to Tame)
- ×2.0 to ×2.9: 10% (10 Salmon to Tame)
- ×3.0 to ×3.9: 15% (7 Salmon to Tame)
- ×4.0 or more: 20% (5 Salmon to Tame)

What can it do?

- First of all it can carry creatures of a drag weight of 200 or less (Just above Megalosaurus' and Argentavis' carry limit but below the Karkinos' carry limit)
- It's immune to the shocks of Electrophorus and Cnidaria (as well as their Aberrant Variants)
- It would passively produce a substance called "Koolasuchus Slime" (More info on its dedicated section)
- Is immune to radiation, thus making it useful to use in the Red Zone.
- Can turn invisible while underwater, thus causing creatures to ignore you unless you turned invisible when a creature was already aggroed toward you or if you attacked a creature first (similar to Desmodus cloaking)
- It has two attacks, left click does an bite attack (40 Base) and the left click can be held to load an attack meter, which would do an attack (90 Base) that gives a bleed debuff that takes away 5% health. The right click attack does 40 Base and can pierce through armor and saddle armor (thus ignoring the damage reduction of the armors), and if the Koolasuchus is holding Creatures or Survivors in its mouth, it will do 60 Base damage and also pierce through armor
- In Turret Mode, the rider can use Spear Bolts, Tranq Spear Bolts, Net Projectiles, and Grenades as ammo. Similar to how Dinopithecus combines Feces and Grenades to make Infested Grenades, the Koolasuchus would combine Spear Bolts and Grenades to make Torpedo Bolts, which do the exact damage as Grenades to Structures underwater and damage equal to Saddle Quality to creatures when hit.
- The Koolasuchus Saddle would provide riders oxygen when underwater and protects them from radiation and from getting dismounted
- It can't be picked up or grabbed by any creature
- Can be ridden with or without its saddle
- Same movement speed as the Sarco when in water but slightly slower than the Sarco on land
- Can gather Organic Polymer, Chitin, Keratin, Hide, Prime Meat, and Prime Fish very well
- It has a toggleable glowing ability that allows Koolasuchus to produce light, perfect when traversing dark areas, deep waters, or when traveling under water at night

What would it look like?

I'll send a picture of it attached to this post (Art handdrawn by me), I incorporated different features from several species of salamander and newts, primarily Crested Newts, Emperor Newts, Fire Salamanders, and Japanese Giant Salamanders to add into a possible design for Koolasuchus candentis.
Koolasuchus would be larger than the Sarco but smaller than Spino, and yes I know Koolasuchus was large but not THAT large, but remember that many creatures in ARK have exaggerated sizes (Just look at Desmodus and Rhyniognatha). 
As for it's saddle, it would resemble a miniature submarine with a Harpoon Gun under the submarine part of the saddle.

How would this creatures be balanced?

- So in order for Koolasuchus to not be over powered, first I would like to show you the potential stats it would have (Used Sarco, Spino, and Ark Additions Deinosuchus as a base to determine Koolasuchus' base stats):
 *Health: 975
 *Stamina: 500
 *Oxygen: N/A
 *Food: 1600
 *Weight: 450
 *Melee Damage: 100%
 *Movement Speed: 100%
(It would be stronger than the Sarco but weaker than Karkinos.)
- In addition to that, Koolasuchus will be as fast as the Sarco in water but would be slower than the Sarco on land.
- When using cloaking mode, you can't use turret mode and vise versa (its either cloaking mode or turret mode, can't have both at the same time as it would be over powered)
- It's charge attack requires a 15 second cooldown after used
- Turrets will still target a cloaked Koolasuchus 
- Turret mode is pretty much useless on land as they do less damage and have shorter range unless you're using Net Projectiles as ammo, exactly like using a Harpoon Launcher on land
- Depending on the Saddle Quality, the damage done in Turret Mode is the following:
1) Spear Bolt) (Does not work on Land)
- Primative: 300 
- Ramshackle: 360 
- Apprentice: 420 
- Journeyman: 480 
- Mastercraft: 540 
- Ascendent: 600 
2) Tranq Spear Bolt (Plus 100 Torpor over time)) (Does not work on Land)
- Primative: 30 (300 Torpor)
- Ramshackle: 36 (350 Torpor)
- Apprentice: 42 (400 Torpor)
- Journeyman: 48 (450 Torpor)
- Mastercraft: 54 (500 Torpor)
- Ascendent: 60 (550 Torpor)
3) Net Projectile) Same on every tier (Works on Land too)
4) Torpedo Bolt (Towards Creatures) (Does not work on Land)
- Primative: 500
- Ramshackle: 600
- Apprentice: 700
- Journeyman: 800
- Mastercraft: 900
- Ascendent: 1000
Loading of Ammunition is the same speed as when loading Ammunition on a Harpoon Launcher 
- Koolasuchus Saddle would be unlocked around level 80 - 90 and require 6 Oxygen Tanks, 1 Harpoon Launcher, and an assortment of Cementing Paste, Polymer/Organic Polymer, Metal, Crystal, Green Gem, Blue Gem, and Red Gem to make so it would be more of a late game tame. 

"Koolasuchus Slime"

What is that?

"Koolasuchus Slime" is a resource that Koolasuchus passively produces by converting 5 Chitin in its inventory to produce it

What does "Koolasuchus Slime" do?

"Koolasuchus Slime" would act as a substitute for Cementing Paste and can be used in recipes that use Cementing Paste

"Koolasuchus Slime" could also be applied on other tames giving them a temporary buff that makes them both immune to being shocked by Electrophorus and Cnidaria. (The buff would last 10 minutes underwater and 5 minutes on land) 

The amount of "Koolasuchus Slime" used to apply the buff to creatures is the same as their drag weight, for example a Mosasaur has a drag weight of 899 so the amount of "Koolasuchus Slime" need to give the Mosa the buff would be 899 "Koolasuchus Slime".

In addition, the "Koolasuchus Slime" buff would also allow creatures as well as players, to be immune to being grabbed by creature that can grab such as Flyers, Karkinos, Kapros, Megalosaurus, other Koolasuchus, etc. So long as the buff lasts.

So why vote for Koolasuchus?

1) Currently ARK only has two amphibians, Diplocaulus and Beelzebufo, with one being situational at best and the other being useful in many aspects. Amphibians in ARK are very under-represented and there are many interesting prehistoric amphibians that could be in the game.

2) It would be nice to have a new aquatic/semi-aquatic creature than can be used when exploring the ocean that we don't have to worry about being stun-locked by Electrophorus and Cnidaria, as the only other aquatic tames immune to them are Basilosaurus and Tusoteuthis.

3) It makes sense in Aberration as there are species of Salamanders, such as Axolotl, that prefer to live in caves, and with Aberration being a massive cave, it would be a cool addition to see.

4) Currently we have Tropeognathus acting as a bomber plane and Andrewsarchus acting as a All-Terrain Vehicle with a mounted Gun Turret, and Rhyniognatha literally being a Living Apache Attack Helicopter, I think with both air and land covered, we need an aquatic warfare creature to complete the trio and I think Koolasuchus would make for an interesting Mini War Submarine for aquatic combat.

In addition to that I'll cover how it will be useful in Aberration, then how Koolasuchus will be used full in other maps whether on PvP and/or for both PvP and PvE.

- Immune to radiation, thus making it a good mount to take to the Red Zone, despite its low speed
- Because of its Health and Attack options, Koolasuchus would be another useful creature to use in the Rockwell boss fight
- Because it's saddle prevents you from being dismounted, this will prevent you from being dismounted by creatures such as the Kapro
- Because it's saddle provides oxygen as well as its ability to use Tranq Spear Bolts as ammo, it would be a good mount to aid in taming aquatic creatures such as Aberrant Anglerfish, Aberrant Kapro, Aberrant Sarco, Aberrant Baryonyx, Aberrant Beelzebufo
- Can transport any creatures for 200 Drag Weight or less, much higher than Megalosaurus but less than Karkinos, which helps in taking desired creatures to safe traps or transporting creatures through bodies of water
- It gives more uses to the Plant Species Z fruits, especially in PvE/Single Player
- Also gives players the incentive to use Fish Baskets to trap Salmon to tame Koolasuchus
- "Koolasuchus Slime" would aid in providing another source of Cementing Paste as well as protecting your tames from being electrocuted by Aberrant Electrophorus and Cnidaria as well as prevents you or your dinos from being snached up by wild Aberrant Megalosaurus and Karkinos
- Perfect for combating other Karkinos

Outside of Aberration (PvP):
- Koolasuchus' cloaking ability would be useful for scouting for underwater bases without being seen by any enemies.
- The Torpedo Bolts that you can shoot in Turret Mode would allow players to have an effective way to raid and thwart the underwater bases of the tribe they're raiding
- Koolasuchus' secondary attack pierces through armor making armor useless against to which can also aid it on land as despite being slow on land, it's secondary attack makes up for it
- It's immune to being grabbed by any creature such as Quetz, Wyverns, Tusos, and Rhyniognathas thus being an especially good counter to Tusos
- It's saddle protects you from being dismounted by enemy dinos
- While other ammo is useless when Turret Mode is used on land, Net Projectiles still work well on land and make Koolasuchus a good support as it can net fliers down as well as other creatures that can be trapped by Net Projectiles
- "Koolasuchus Slime" will protect you from being grabbed off you mount by Flyers, Kapros, Megalosaurus, Karkinos, etc.
- "Koolasuchus Slime" would also help in making your aquatic and semi-aquatic mounts immune to being shocked and thus expanding the amount of tames you can use for underwater exploration (like looking for deep sea loot crates) and combat.

Outside of Aberration (PvP and PvE):
- Koolasuchus would allow players to tame aquatic creatures such as Mosas, while in the safety of a tanky mount with the aid of Turret Mode, for example you can use a Net Projectile to trap a Megalodon and then tranq it with Tranq Spear Bolts
- Cloaking would allow players to bypass underwater caves without having to fight all the dangers in the water caves, such as how Desmodus' Cloaking does for it, and this would make for easy Artifacts
- Its immunity to shocks make is an effective ocean mount, especially for maps such as the Ocean Biome in Gen 1
- Can be used for boss fights such as the Moeder Boss Fight
- Can carry creatures, especially if trying to carry creatures across bodies of water or of you want to place creatures into traps to tame them
- Its immunity to Tuso grabs makes it an effective tame to aid in taming Tusos as well as making them effective in getting the loot that Tusos drop when killed
- "Koolasuchus Slime" will further expand the mounts you can use for underwater travel and exploring thanks to it's buff of making creatures immune to being shocked


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