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The main goal of this thread is to advocate the addition of Koolasuchus to Ab, there are many unique concepts made by alot of people that are worth checking out.

heres ours,

Koolasuchus-Lumenvortex In Depth Overview


Wild koolasuchus can be found in the waterways of the fertile region and more commonly found in the bioluminescence zone, only on rare occasions found in bodies of liquid element. Koolasuchus hunt by using a cloaking ability they convergently evolved with rock drakes.
 While cloaked only their glowing tongue lure is visible that they use to attract prey. For the most part when hunting koolasuchus is stationary in ambush, however they're not above creeping towards a potential meal and violently wriggle they're lure to gain the attention of fish and other would be prey. Once prey is close enough to its open mouth, koolasuchus will create a violent whirlpool to suck in its food. Larger creatures however are able to weather this vortex or are unaffected all together. Unfortunate victims of koolasuchus will find themselves stuck in a mouth with double rowed razor sharp teeth. Once koolasuchus has captured its prey it will un-cloak and begin to violently shake its prey. For players who get caught they will be prompted a struggle interaction for their freedom similar to that of the bloodstalker and tropeognathus. Fighting inside the mouth of a koolasuchus is far without its consequences, the longer you stay in its mouth the more health you lose over time with the maximum amount of it you can lose is 90%. For fish and smaller creatures get one-shot after getting sucked in. If anything manages to escape its mouth they'll find their stamina significantly depleted. Koolasuchus has a moderate land speed,that more often than not, isn't enough to pursue prey. It makes up for this by striking its prey using high pressure jets of water to knock their prey off balance and disorient them for easy recapture.

Koolasuchus is not the apex predator in its environment, however it's no pushover. Its ignored by anything sarcosuchus sized and below. Frequently clashing with with karkinos and spinosaurus in their vicinity.Koolasuchus are always looking for new sources of food, driving them to consume bizarre things including plant species z fruit and environmental element. They have strong inclination to eat plant z fruit solely for their explosive properties similar to how humans enjoy spicy food,otherwise they gain zero nutrients from consuming it. The explosion of charge from the fruit has a narcotic effects on their body intoxicating them and causing them to fall into drunken stupor. In this state they'll happily accept food from survivors in the form of meat and kibble. Koolasuchus regularly traverses vast distances in search of new food rich areas to hunt, one problem the verticality of the river flows works against most most aquatic and semi aquatic animals. Koolasuchus has a solution to this, it's powerful paddle like tail is strong enough to launch itself unimaginable heights out of the water and clearing the tallest of waterfalls and nearby cliffs. With this ability they frequent the areas of liquid element in the deepest parts of the cave system. They do this only to feed and absorb it into their bodies. They use it as a supplement to their diet where they can intake it to the same water storage organ behind their throat. This very relationship with liquid element and its passive exposure over the millenia caused it to evolve and amplify its features.

To tame a koolasuchus is no easy feat, most attempts end in failure and death. Once a koolasuchus has been identified, proceed with caution.  They can only be fed when they're in cloaked hunting mode. Once it begins to move its lure you can begin your approach, it will acknowledge your presence and begin to slowly creep towards you. Once it begins to create its vortex this is your chance to throw a plant z fruit to get sucked in. The fruit will get sucked down its throat where it reacts with its stomach acid and explodes. This will abruptly stop the vortex and cause it to *hiccup* the charge particles. This will cause them to un-cloak and lose aggro. After some amount of time the koolasuchus will re enter its hunting mode and this is where you make your approach. Repeat this process until it's knocked out and ready to be tamed.

Once tamed a koolasuchus will comes with 2 variations of saddle a normal saddle made out of leather(unlockable at lv70) and a reinforced pod saddle(unlockable at lv85) that protects the rider from all environmental harm and provides oxygen allowing them to stay submerged almost indefinitely. When faced with a waterfall or any nearby cliff, koolasuchus has the ability to charge up a jump where its can launch itself to heights based on how long its held.With the pod saddle survivors can brave the otherwise deadly liquid element, as koolasuchus is immune to its effects. The same way they intake water to weaponize when hunting can be repurposed to intake and harvest the abundant element. The capacity of this organ can be upgraded as it replaces the oxygen Stat so it can be upgraded to carry either more water or element or a mixture of both. Once element is present in the body of koolasuchus its storage organ glows a faint purple hue and it gains 2 new abilities. Its water spout ability now infused with liquid element  apply a poison debuff to whatever it hits chipping away its health over a short period of time. It's other ability, element refining which takes a tremendous amount of energy from the animal, is a mode that you can set it too. During this process its mobility is limited and can only take place with a 70% element capacity and a 30% water capacity present. Once the available element is refined to a usable state, it'll be signified by by a blue glow instead of a purple one. If set to wandering and aggressive in a body water it will begin to hunt as it would in the wild. This lure will attract fish to to its mouth where it can swallow them rewarding it with the same type of loot survivors get when fishing normally only on a larger and more efficient scale. Breeding koolasuchus is similar to that of other aquatic and semi aquatic creatures. It's eggs are incubated in water and it's young are born with gills like it's smaller amphibian relatives.

Abilities and gameplay Overview

Bite: A basic left click bite

Water spout:Using a small amount of its stored water capacity, koola can snipe its targets at range with a high pressure jet of water like an archerfish.

Element spout:Similar to the water spout attack, but when infused with liquid element it applies a temporary poison debuff with ticks for 70% of koolas damage every 3 secs for 45 secs

Suction/vortex:It creates a vortex that can suck in creatures(including other survivors)under a certain drag weight and one shots any fish caught and rewards a random drop of fishing loot. Any unfortunate creatures that get sucked in are swallowed whole and spat out at %10 of their original health.

Tail whip:A heavy tail whip that causes knockback to anything hit by it.

Mobility and travel

koolasuchus' traversal of the interconnected river systems on aberration is unparalled, it boasts high water speed along with the ability to launch itself out of the water similar to that of manta rays and shadowmanes. when this jump ability is used infront of a waterfall it can quite literally run up a waterfall of any height as long as it has enough stamina, completely negating gravity. This makes trips between the red, blue and green zones a breeze. koolasuchus is completely immune to the liquid element rivers unlocking a path of transport thats rarely utilised. Otherwise slow on land(similar walk and sprint speed to a sarco) koolasuchus can make use of the mucus that covers its body. When element is present in its body, koolasuchus can secrete small amounts that amplify its mucus' lubrication properties. When used, this gives koola a temporary speed boost allowing it to slip and slide throught the map(similar to maewing)instead of sprinting, especially downhill.


Liquid(water and molten element) intake: Koolasuchus can intake large amounts of liquid and store for later use, the water storage capacity replaces its oxygen stat which means it can be upgraded with extra levels. When present in the liquid element rivers, koolasuchus can harvest and store this abundant resource for various uses.

Element conversion: When the right amount of liquid element and water are present in its body, koolasuchus can convert/refine liquid element to its various stages(dust, shards and solid element). During this process koola is unable to move and takes a long time depending on the stage of element selected, if the survivor so chooses, the solid element can be converted back into liquid for other various uses.

Cloaking: Koolasuchus can cloak similar to the rockdrakes and shadowmanes which means its gets ignored by surrounding creatures. The only downside to this is that only its lure tongue is visible while its cloaked which tends to attract smaller creatures to investigate it.

Luring creatures: An ability only available while cloaked, koola can wiggle its lure to temporary attract normally aggressive creatures to investigate and possibly follow it. These creatures will briefly hang around the glowing lure(without attacking) and then promptly resume their normal wild idle behavior.

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Introducing Koolasuchus!


I’ve submitted this creature a few times before, but this one has been revamped and almost entirely reworked from my previous iterations to make it unique among the other semi-aquatic Ark creatures, and balanced (I hope) around vanilla gameplay while still adding some new, unique gameplay mechanics that I hope you all will like!



Common Name: Koolasuchus

Species: Koolasuchus titanus

Time: Early Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive


These colossal amphibians lurk in the swamps and rivers of the Ark in search of food for their endless appetite. Because of their size and stature, this means that just about anything small enough to fit in their jaws is potential prey.


Because of its amphibious nature, Koolasuchus, much like many modern frogs, breathes through its slimy, mucus-covered skin. This allows it to breathe both air and water, however, this mucus can dry out if it remains on land for too long.


This mucus-covered skin has the side-effect of making Koolasuchus immune to the traditional tranquilizing methods. Instead, I have observed some survivors utilizing narcotic traps and grenades to release a gas that the Koolasuchus absorbs through its skin, causing it to fall unconscious and become tameable.



Because of their absorbent skin, some more technologically advanced tribes have created an alchemical saddle that can adapt this mucus to various different liquids and substances around the Ark. I’ve seen Narcotic fueled Koolasuchus that can knock out even the strongest tames with a few bites. Some braver (or stupider) survivors have given them Beer which makes them even more powerful, as long as they have a continuous supply…


Being amphibians, they must breed underwater, and the young tadpoles must stay underwater for the majority of their growth to adulthood.



So to break down what the dossier explained a bit better and explain how it might function ingame, here’s the concept that I’ve come up with.


As the dossier stated, tranq arrows and darts have no effect on Koolasuchus. Instead, narcotic grenades and tripwire traps are the only way to build torpor on it to knock it out. Once it’s unconscious, it is a standard carnivore tame that uses Exceptional Kibble.


The drying out idea, at least how I imagined it working ingame, would mean that Koolasuchus can only spend a certain amount of time out of the water. Maybe 5-10 minutes by default. Or maybe it's connected to the oxygen stat in some way. Always open to people’s ideas. Once this timer runs out, it would start taking damage, be heavily slowed and sluggish, and deal reduced damage, similar to Megalosaurus when it has max sleep debt.


Koolasuchus’ Saddle would be fairly late-game. I imagine that it has some chemistry bench functionality/crafting built in so maybe level 82, the same as the Chemistry Bench. It would be crafted at a Fabricator, and can be equipped with ONE of the following at a time:

  • Water (Default): Koolasuchus can stay out of water indefinitely without worry of drying out, unless the saddle runs out of water.
  • Narcotic: Bites do a large amount of torpor damage, however the Koolasuchus is more sluggish and slow
  • Stimulant: Koolasuchus is immune to any narcotic effects, slightly faster, and cannot run out of stamina, however it dries out 2x as fast while on land.
  • Lesser Antidote: Koolasuchus leaves a trail of slime on the ground behind and next to it, healing allies and dinos slightly when they step in it.
  • Oil: Bites coat the target with an oily substance that will ignite and do fire DOT when hit with fire (fire arrows, wyvern breath, etc.)
  • Bug Repellant: Reduces the aggressiveness of insects and other related creatures towards the Koolasuchus, and gives it a 2x damage multiplier against them.
  • Beer: For as long as there is beer in its inventory, the Koolasuchus will receive increased Attack damage and slightly reduced incoming damage, with reduced stamina and increased stamina drain. if there is no beer in its inventory for more than 5 minutes, it will receive the Beer Debuff for 5 minutes before returning to normal.
  • Element: ???

Koolasuchus can also be fed Medical Brews and Energy Brews in the same way that the player can.



Lmb: Bite. Standard bite attack with a large range.

Rmb: Grab. Koolasuchus picks up a creature in front of it, if it is within range, and begins to chomp down on it, doing DOT based on its Melee %, and draining stamina. If Koolasuchus runs out of stamina, the creature is dropped on the ground. In addition to this, much like Tropeo grab, a creature that is being ridden (or a player) can attempt to escape. If the Koolasuchus reduces the creature to 0 HP, it is swallowed whole, healing the Koolasuchus based on the max health of the creature, and transferring all harvestable resources and any items in its inventory directly into the Koolasuchus’ inventory. Koolasuchus CANNOT Bite and has incredibly reduced movement speed while it has something grabbed in its mouth.

C: Tail attack. A rear-facing tailwhip attack that does less damage than the standard bite attack, but more knockback.

Ctrl: Roar. No damage, 



Koolasuchus can fill a variety of niches for you and your tribe with its extensive utility depending on what you infuse into its saddle. Statwise, I imagine it's somewhat comparable to a Megatherium or maybe an Allo. With the right buffs paired with their ability to consume medical brews, I could maybe even see them being used in certain boss fights. Bug Repellant infused saddles make them contenders for the Broodmother fight, and Beer infused saddles allow them to possibly take on some of the stronger bosses, as long as there is water in the arena! 


Their Oil and Narcotic infused saddles could give them some more tactical PvP use as well, and their Antidote infused saddle, while not as strong as a Daeodon healing buff, gives them some more defensive utility.


Outside of combat utility, they could be used in caving, taming (keep an eye on the HP of the creature you’re taming however!), and general crossmap travel and adventuring!



I hope you guys enjoyed this concept! I’ve been working on it and tweaking it for a few months now making it as interesting and unique as possible. I see a lot of dossier concepts for Koolasuchus and other amphibians that look really cool but where they could very easily just be switched out with any generic extinct crocodilian like Deinosuchus or Purussaurus and still function pretty much the exact same. My goal with this one was to make a concept that could ONLY fit a giant amphibian like Koolasuchu. Which is why I used real life concepts like frogs breathing through their skin (yes frogs really do breathe through their skin…) to make it as unique and different as possible, and giving it that slight fantasy Ark twist to fit in with the wonderful world that Wildcard has created. I hope that you guys vote for this suggestion, and Koolasuchus finally makes it ingame, given that Koolasuchus, along with Gorgonopsid and some others, was originally planned to be added to Ark at some point and even has concept art done for it, but was unfortunately scrapped. Let’s give Amphibians some more love in Ark!





(Original Concept Art)

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  • RexxMain changed the title to Koolasuchus titanus--The Alchemical Hunter!

Original Koola Submission (70 votes and prior)
For the people who are wondering where it went: F0zZ posted sooner and thus automatically replaced this Koola iteration. I humbly ask you to take both into account, and I encourage you to take a look at the other awesome Koola submissions in the comments too, to see all the amazing ideas people have for Koola!

(eating enemies alive) Introducing Koolasuchus, the Gluttonous Gorge of Aberration!


Tags: amphibian, PvP, PvE, radiation immunity, eats everything, acid attacks, chemistry bench saddle, chargelight



Common Name: Koolasuchus

Species: Koolasuchus lumen

Time: Late Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Neutral




“Koolasuchus lumen is by far the largest amphibian I've ever stumbled upon. Its most noticeable feature is a bioluminescent tongue it uses as bait for fish, as well as glowing patterns on its body to scare off predators.


When threatened, this swamp dweller prefers not to attack. Instead, it will emanate red light from its mouth as an intimidation display. Also, its skin mimicks algae wiggling underwater, allowing Koolasuchus to hide perfectly in the dark bogs.


Koolasuchus does have something scary to it, though: its elastic jaws and digestive tract allow it to swallow its prey whole, even animals larger than it! Definitely a disturbing show.”




“Even though it's downright gross, Koolasuchus' digestion can be turned into a chemical weapon: once the creatures it swallowed are digested, it's able to spit out acidic bolus to defend itself, since the additional weight makes it rather sluggish.


All it takes to tame one is to hang around it and let it get used to your presence. At that point, it will stop trying to intimidate you and will gladly swallow any carcass you offer it. Just make sure not to get too close to that glowing, bottomless pit of a mouth. 


It's a good mount to explore deeper caverns, for its ability to prevent radiation. Additionally, the pigments it secretes make some pretty paint.”




Greetings, survivors! I introduce to you the aberrant amphibian; the Koolasuchus!




The foundational ideas and selling points for this temnospondyl include:

  • Role as a PvP brute thats powers its way through enemies

  • Red light green light taming method

  • Ability to eat and vomit enemy creatures

  • Chemistry bench saddle

  • General utility for traversing the map


Amphibian representation in ARK is severely lacking. The inclusion of one of the most iconic prehistoric amphibians with its exposure through Walking with Dinosaurs would make it a great addition and spice up the roster. It also fits Aberration incredibly well, as a big, hungry amphibian stalking the map’s waterways would make it a fairly great member of the subterranean swamps.




The Koolasuchus is found in the green and blue zones of the derelict ARK, either swimming about in the waterways or hobbling across the land. They don't actively go after most creatures until they’re attacked or threatened. Survivors put them at unease, but won’t immediately go for a lunge.


Taming Process:


You need to approach a Koolasuchus cautiously. You’ll startle it, causing its mouth to glow red as a warning. When it is green, you will need to drag a corpse into its mouth similarly to an Otter or Hesperornis but for a wider variety of prey. If not fed in time, it will go about and ignore you until you approach it again. Once its appetite has been satisfied, it will be tamed!




Congratulations! You’ve successfully tamed a Koolasuchus! This bioluminescent behemoth will serve a variety of purposes and has tools to assist you with your life down in the caverns.



  • Primary Attack (0x67jur7YSnkpbK9ebv8ju9RJ3BVOpB8CF0VASXIqCunTi7XbF3t6_7cmI7UYd1efKYe7U1YDPAPXJ4Vv-E9UEZEpdqR51HuHibNTGWWdP2k74Sx_JbODCXWciYuKYsuVrkWMEFXWYghfeoepijYc1s, qJOq1gFUxwDAiXuPFVTITjd7LZm_FjLihiFiUak1IbqAkFvH73OmbqOW5D5Zqb7BtxNScc7e1kDHqzSr7g3Si7zP3GrEDhNsfkmN-CNt1SD-pxf-1uEXMEY1fh3IBEaU5Kn3aQpiHZZbXphh2M_Omak, gd8OeO_oQo6VlFOX06xC3zrZ4IjS8O__EzIMf7z4W59oxSI-kKw1oRVMx5HpH9LYS8pKWCvPXXl85FoxsaroIPh0TLFRXON_OWKPWkMglzxJ50GRnLoH5TQyOpPkoOJQHa2Y2A-TmAArg3MpyzfBlyA): Pressing this attack once will open its mouth, draining from its charge reserves as it emits chargelight into the area around it. Press a second time to perform a basic bite attack. Performing this attack quickly will allow you to attack as normal.

  • Secondary Attack (3Q09q1vqMHioiiK4FElpWRQDDTDdIIMXVPY9A3rz5lsW2p6oictjyNaR45guT6St4X6FZ6S_ZNwUD2ST_i5yPZc5EPZF3113KHlCLqMSeWHMxXA--uiCy2teCv_xCyi9hVgcCXNYT7FkbMeZyU-AdVA, KJqu574vwXnLU_14G_AJsOi3gzIuPEmGZMvNVwmAuMjlCOliaOChFrukcZhcw8nh-DcOmkaGdJxJWHJFJYq8yrVm-XtWQ33N8iFbbeCZ5Eo5VR-mzRqYph5alkyFlQROo3Eoqvwis2dfDfgAW5md_9o, 9dpe7yDA9qTLmXGy-3QXUWN_TxK-Yy3Oqr96rRnLWJzh51TT9oKUGgi4x8XiuajKHjJlodJp2uPuMEDR7iaXUFXI299dv9RXlQUz2q6jZNnsyRhvI6F-ClrCfmUP-J8E44rmVNNzRFlIMhKXnETxT_w ):

    • Click: The Koolasuchus will lunge forward and gobble up any creature the size of a Wooly Rhino or under. Multiple creatures can be stored in its stomach, affecting its weight stat. The higher the total weight of the victims in its gut, the greater damage resistance it obtains. Said victims will also be affected by acidic damage over time, and must escape by attacking the beast’s insides. Increasing the Koola’s weight stat will increase its carrying capacity.

    • Hold: Similar to a Velonasaur, a reticle will appear and the Koolasuchus will be granted dynamic movement. Releasing the button will fire a target, using them as ammo. The target and any creatures, survivors, or structures will be hit by a big blast of stomach acid. The smaller the creature, the farther they travel when barfed up. This acid melts through even TEK structures.

  • Roar (Click C, pKzSUCSGAeqp3yZ6HJXkk41JD4WPUnBXEBZHEzjTnAglevYWJ995RtoSIzpad0AAEQ8qex8Rea2Pwql8wlQMdVzoFBMC276hKB_LCmeQoc7iU2770M5IQLCI12bVoxuRyW1b0ksHEphXnHiQddNpmGA, 2PLPVcYEz9A741gkZbwq4ra273PZ0APpb4rQE8Tnt9DWfDyI6_XNqqrwv10XbKTtp4f2AC0fhmZKIaXaEpGf5xp8hCOrDewTcWLq9-RT-TE_Ej8_aro4OyUr5bXnz0pRcoBBRzxK5ez95wWl-J--URM): A purely cosmetic roar.

  • Climb (Press Space, mMmLoPvOCer-iLHaIo9Jd52lX1pi51kDUnq_dxDewZa-j9Adey_6nqjygZix3XTMrEKFAKJV8I9ZBu7Ec8Pu0C1PvQHyWzkJCVERhCbwRjcR0iq8AbFBLH0-9bWAGL8xFSubrXP6slM4eQb3NSM3DWY, 7fkLQ0K9pcTC7oE-zcAdOdUOqCibTWGKe02W8azIzuTuyNPnUBRWlsXcADii_XspzmEZxynZopHaSyUivfG5SLYanDiw-O4vRUfF6_Vy3uPDgyQy5BQzF9eceW9H_PXsnbCSSkjp6jqpwhBTFnfUi8Y): When near a wall, the Koolasuchus will climb up it. It’s closer to a Thylacoleo’s climbing, being strictly vertical and non-dynamic. It also cannot climb while victims are in its stomach.


Passive Abilities:

  • Chargelight Reserves: Like a Morellatops, the Koolasuchus has a “tank”, though instead of water, its chargelight. Charge must be restored by killing other creatures like Glowbugs and glow pets, and is drained when the beast’s mouth is open.

  • Danger Glow: The inside of the Koolasuchus’ mouth will glow when near Max-Level Creatures, Enemy Survivors & Tames, and Nameless & Reapers with the respective colors.

  • Hydrated: The Koolasuchus gains the Hydrated status near bodies of water like Spinos, Shadowmanes, and Tropical Crystal Wyverns.

  • Toxic Skin: Mucus on the Koolasuchus’s body is toxic, and will induce torpor to enemies that hit them.

  • Immunities: The Koolasuchus is immune to radiation.

  • Koolasuchus Mucus: The Koolasuchus passively generates a substance called “Koolasuchus Mucus”. Said mucus grants radiation immunity to the wearer of affected armor. Creature saddles are not affected by this benefit.

  • Unique Saddle: The Koolasuchus’s saddle acts as a natural Chemistry Bench, though it does require gasoline to work. It also has enough seating for 4 people, and every rider is granted radiation immunity.

  • Great Loot (Wild Only): Wild Koolasuchus have a high chance to drop loot such as rare resources, dinosaur trophies, equipment, and blueprints due to their instinct to devour everything.


Utility & Scenarios:


PvE: Koolasuchus are great for general traversal of the map. Radiation resistance, chargelight, and climbing makes them exceptional when going to the lower reaches of the cavern system. Mucus produced by Koolasuchus also helps survivors themselves survive the irradiated depths without the necessity of Hazard or TEK armor. A built-in chemistry bench for portable crafting of precious substances is something every survivor will find great usage for. Untamed wild Koolas will also provide immense utility, through the loot they drop and being a good creature to grind.


PvP: Eating enemies alive is a very powerful ability. Shoving creatures into its stomach to deal damage-over-time is a great way to eliminate threats, and at the same time boosts the Koolasuchus’ defenses. It can be used for soaking if it has enough prey in its belly and general fighting, with severe damage resistance increases. Acidic vomit that melts through even TEK has strength that cannot be understated. This overall combination of these makes it an excellent raiding beast, at the front lines for sieges. With how slow it is while its stomach is full, certain faster creatures can take advantage of it. An increased hitbox also leaves it vulnerable to gunners and ranged attackers who have an easier time hitting it.




Beelzebufo and Diplocaulus are the only amphibians in the entirety of ARK, which is incredibly sad. The introduction of Koolasuchus gives this family of animals more time in the spotlight, and will make life on Aberration all the more interesting and complex!


Have fun, survivors! #TooKool4School



Art by RiskyBiscuits & Lapis Lazuli

Authored by TheFictionalLawyer & Lapis Lazuli

Written by DynastyOfDragons

Dossier by Mihael & RobertoT


Edited by SpacePjoes
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  • F0zZ changed the title to Koolasuchus-Lumenvortex Multi-use Amphibian

Can't believe I'm late to the party again 🥲 here's my concept for Koolasuchus:

Common Name: Koolasuchus

Species: Koolasuchus cleelandi

Time: Early Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Neutral


One of the largest amphibians of its time, Koolasuchus cleelandi preyed upon anything that could fit in its wide mouth. Though it has a bit of competition with other water-dwelling species such as Kaprosuchus and Sarcosuchus, it makes up for their similar feeding style by having an additional method of catching prey: suction feeding. In the water, Koolasuchus can inhale several fish at a time and swallow them whole if the opportunity arises, giving it an edge with catching prey before its competitors can.

Though it is an ambush predator, it won’t attack Survivors unless provoked. However, Tribes living in the swamps should be wary if they have hatcheries out in the open, as Koolasuchus like to swallow eggs and babies whole.


A tamed Koolasuchus can be a huge benefit for fishing tribes as they can suck in numerous fish and hold them in their mouth as they move them to a fish pen, making them perfect for basketing fish. Their favorite diet are Leeches as well, which is a stable bait for fishermen. If your tribe needs to be inconspicuous, the Koolasuchus can even capture opposing tribe’s babies and eggs and make a clean getaway in the water.


ARK is in desperate need of more amphibians. And Koolasuchus is the perfect candidate! In the wild it will primarily feed on smaller creatures and fish it can get its jaws on and has the ability to suction in multiple fish like a vacuum. They will also prey on baby dinos that are small enough and even eggs, so definitely keep yours away from the water at all costs.

They are a knock-out tame, but may be challenging to keep down, so bring lots of tranqs and Leech Blood, their favorite food. But once tamed, they can be a great Leech harvester. They can also vacuum up several fish at once and hold them in its mouth as you move the fish to a new location, which is perfect for putting fish in baskets (especially for Shadowmane tames). And like the Maewing, it can capture enemy tribe babies and even eggs and make a clean getaway in the water if no one is looking.


Didn't get a chance to read yours fully, but here's to a hopeful win for our Koola!

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Wow, I must say I'm really impressed with the idea behind the creation of the Koolasuchus! It's such a unique and interesting creature to have in the game. The design and concept are simply fantastic.

However, I'm currently facing an issue. I'm unable to vote for the Koolasuchus in the game. I've been trying to figure out how to resolve this problem, but I haven't had any success so far. I would really appreciate any assistance or guidance on how I can resolve this issue and cast my vote for this amazing creature.

Thank you in advance for your help! I'm really looking forward to being able to support the addition of the Koolasuchus to the game!

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2 minutes ago, Esquilinho said:

Wow, I must say I'm really impressed with the idea behind the creation of the Koolasuchus! It's such a unique and interesting creature to have in the game. The design and concept are simply fantastic.

However, I'm currently facing an issue. I'm unable to vote for the Koolasuchus in the game. I've been trying to figure out how to resolve this problem, but I haven't had any success so far. I would really appreciate any assistance or guidance on how I can resolve this issue and cast my vote for this amazing creature.

Thank you in advance for your help! I'm really looking forward to being able to support the addition of the Koolasuchus to the game!

Its because you have the early bird effect on your account which makes it so you cant upvote submissions. To get rid of it you must have at least 12 posts on your account. These can be anything from comments on submissions or posting your own submissions.

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Species name:Koolasuchus viscous

Time:early cretaceous

Feeding habits:carnivorous

Temperament:greed and ferocity




In the specific months of the year, This giant amphibian will wake up from hibernation.This is undoubtedly a disaster for most aquatic creatures.Because their stomachs seem to be full.They will even attack subadult spinosaurus and giant crabs!

Despite their greed.But it’s not stupid immediately flee .when realizing that one cannot defeat an opponent.In situations where it is impossible to escape,   They can even flip out their ribs threatening opponents.

 Their regenerative ability is very strong. Can quickly heal wounds.

Koolasuchus body length is generally similar to that of sarcouchus.But someone said he saw a 50 meter individual zone!

Ihope he’s hallucinating at that time, Because tomorrow i will go to the radiation zone for inspection.



The greedy nature of koolasuchus can be used to tame them,But it’s safer to tame their cubs.

They have strong resistance to toxins,so we can not tame it in traditional ways.

The swimming speed of koolasuchus is average,bug it’s very flexible,it’s a good mount.

Their main purpose is to secrete radiation resistant mucus,the taste is really indescribable.

It’s best to feed it some creatures before riding,other,it may throw you down.

Now let’s talk about the breeding problem of koolasuchus,they can only mate and lay egg in water,and don’t want any other creatures nearby.

Eggs and cubs can only grow in water the eldest cub will eat his brother and sisters without hesitation.....







Normal attack;36

Movement speed;both water and land travel faster than diplocaulus




Bite;damage and attack speed are average,wide rang,comes with a cold venom effect.

Cold venom effect;quickly reduce body temperature,and slow down.the stronger the exercise,the stronger the effect.

Swallow;swallow small biological organisms,long cooling time,can quickly restore health.

Rib flipping;able to flip ribs and thrust them out of the body,deter nearby creatures,significant effect,cause damage to oneself,gain high damage rebound while reducing your own defense.

Spit out mucus;consuming secretions and food,can stick to the target and slow it down.



Restore;during rib flipping,consistently providing inefficient treatment for oneself and friendly forces,ating food can also lead to faster recovery.

Toxic membrane;auto immunotoxin,melee attacks will cause it to rise and stun.
A huge had;there is some reduction in head injury,can withstand shocks and prevent coma.

Mucus shield;similar to Newtonian fluid strong defense against high speed attacks,the opposite is true for slow attacks.
Immune shock.


Mucus secretion;

Every once in a while,the backpack will produce mucus,eating music can obtain immune radiation effects that last for 15 minutes,but it will deduct satiety and health,the shelf life of mucus is 25 minutes.

Repair;Can be used to repair protective clothing.
Assimilate;Put the mucus and two different colored gemstones together,a small number of gemstones will be slowly transformed into a large number of gemstones.



Mostly not refreshing,refresh season appears randomly for 20 days.

Extremely aggressive,generally not ashore.

Before riding,need to feed it some food.otherwise,it will throw you down.

Will be attracted by light.



Adult koolasuchus need to be tamed with corpses,crocodiles are the best.

Low probability of cubs appearing in the wild,can be tamed peacefully.

It can be tempted to emit mucus and reduce satiety.accelerate domestication.
They really like to eat frogs.



Can only mate in water,eggs cannot leave the water and attract fish to devour them.

Lay several eggs at once,and the cubs will fight against each other.


the saddle is unlocked at level 40,making on the blacksmith’s table,with a variety of materials but low demand.

Motorized saddle;unlock level 41,can launch grapples to improve maneuverability.



Lesotho short headed salamander,set as a rare giant variant of the koolasuchus.

Killing a koolasuchus has a probability of obtaining summoning items,which can be summoned when used in the radiation zone.


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