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Raphidioptera : AKA “The prehistoric Snakefly” (New Dino Idea :)



An adult snakefly resembles a lacewing in appearance but has a notably elongated thoraxwhich, together with the mobile head, gives the group their common name. The body is long and slender and the two pairs of long, membranous wings are prominently veined. Females have a large and sturdy ovipositorwhich is used to deposit eggs in some concealed location. They are holometabolousinsects with a four-stage life cycle consisting of eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.

(Scaled up in Size to be as tall as two large survivors) 

Main Uses - 

it may be broad or taper at the back, but is very mobile, allowing for it to carry your survivor at high speeds through the air nimbly!

-The mouthparts are strong and relatively unspecialised, being modified for biting giving it the ability to pick up fellow tribe members, enemies and small to medium sized dinosaurs in its mandibles.

-It has a large pair of compound eyes on the sides of its head giving it incredible vision in all harsh weather conditions & at night & a tracking ability you can use to track dinosaurs similar to a snow owls that allows you to search for a specific creature (i.e Only rexes will show up in night vision when selected) that can be turned on and whenever you have its preferred food in its inventory.

The females typically have a long ovipositor, which they use to deposit their eggs into crevices or under bark, this is where the taming comes in to play! The eggs will have to be found in a nest similar to a wyvern or magmasaur and taking one will cause a swarm of Raphidioptera to aggro you but be careful because the females have a venom they can spit that will dismount you and slow you down if hit by it!



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