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pve [PC Server] Glyph RP: Campaign 2, Season 4: Refuge || Very Popular Fantasy RP

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Hello! Welcome to Season 4 of Glyph RP's new Campaign. NEW SEASON LAUNCHED 6/10/23
Looking for a new server to call home? Well Look no further! New to RP? No problem! This is a perfect server to start honing your newfound love. Enjoy a refreshing, immersive and unique experience that caters to almost all RP styles while allowing you to curate your character to your desires.
What do we bring to the table?
Ark is considered one of the best sandbox games full of so much potential. We wanted to tap into that potential and provide an experience to help you get away from it all. We realize that ARK is a game where people come to have fun after a long day of work/school so we drive to make it a fun experience for everyone. Our server is ultimately for an immersive experience full of RP potential and we heavily configured the server to do just that. Start off in a brand new world with so many potential avenues that are altered by your character's decisions. A world that is curated around our evolving storyline with plenty to explore and do.
That’s not all! Our server is heavily customized to make it very unique. Think of it as a new RPG game running inside of the ARK Game Engine. All creature spawns are custom. Resources spawns have been revamped. The ways to gain certain creatures has changed. There’s many world quests all throughout the world for you to complete to gain creatures or items. Not to mention custom spawn points, a fully fleshed out character customization method, starting questlines, reputation systems and more. Ever want to head to a mine and farm materials to sell? Well now you can! How about deep diving into dungeons to find that precious loot? Go ahead. Protect your village from pirates and bandits! Become a member of the council and influence the lands Trust us when we say that's not all. Our goal here is to have a non-restrictive and fluid role-play experience for you. We provide you with additional avenues to take your character with guilds, magicks, jobs and more without restricting you to template classes. All you have to do is pick out what you want to do!
There’s a reason why Glyph RP is now known to have such a high player retention rate. Our staff team works around the clock to make sure player engagement and character development stays top notch! We regularly hit the top 20 of ARK Servers in the world, consistently have 50/60+ people on every evening during Peak RP times and work to keep constant rotating content to keep you engaged every step of the way.
We appreciate your interest in our server! Hopefully this is a start to a wonderful friendship!
For details about our server please visit https://glyphrp.com !
Our Lore
Well, there's quite a good bit of lore as we're establishing a fantasy universe here at Glyph. However, take a look at the storyline of Enhasi here! https://glyphrp.com/lore
Server Info
Main Info
Server Name: Glyph RP: Campaign 2, Season 4: Refuge
Website Link: https://glyphrp.com/
EXP: 1.5x
Harvesting: 3x
Taming: 4x - Immersive Taming
Breeding: 8x, Reduced Interval, Imprint/Growth in Soul Traps
Map: The Center
Gamemode: PvP/PvE
Voice RP Friendly: Yes
Text RP Friendly: Yes
Fliers Allowed: Yes, including a Soul Binding Ritual to tie special creatures to your character.
Whitelist: Yes
Max Wild Dino Level: 150 Base, 170 for Shinies and Territory Creatures
Loot Crates Enabled: Obtained through treasure chests, events, dungeons, etc.
How to begin your journey!
First, read our website! It'll have all information about our server https://glyphrp.com and then join our Discord! It will give you detailed information about our server, from plugins to server rules. You'll have to do a short application to get whitelisted. However it is our goal to get you in as quickly as possible. We understand your time is important to you and you just want to play ARK. So expect a whitelist notification very quickly. You'll be able to join immediately. No waiting till next restart here!
See you soon! :)
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