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Certaosuchops (horned beast of the lagoon/Swamp Beast.)



Why this Creature should be added to Ragnarok.

Ragnarok is one of arks biggest and most iconic map ever. Ask someone who doesn’t play ark much and they will say Ragnarok is the best. And I thought what could go well with this map and a dinosaur I was reading off a newspaper a couple months ago was the best idea. The Ceratosuchops. Ragnarok is a big and scary map and I can tell that the Ceratosuchops in ark would be a big scary dinosaur. And also with Giganatosaurus, Carcha and the giant new bug. We would definitely need something that can be as good as them.


Where should this Creature be located on Ragnarok?

This creature was Originally found in the Isle of Wight. I have been to that place before, it was very nice. But besides that I thought highlands would be perfect for it but there were 2 large apex predators already there so a place where I thought would be good is here:IMG_1744.jpeg.4f5ee1fc5e03d17d148458205f162971.jpeg

Thats right. Ragnaroks Swamp. The reason why I chose this place for the Ceratosuchops is not only that the Spinosaurus and baryonx was there as well. It was because I want to make this part of Ragnarok noticeable. There isn’t anything interesting there that you would desperately need. But this place design is so amazing. The giant structure that is shown on the picture is incredible and it should definitely be noticeable. Ceratosuchops would have the same chance of spawning like Giganatosaurus spawn point.



This Creature would be like the rest of the Carnivores in ark. Killing off many things to eat. But Like the spinosaurus It wouldn’t really go for the big dinos as much but mostly the fish. It’s a very agressive creature and it’s shows no mercy. 


Bigger than its cousin the Spinosaurus. The Certaosuchops is a buff dinosaur and is not very fast. However underwater this creature can swim perfectly. The jaws of the beast is very powerful. But the arms are very powerful. They can attack more faster then the bite of the Creature. It has strong legs to support the tank build of this monster. It also has a horn on its head to show defense


This creature to tame Is kinda the same as the other dinosaurs but it is different. 

  1. Knock it out. You must knock it out normally as you know out other dinosaurs.
  2. when it is knocked you must keep hitting it until it reaches 10% health
  3. when it wakes up it will move very slow but it will become a passive tame. You would have to feed it raw fish. And eventually it will get faster and stronger again 
  4. Once it’s 100%. You can ride it but then you would have to kill something big like a bronto,Rex,Spino anything big. And you must let the creatosuchops eat the bodies. So it can gain to like you and trust you
  5. and then there you have it. the Certasuchops is yours.



  • A powerful bite. This creatosuchops bite is as strong as a carcahdontsaurus
  • arms. The creatosuchops arms are so strong it can send medium, small dinosaurs and humans flying. It can also hit twice. 
  • stun roar. The creatosuchops roar can stun enemy or wild dinosaurs that have a lower level then it.
  • pickup. It can also have the ability to pick up humans and creatures that are medium size in its mouth.



Dossier: WILD

The Ceratosuchops is a Gargantuan Beast that roams the swamp water. It is both powerful on land and water. Your just strolling through the swamps until you hear a loud roar and notice something from far away. You think it’s baryonx but as it gets closer it’s way more bigger and badder. The Monster then devours the poor creatures and then strolls off to find more food. People think that this Apex predator is myth until they come face to face with its jaws and powerful claws. You would have to knock this thing out and damage it until it wakes up. Then you must fill its hunger with corpses and fish. Then ride it and start a bloodbath and then the creature trusts you and will turn the battlefield into a graveyard.



Taming the beast to be on your side is more then a trophy. But a victory. The monster will kill anything it’s path just to protect you and your tribe. This giant is a tank in battle and is a great tame. The hunger creature will eat as much as it wants even if it’s a whole Titanosaur. It may not be very fast but it is very deadly. Your tribe will be feared by everything that bares to witness the Ceratosuchops. A huge ally and a great kaiju. 


Thank you for reading this.

let’s show them the power of the Creatosuchops 

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Yeah it does have the same ability’s as some dinos but it has a roar that can stun and it can swim fast a perfectly. It’s more like a giant baryonx but better.

But I have to be honest nearly all dinos have the same ability’s as other dinos

such as Carcha having the tail spin attack like reaper

and the giant bug having the roar to fear of other dinos which is the same ability as the yuty

also the baboon that throws poop has the same ability as Chalco but better

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