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Rhyniognatha - Mega Thread

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5 hours ago, SpinosaurIso said:

Why choose not to? I could maybe see them not spawning on some of the paid DLC maps due to them not fitting in*, but out of the 7 free DLC maps, why only Lost Island?

*They would definitely fit in on Scorched Earth, and I don't see why they wouldn't spawn in Extinction when every other dino does.

I don't know why not, you'd have to ask WildCard. You have the right to dislike their decision, but it was done intentionally. The point that matters is they deliberately chose to add Rhyniognatha to two maps and not the others. It's silly to think that they weren't able to, or couldn't, add it to other maps. Of course they could have, they chose not to.

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Looks like Rhynio spawn server limit combined with global server quetz limit. so it makes nearly impossible catch hilvl one. last two weeks on official 199 Island daily spent 5-7+ hrs for looking Rhynio. for this time found by myself  8 males and 2 females (lvl 75) and other ally mates kiled +-8-9 else, so we had some about 20 rhynio for 14 days some disgusting spawn chance as my

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