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Rhyniognatha - Mega Thread

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Looks like it has it's own spawn container on the island


[2023.06.03-19.43.09:527][301]== DinoSpawnEntriesRhynio_C: Entries
[2023.06.03-19.43.09:527][301]Rhynio (1), Weight 1, Entities: Rhynio_Character_BP_C
[2023.06.03-19.43.09:528][301]Rhynio (1), Weight 1, Entities: Rhynio_Character_BP_C

Not tested on other maps yet as I don't have time but you can run this mod on a server to show all spawn containers and what dinos share them


You need to enable -servergamelog on the commandline then all the info will be dumped to ShooterGame\Saved\Logs\ShooterGame.log

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4 hours ago, darkradeon said:

btw if you are an epic player don't go searching for them, you will disconnect/timeout if too near in render range.

Oh that's just swamp spawn.  Even pc steam players no mods get d/c in the swamps.  I got d/c at least once and the lag increased terribly. 

Okay was hoping there was something I could kill to get it more active but since I'm on a server cannot do an all dino wipe obviously just going to chaulk this up to another dino I'll never be able to catch.  So sad.

There'll be a patch on it soon maybe WC would consider increasing it's spawn rate a bit?  Patch is going to be people saying unfair ability to place objects in the sky bet that gets fixed.  I don't care either way I'm pve not pvp not looking to make sky bases.  There are ways to do that already.

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1 hour ago, sjskdjkfa said:

I had one chase my wyvern down, FAST AS FUDGE AND THROWING FIRE BALLS, and was actually doing a noticeable amount of damage and i had to turn around and fight. That was scary! Big as bug came up outa the swamp and tried to EAT MY WYVERN! Swamp ptsd all over again and now it's not even safe to fly over! LOL

Encountered 4 of them. And Im raising one on official atm. Got to it today. Its all not that hard if you are endgame. If you are not... This can be a really, really hard tame... (and raise!)

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Was diving on my new Rhynio and it suddenly switched me to the passenger seat. Got of and back on, passenger again. It doesn't give me any option to switch. Tried every button on the keyboard and I can't get control. Tried to get him to follow me on shore but he just acts like he can't surface. Have to cryo him before he drowns and hope when I log in next his saddle resets.

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As regarding, the General Discussions isnt the site to go to... Not really.
Not that this shouldnt get reported. That is the most important step. But sometimes to get an idea of what is actually going on, and get a better report to aid devs, its good to adress others who have experienced similar stuff. And maybe to get temporary fixes. Above that, the General Discussions gets more people to take a look at it even though it could get moved to the Bug-Sections of the forum.

Maybe this can be a general Rhyniognatah bugs and glitches threat...
As I wonder what happened during my Pregnancy...

I started healing my inpregnated Giga, with 0 levels and mutations in HP at 20%, 30% ish occasionally with the snow owl.
I didnt bother checking the hp drops and outcome of this drop. I had other things to tend to during that playtime...
But at 20% ish I stared to doubt a good outcome with the hp-drop, against the incubation-timer. So I started to quite fanaticly heal the Giga. When the HP dropped below 10k. (33kish Max HP) with now still 40 minutes on the timer! I started to worry greatly. It started to drop like 100hp per second so I started to heal it intensively. When checking hp-drops I saw it drop from 10k to 8k hp in seconds with 35minutes left on the timer!
I started to freak out, ended up throwing 5 Daedons out switching them, to heal the Giga without seemingly much effect...
Maniacly healing it with snow own, trying to minimize wasted seconds inbetween heals. I could barely keep the Gigas HP stable...
In the end I was able to keep it alive before the incubating time was over, but the last 30 minutes I had to Freeze/Switch Daedons/Freeze/Grab meat/Freeze and so on...

Anyone else had this? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Posted (edited)

@froseph LOL - from first looks this thing is so OP it NEEDS a "nerf". And you found it, it gets brain freeze under water! (seriously - log a ticket)

@SunsetErosion That's interesting. Why did you choose a giga as a host? My dumbass would probably have used a DoDo LOL. I wonder if there is some kind of % damage as opposed to a a flat x HP over time? I wonder if the "host" is intend to survive - or if it is intended/forced to die? Whatever, your HP drops and time remaining do not add up to a working mechanic.

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