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Didelphodon - the small Brave mammal




Good morning survivors !

We are pleased to present you the Didelphodon,an extinct mammal that lived during the end of the Cretaceous period



This is a small mammal as big as a badger whose natural habitats are the redwoods and the mudslides where it can only be seen sleeping or wandering alone because it is not a sociable creature with other creatures, even so, it is a peaceful creature and it will not attack you. Due to the dangerous areas in which it lives, at the slightest danger, it will be able to bury itself in the earth coming out only when it does not detect any danger



To tame it, first you need to give it honey without being detected because if it does, it will run away, after eating the honey, it will start a Game off tag in which you will have to touch it several times to finish its taming, it is important to know that while it is running away, if it buries itself, do not he will lose taming effect, but if he takes damage he will lose it



This little creature apart from being able to climb on your shoulder, it has some very interesting abilities, they will all be listed below

- Bite: No cooldown required, 20 base damage

- Bleeding Bite: 3 second recharge, 20 base damage, 5 second bleed

- Roar of Motivation: It will activate every 2 minutes if it is on top of your shoulder, it will provide a buff that will consist of -10% damage taken, 10% more damage, 5% more speed and 5% more life regeneration like stamina, all this will be provided to your creatures for 1 minute

- Jump: It is capable of making a small jump forward



In order to reproduce this creature, you must place fiber in the female's inventory, which will be ingested by her while they are mating and during the gestation period, if you do not do this, the female

will die


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