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Ogygoptynx is the cousin of the snow owl , but unlike the snow owl the ogygoptynx is not corrupted by element 



Ogygoptynx is also the same size as the snow owl 



Unlike the snow owl , the ogygoptynx cannot heal itself nor can it cover itself and other creatures with ice , but the ogygoptynx can use its wings to create sand clouds blinding any would be attackers giving ogygoptynx the opportunity to escape 



The ogygoptynx has night vision Instead of infrared which the snow owl has 



ogygoptynx is able to glide and cause impact damage like the griffin and snow owl can 



It would also seem the ogygoptynx resembles a giant great horned desert owl , With males having they're trade mark feather horns , while the females do not .




while the snow owl can be tamed , the ogygoptynx cannot be tamed , but can be hatched from eggs and imprinted on , 



ogygoptynx nests can be found at the top of cliffs as a way of keeping they're eggs away from predators .



when hatched baby ogygoptynx must be fed cactus sap until adult 


ogygoptynx is able to produce owl pellets similar to the snow owl 


ogygoptynx is a great tame to have in the desert 

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