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The Hexaprotodon sivalensis , The live Netgun




Image from dinopidia

Common name : Hexaprotodon

species: Hexaprotodon sivalensis

Time : Pliocene

Diet : Herbivore

Temperament : Territorial


Wild : In the wild the Hexaprotodon can be found near river and desert and rarely in a swamp area. You will normally find during the day near water and during the night the Hexaprotodon likes to travel so when your out about at night beware you don't get to close to this creature.                                                                                                                           Hexaprotodon normally always travel in pack of three.Becarefull to not get too close to it's jaws that won't let go.

Domesticated: The Hexaprotodon is a big creature being around the same size of a trike , it has a very high weight stat to help you move around and also has a lot of health.              One of it's abilties is being a live net gun when tamed , while riding the Hexaprotodon you can grab anything to the size of an Allosaur like the normal net projectile , It can hold a creature in its jaws for up to 1 minutes and the rider can use weapons on the back but can also get of while it holds in it jaw.

Taming : To tame a Hexaprotodon You must attract it to you by using cactus sap and once it gets close to you and open it mouth press the button to feed it the cactuse sap.

Taking :The Hexaprotodon with it's high health stat and plus with armor from it's saddle can be used to tank turrets .

Travelling: With it's high weight the Hexaprotodon is good for carrying lots of loot from place to place and plus with it's water storage ability it can give you water if you need some during your trip. It is also and excelent swimmer .

Combat: The Hexaprotodon has a normal bite and also has a crunch where it opens it mouth to get a big bite in that leaves a status affect bleed that causes the target to loose health after the bite for a certain amount of time.

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