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Acutiramus-Giant sea scorpion!




Common Name :Acutiramus  

Species : Acutiramus giganteus

Time : Late Silurian

Diet : Scavenger 

Temperament :Opportunistic

Acutiramus giganteus is a giant scavenger that inhabits the deep sea of Ragnarok.They have evolved into a stronger and greater crust (equivalent to the ARK Megalodon) to compete with the sea -coarse reptiles that have not been met in historical facts.

This huge eurypterid is usually burrow in the sand.To keep it, you need to invite it with the smell of the corpse.After inviting, you can keep it by wearing an insect repellent and handing over it.But if it notice you, your body will be broken apart ...

Tamed Acutiramus will help you search for seabed.After survival competition, Acutiramus evolved a strong and heavy armor that keep away enemies.As a result, he gained the nature of Calkinos, not being hostile to marine living.If you attack from here, you will be hostile, but you can do hiding in the sand.But instead, they lost mobility in the sea.They basically move by walking on the seabed.Swimming is possible in a short time, but stamina recovers only on the seabed!


・Cut with scissors-Basic attack. Can be used even during swimming.

・Bang with scissors-It is more powerful than cutting. It cannot be used while swimming. Metal, crystal, and crude oil can be collected.

・Grab with scissors-It can grab up two small creatures and carry them.

・Dark vision-It can be used in dark vision like desmodus.

・Burrow in the sand-The whole survivor burrow into the sand to solve the hostile's opposition. It can't move.

・Reduce 50%of the damage you receive. However, it will take the same damage from dunkleosteus as usual!

・Not affected by cnidaria poison.

・Reduces the weight of metal, crystal and crude oil in the inventory.

・Acutiramus can't walk on land.


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