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herbivore Argentinosaurus Huiculensis - THE APEX CARNIVORE COUNTER



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Name: Argentinosaurus Huiculensis

Time: Late Cretaceous 

Diet: Herbivore 

Temperament: Territorial



Argentinosaurus is a tyrannosaurid sauropod accustomed to life among members of its own species, which means that it is more than prepared to face packs or groups of creatures that seek to disturb the peace of the enormous sauropod. Don't get to close if you don't want one of his legs on you. 

The Argentinosaurus Huiculensis specimen found on the ARK is slightly larger than usual, being the herbivore equivalent of the two largest predators on the ARK.


Argentinosaurus has the ability to disarm coordinated attacks by dealing a strong whiplash with its tail to the enemy creature, causing enormous confusion and making it impossible to distinguish between a friendly creature and an enemy creature.


Tameable: yes

Rideable: yes

Breedable: yes (same time as a Quetzal or Yuty) 



-Primary attack:

Just hit with one of his front legs (the leg who moves depends if the objective are at right or left) 


-Secundary Attack :

Argentinosaurus will put in his back legs and charge a devastating hit with his front legs (while the creature is in his back legs he could move his body in 360° like the Spino) 


-"Pack predator counter" or special Attack : 

When two or more Argentinosaurus are in a same group the higher lever will be able to make a whip tail attack (like a pack leader buff) this will turn in a "rage effect" the first enemy predator that he hits for 10s, similar as the Giga Rage (this effect will make the Dino turn back and attack any thing in his visual camp, including ally creatures and riders, this ability was a cooldown of 80s). 

This "confusion" or "rage" effect can be activated on any carnivore creature. 


Armor: When Argentinosaurus gets a hit will auto activate his armor, this armor are the equivalent of a metal wall (hp10k). This very strong armor protect the Argentinosaurus from bleeding attacks and reduce the received damage in 20% (except proyectiles, explosives, turrets). This armor is an adaptation for his wild life style it means that his armor are not prepared for modern weapons. This armor can be destroyed/disabled with explosives and tek munition (turrets, tek rifles, tek grenades, etc)

And only can be regenerated after 10min with no damage revived, if Argentinosaurus gets hit his armor regeration will stop. 

This armor could be represented as a blue light that covers the Argentinosaurus body with some shards of armor to complement the "illusion*of an armor



To tame the Argentinosaurus fist we have to show our dominance. First we have to broke his armor, then reduce his health to 50% or less and then fire him with tranq darts until he gets unconscious, will need a great amount of it so prepare yourself. 

It is important to know that this creature needs to stay close to other Argentinosaurus for at least 1 hour every 48 hours, if these requirements are not met, the probability that the Argentinosaurus will not pay attention to your commands will increase. (commands such as attack, mate or follow) If this point is reached, it is enough to bring the Argentinosaurus closer to another member of its same species, after which a 2-hour countdown will appear, if the Argentinosaurus remains accompanied during this time it will once again be obedient to your orders.




Argentinosaurus platform saddle will count hit a protected "cabin" for the rider and a turret in the middle for the saddle that can be used by another survivor, this "cabin" protects the rider from being dismounted (as the Andrewsarchus). Can be learned at level 95 and will have a cap armor in 75

Wild lvl 1 and lvl 150 stats:

HP: 5500 - 15000 aprox

Stamina: 300 - 1200 aprox

Oxigen: 400- 800 aprox

Food: 6670 - 15700 aprox

Weight: 800 - 2300 aprox

Melee: 100 - 270 aprox

Speed movement: 100 - 100


ARK Argentinosaurus Concept.png


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The Argentinosaurus can be found by large forest areas which include redwood biomes. To tame one as your own you will need to tranq it out until it’s down, however the argentinosaurus can take up alot of tranqs until it will go down so make sure you got enough with you if you trying to tame one of these enormous beasts. 

Once tamed you will need to make a saddle inable to ride them. The saddle consists of two platforms on its sides and the main rider in the middle which is good for organising where to put cannons ballista or even storage and crafting structures 

In order to make the saddle you will need 

150 silica pearls 

200 metal ingots 

550 hide 

600 fibre 

30 wood 


but once you made its saddle you can turn your Argentinosaurus into a Titan of war.

the Argentinosaurus has three different attacks 

1. a regular stomp attack 

2. Knock back tail whip 

3. A charge up stomp (when for 20 seconds the Argentino can stand on its hind legs and when stomped it can be very messy it can destroy structure up to metal but not tek structures

its a very tanky Dino able to take 10% less damage against turrets and for harvesting it can only gather berries and stone. 

If you have a male and female Argentinosaurus you can breed them but the raising will have the same time as a rhyniognatha and will require berries to keep it alive and they can be put into a meawing for raiding but not a procoptodon

the only downside is its speed since it only runs slightly faster than a bronto and it also has quite low stamina too since it is a large creature, but don’t worry the Argentinosaurus will surely have a great amount of weight and health and decent damage which can help you travel around and soon you will surely be able to rule the ark with these powerful giants.



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