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Hadrokirus martini | THE ARCTIC TYRANT |





Hadrokirus is a large seal with big teeth, they can come in colors of brown, tan, white, and black. Larger than Dire Bear, shorter than a mammoth, males have a fur mane.




Hadrokirus can be seen in packs of 5 to 10. While on land. Hadrokirus is slow and lumbering and is only aggressive to Kairuku. While in the water, it is a super predator attacking almost anything. When it aggros to you, it will go to the surface of the water and let out a loud bellow that can be heard for miles and attack you. Hadrokirus also have a pickup attack On land they will only use this to play with you but in water they drown creatures. I think the pickup limit should be Equus and lower.






Taming Hadrokirus is a little difficult to tame because it's thick blubber stop any and all tranq arrows or darts but it's to wild to be hand fed. So the only way to tame Hadrokirus is to take it to warmer climate. While on a beach or forest, Hadrokirus will passively lose torpor do to its blubber making it over heat. At 50% torpor Hadrokirus blubber will be retraced allowing you to hit it with tranq arrows and darts. But don't underestimate Hadrokirus. It's roar can stun you and it is fast thanks to it's retraced blubber. Once tamed, Hadrokirus is an amazing mount. It's fast in the water and has a fur saddle perfect for keeping you alive when traveling. They are very strong with an armor piercing attack and a tail attack that does ok damage. It can slow small creatures and with thick blubber to resist bullets and bites, immune to any ice attack, and cannot be frozen. Hadrokirus will get rage form killing Kairuku and gather more organic polymer.



When a Hadrokirus dies its body take days to weeks to decompose and far away carnivores will sense it and make there way towards it. This might make a Hadrokirus corpse look like a hazard but when a carnivore feeds, do to the fat, blubber, and nutrient rich meat the carnivore will become full and turn neutral. This is Hadrokirus satisfaction debuff, to rex to spino to allo to raptor almost every carnivore will become neutral and not attack you (you can use this to trap\tame carnivores easer). If a human consumes the meat they will gain increased heath regen, weight, and fortitude.




I think Hadrokirus would be a great fit and it needs more attention. And if this dossier DOES NOT CONVINCE YOU, THIS WILL!1576923849_sealboy.png.72f5b9310d14080a5ce6a4b93c1330f9.png

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