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Neotamandua(ancient anteater)(Remake)



I made a post about this creature a long time ago, but this time I propose it as an aberration-adapted creature.

Neotamandua is a genus of anteaters that lived in the Miocene to Pliocene in South America. Their fossils have been found in the La Venta fauna of Colombia and the Pliocene Araucano Formation in Argentina. Its closest living relatives are the giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) and tamanduas (genus Tamandua). The species Neotamandua borealis was suggested to be an ancestor of the giant anteater. Patterson (1992) suggested the Neotamandua fossils are so similar to Myrmecophaga and Neotamandua may be congeneric with Myrmecophaga.


In-game, it is the same size as the Raptor and has a friendly personality towards the player.
However, when the player draws their weapon, if there is a dangerous creature such as a Raptor nearby, they will make a threat pose to appeal to themselves not to attack.
If you are still attacked, it will be given a "Rage Buff" and will remain hostile.
Increases attack power and speed, and also performs claw attacks that cause bleeding effects.
However, as soon as it sees dangerous creatures larger than itself, such as Carnotaurus and Tyrannosaurus, it will quickly flee.
Taming method
Neotamandua can be passively tamed by hand, but the bait used for it is special.
It is a new cooking ingredient called "Kibbles Soup".
Made with Unfertilized Eggs, Cooked Meat, Chitin, Berries, Rare Mushroom, Rare Flower, Honey, Beer Liquid, and Water.
Drinking this soup greatly restores your water and food gauges, and grants a buff that does not drain your water, food, and stamina for a while.
However, if you drink too much, the coma value will rise suddenly and you will pass out.
However, this soup can also be passively tamed by taming this Neotamandua.
However, it is assumed that there are no dangerous creatures around.
After taming
It has its own saddle and can be ridden on it.
Being attacked grants a rage buff, similar to the wild, increasing attack power and speed.
You can also climb walls and zipline.
It also cuts the weight of all items and the weight of the player riding it by 65%, making it much easier to ride than the Raptor.
However, it usually moves very slowly, runs at the same speed as the player, and has almost the same attack power as the Diphalosaurus.
However, with the "Anger Buff", you can strengthen the attack power to the level of Tyrannosaurus and the speed to the level of Raptor.
Additionally, you will be able to harvest significantly more Fiber, Rare Mushrooms, and Rare Flowers.
And you can use the same intimidation as in the wild, this intimidation can make medium-sized creatures such as raptors and direwolves flee.
Best of all, killing wormy creatures with its long tongue yields cement, similar to Beelzebufo.

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