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the turtle rex



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the turtle rex looks like an alligator turtle but is the size of a t-rex. it has a saddle, so when a player takes a fatal fall but lands on its saddle, the player loses 0 hit points (other dino saddles can do this). the more it attacks, the faster it attacks. The more hit points he has, the more damage he does. in freefall, he does 0 damage, but he can enter his carapace to do zone damage at 30 if he's not high, or 2500 if he's very high. he harvests crystals, chitin, wood, keratin and seeds. he eats meat, but to tame it he needs keratin for evil and chitin for femmel, but he's very resourceful: at lv 50 he'll need 1000 keratin or chitin. the rex turtle has a pack effect. if the giga has very high damage statuses, the rex turtle is in defense, but an ability makes it remove pieces of shell a resource that replaces 20 keratin or chitin and = 10 shell when it removes pieces of shell it gains attack speed and energy, but in defense its diminu , but it still has plenty of defense. it can have a saddle armor carapace or, for players, weapon carapaces (sword, iron shield, iron spear, iron axe, iron pickaxe, iron armor, firearm and firearm bullets). it can increase the dino's defense if it has the movement effect. when it shouts, it decreases the dino's defense.

Sans titre 13_20230605134421.png

Sans titre 13_20230605134401.png

Sans titre 13_20230605134404.png

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