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Chororapithecus(ancient gorilla)(Remake)



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I've posted about this gorilla before in the Neoplasm Vote on Scorched Earth, but this time it's an adapted proposal in Ragnarok.

Chororapithecus abyssinicus was an ape that lived about 10-10.5 million years ago during the Miocene Epoch. It is believed to be the earliest known species of gorilla. Its existence indicates that the last common ancestor between the human/chimpanzee lineage and gorillas may have lived greater than 10 to 11 million years ago, which is at least 2 million years earlier than the previously thought date of divergence of about 8 million years ago.
The only evidence found of this extinct ape is currently nine Fossilized teeth of at least three individuals, recovered from the Chorora Formation which runs along the southern Afar Depression of Ethiopia (the same place where the remains of Lucy were discovered in 1974). Analysis of eight molars (two of them fragmented) and a canine tooth show that their structure is partly similar to modern gorillas.
The researchers compared the make up of the teeth to other current and fossil apes, and concluded that the new ape fossils possibly were a species of gorilla which ate mostly high-fiber plants, and that the fossil species is likely a 'direct ancestor' of the gorillas that currently live in Africa.
Some fossil teeth of Chororapithecus that had been found
Alternatively, the idea that the finds are the remains of early hominins has not been ruled out entirely.


In this game, it is bigger than Gigantopithecus and looks like King Kong, but as an image, it feels like Megapithecus has become smaller.
Neutral, but quickly become hostile when attacked.
These creatures always act in packs of five, and when attacked they all become hostile.
A particularly high-level individual becomes a leader, and by performing "drumming" that only leaders do, other herd's Choororapithecus will be given herd buffs.
In addition, drumming has the effect of intimidating dangerous creatures such as Tyrannosaurus, and threatened creatures are given a dehuff of fear, and the creatures will immediately run away.
However, Chororapithecus itself is at a level where it can fight Reaper decently.
Taming method
It will be tamed in a special way.
It will also be the same method as Dinopithecus, only the leader can be tamed, and the non-leader Choororapithecus cannot be tamed.
Therefore, all Chororapithecus other than the leader must be defeated.
And the remaining leader, Chororapithecus, will go into smashing mode and attack the player, but this is a special taming method.
By continuing to exchange attacks, the Taming Gauge will rise.
However, it must also be exchanged under proper conditions.
First, a normal attack with a fist → a double sledgehammer that increases the coma value → a tackle that knocks back → throws a huge boulder... By exchanging in this order, the taming gauge will rise.
From there, "Normal attack with fists" → "Double sledgehammer that increases coma" → "Tackle that knocks back" → "Throws huge rocks" → "Taming gauge increase" → "Normal attack with fists" → "Double sledgehammer that raises the coma value" → "Tackle that knocks back" → "Throws a huge rock" → "Increases the taming gauge", etc. It repeats.
And by repeating this all the time, when the taming gauge rises to 75%, it will recognize the player who has continued to exchange his attacks, and after that, it will be the same as Carcharodontosaurus, and if you subdue the surrounding wildlife, the taming gauge will fill up. Ascend and eventually the tame is completed.
After taming
If there are 3 or more Choororapithecus, they form a group, and the higher level individual becomes the leader, and only the leader Carcharodontosaurus grants buffs to the group and "Drumming", which has a threatening effect that debuffs the enemy. I can.
It moves quickly, has high attack power, and can cut the weight of all items by 80%.
Like Gigantopithecus, it can also zipline and collect fibers efficiently in Wandering Mode.
However, this creature is arguably more combat-friendly than the Gigantopithecus.
Normal attack with fist = power is insanely high.
Double sledgehammer that raises the coma value = It has the effect of increasing the coma value in exchange for its low power.
You can also use it to destroy rocks and collect stones efficiently.
Knockback Tackle = Knockback and blow away large creatures such as Tyrannosaurus.
Throwing a huge rock = It is possible to craft a "giant stone" with 100 stones obtained by destroying a rock with a double sledgehammer, and you can throw and attack with the stone.
In my mind, I think it's okay to have the nickname of "the strongest primate in the ARK world".

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As an aside, the settings are as follows.
1. With double sledgehammer, how much the coma value rises, a level 1 Chororapithecus will stun a level 1 Tyrannosaurus in about 3-4 times.
In other words, it will be possible for the player to be stunned immediately by increasing the coma value with a single blow.
2. Tackle is powerful enough to shatter a wooden wall with a single blow, and a level 150 Chororapithecus can finally destroy a stone wall after 10 tackles.
3. It is possible to defeat Chororapithecus other than the leader together with tamed dinos, but only the player can tame the leader Chororapithecus. .
Of course, tamed dinosaurs can also get caught, so you have to keep the tamed dinosaurs away from the leader, Chororapithecus, so that they don't get caught.
4. On the condition that the remaining leader individual Choororapithecus remains unharmed, the player must continue to exchange attacks from the leader individual Chororapithecus without taking damage.
5. Because they are omnivores, they eat anything.

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As a side note, Chororapithecus is about the same size as Tyrannosaurus.
Drumming can also temporarily enhance the status of Gigantopithecus, Mesopithecus, and Dinopithecus as primates other than Chororapithecus.

※Interestingly, this creature is completely immune to coma, making it completely immune to coma-increasing attacks such as Titanoboa, making it completely impossible to put it to sleep with tranquilizer arrows.

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