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Canis lupus Domesticus - paleolithic Dog





Shepherd - when equipped with a saddle you can pet Canis Lupus Domesticus it will sit down and can act as a mobile "leash" for wandering dinos.   

Search and Tame - When equipped with a saddle with a sled that can be used to move knocked out tames equal to Argentina carrying capabilities. Canis Lupus Domesticus can be given the dermis of dinos and set to "Search and Tame" seek out max level dinos matching the dermis's in it's inventory when it finds one it will circle the dino to keep threats at bay

Search and Hunt - When equipped with a saddle  Canis Lupus Domesticus can be given the dermis of dinos and set to "Search and Hunt" Canis Lupus Domesticus will then begin hunting wild dinos that match the dermis of creatures in its inventory. 

Search and Rescue-  when equipped with a saddle adds a sled behind Canis Lupus Domesticus and can be given the dermis's your tames. When set to "Search and Rescue" Canis Lupus Domesticus will search for that tame that the dermis belongs to. Canis Lupus Domesticus will return with the tame in tow. 

Search and Retrieve- When set to "Search and Retrieve"   Canis Lupus Domesticus will collect near by items, drops, and bags, 

Spawning -  Canis Lupus Domesticus generally spawn in location where Ovis are found. May even be found protecting the Ovis from natural predators.

Pack bonus- Canis Lupus Domesticus recieve a pack bonus when they are with other Canis Lupus Domesticus and dire wolves 

Taming  -Passive Tame- crouch or maybe sit emote near the Canis Lupus Domesticus. Canis Lupus Domesticus will become interested in the survivor. Initially circling the survivor, eventually coming up to you. Give it kibble or pet it depending on what it wants. It will back away and circle again. This repeats until tamed when tamed it will sit down in front of you. Taming one and it will be a Survivors Best Friend


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