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water tame Glaucus Atlanticus (Blue sea dragon)



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Introducing Glaucus atlanticus also known as the blue sea dragon. First, I understand its size and abilities differ from that of its real-life counterpart. 

Slug by name but not by nature. Its powerful spines propel it through the water faster than any creature in the sea. Its brightly coloured body servers as warning to even the most fierce of sea monsters. This Megalodon size critter posses a string so deadly not even the might Tusoteuthis dare challenge it. Covered in a slim it is immune to grab attacks and stuns of eels and jellyfish.  It produces a toxin so powerful it can comatose the biggest and baddest of the seas. 

Survivors are able to charm this creature using a concoction of toxins from arks deadliest creatures. Its superior speed and ability to travel unhindered in arks oceans makes it the ideal travel companion. Its sling makes it a formidable combatant and its passively produced toxins serve as a powerful narcotic. 
Its enclosed saddle servers as both protection and source of oxygen to seep sea explorers. 

To tame this creature, you will need combine all the toxins, venoms, and poisons of creatures in Ark to make a gloop which can be passively fed if you can get close enough! Its best to wait until the creature comes to a rest on the sea floor before approaching. 

Faster than the plesio, mosa and squid whilst being immune to all grab, stun or dismount attacks makes it the ideal underwater travel mount. Whilst it does not attract aggressive from any sea creatures any foolish enough to attack will be meet with reflective damage from its toxic skin able to apply a stun to smaller creatures.

Its saddle is styled much like the starwing saddle but instead of shooting lasers it channels the creatures string into a barb like attack which either applies massive torpor with cooldown or smaller needle like barb attack with a bleed damage. 

It can traverse land by rearing up its spines much like a seal on its flippers being able to use its barb attacks on land creatures however it lacks any speed and if its skin gets too dry will begin to take damage and eventfully die. 

This creature produces a toxin passively in its inventory which powers its torpor attack or can be combined with narcotics to double the effects however once spoiled makes it totally unusable. 


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