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Daspletosaurus the desert loving apex predator



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Tired of taming a Rex for bossfights over and over again?


Try Daspletosaurus!



Daspletosaurus inhabits the hottest ecosystem of Ragnarok: the desert. With their feathered bodies heat doesn´t seem to affect them. More than that, I was able to observe Daspletosaurus half burying themselfs in the sand to take a nap several times.

Although Daspltosaurus seems to be quite rare, I could once observe the meeting of two Daspletosaurs. The rather violent fight of the two suggest that they are solitary.

At first you might not think so, because Daspletosaurus is not much bigger than Allosaurus, but they are the top of the foog chain. Their small size, compared to their cousins the T-Rex, they make up for with a strong biting force! But they are not really aggressive. Their aggressions seems to be directed only against other Daspletosaurus and their favourite food: ceratopsians.

Their neutral nature made me wonder if they could be tamed.
During my research I made some very interesting discoveries.
Daspletosaurus builds its nests in the desert sand by moistening it with its saliva, creating a kind of clay. This prevents the eggs from getting lost in the sand. At night, the mother lies permanently on top of the eggs so that they do not cool down. I have observed how a mother briefly left the nest to drink and this short moment was apparently sufficient for the eggs to become too cold and the embryos died. Unfortunately, this seems to happen frequently, which probably explains their low numbers on the ark. If only there was some way to help them?




The mother defends the eggs during the day to the blood. Strengthened by the sun and the will to protect her children, other dinos are too afraid to get too close. (daspleto plays a threatening gesture, so that the player knows where the border is. If he crosses it, she roars and creates fear like the yuti, only with 100% direct fear)

At night, however, the mother sleeps on her clutch. You can gain her trust by sneaking up on her (ghillie) and dropping a piece of high quality meat from a ceratopsian on the ground in front of her and create distance again. Wait a while until she falls asleep again and repeat the whole process. (again, threatening gesture if you get too close. If you are too close, she stands up and attacks you or fearroars you. in both cases she leaves the nest and the eggs lose 1/3 of their durability (3 chances)).

As soon as you earn trust, she puts down her head and opens her mouth. In this mouth you put a piece of meat OR water (0 slot) depending on what she asks for. She swallows and does not put her head down until she is hungry again. You do this until she reaches "Taming" 100%. Once that is reached, you be able to get ONE egg of the clutch.



Daspletos are breedable. But they ONLY mating in the desert at daytime and their eggs only hatch their too. If a superheat appears, the eggs hatching 5 times faster. non neutered Daspletos are aggressive to each other. You have to turn on mating by the female first, than get the male to her. they will mate and the female will scare away the male after. If the female have cooldown and you put a male to her, they will fight. they will also with other females, so no cluster mating! ;)



Because Daspleto have a very unique taming and breeding process, they gain several strong abilities to make it worthwhile to tame them.

- Can dig itself into the sand and thus protects itself and the rider from sandstorms, super heat and other dangerous weather effectsThey can.

- can either create clay passively in inventory or must be set to wander, picks up sand from the ground and spits out clay again (like the achatina)

- daspletos do not tolerate conspecifics in the same range as gachas. If two Daspletos get too close, they will attack each other (making them uncryobar in combat would be a consideration)

- you can neutere a baby to avoid the aggressions to each other, so you will be able to use them in bossfight. Neutered Daspletos will not draw aggro from other Daspletos!

- gets a buff for several real live hours when taking a sand bath. The buff gains damage resistance, a small health reg bonus and better stam reg.

- Bonus damage against all ceratopsids and conspecifics.

- can lie down to heal a bit quiker

- dmg and health reg bonus at super heat and/or in desert biomes





Left click: Bite (higher base dmg than a rex). If you look infront of you it will normaly bite infront. But if you look back Daspleto will turn like Sarco to bite the enemy behind it.

Right click: Tail swipe if you look behind or footstomp if you look infront. Both doing a bit less dmg than the bite but provides a high knockback and slow down enemies.


X (single click) - dig in. Can move like Basilisk and Players oxygen drains while burrowed. Click x again to splash out of the sand with a anklebite which do a bit less dmg than the bite but sow down enemies and giving them a bleeding debuff. (digging has a cooldown) Also this attack blends riders with sand in their eyes. Comsume a good amount of stamina when moving under the sand!

X (holding) - get ready for a sand bath! Get the Sandbath buff

ctrl - Females WITH mating cooldown: Fearroar similiar to Yuti fearroar. Non neuteres males get the courage roar instead

alt: Crunch. Higher base dmg than the bite and cause a strong bleeding debuff


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