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Dossier: Cryolophosaurus

Common Name: Cryolophosaurus

Species Name: Cryolophosaurus frigus

Time: Prehistoric era

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Territorial


Cryolophosaurus polaris is a medium-sized carnivorous dinosaur that roams the freezing tundras of ARK. Its most distinctive feature is the large,curving crest atop its head, reminiscent of a frozen wave. This unique adaptation allows it to withstand the extreme cold temperatures of its environment.

The Cryolophosaurus is an agile predator, utilizing its powerful hind limbs to pursue its prey with speed and precision. Its sharp, serrated teeth are capable of tearing through flesh, making it a formidable opponent in the harsh polar regions.


While not as large or heavily armored as some other predators, Cryolophosaurus serves as an excellent hunting companion in the cold climates of ARK. Its cold-adapted physiology and acute senses make it a reliable asset for surviving in freezing biomes.

Trained Cryolophosaurus can be ridden and used for transportation, thanks to their agility and speed. Their unique crest may also serve as an impressive display, intimidating adversaries and displaying dominance within the pack.

Known Information:

Cryolophosaurus thrives in colder environments, where many other creatures struggle to survive. Its specialized adaptations, including insulating scales and a cold-resistant physiology, allow it to withstand freezing temperatures.

The crest atop the Cryolophosaurus's head is believed to play a role in species recognition or thermoregulation. While its exact purpose remains unknown, it certainly makes this predator stand out among the icy landscapes.

Be cautious when encountering Cryolophosaurus in the wild, as they are formidable hunters. Their speed and sharp teeth can make quick work of unprepared survivors. If you wish to tame one, approach with caution and employ appropriate tactics to secure its loyalty




  1. Frostbite Bite: The Cryolophosaurus possesses a unique ability called Frostbite Bite. When it bites its prey, the freezing cold temperatures emanating from its teeth inflict additional damage over time. This chilling effect can slow down the movements of the target, making escape more challenging.

  2. Frost Nova Roar: In moments of danger or during a hunt, the Cryolophosaurus can emit a powerful roar that resonates with the freezing aura of its icy home. This Frost Nova Roar creates a shockwave of cold energy, briefly immobilizing and damaging nearby enemies caught in its radius.

  3. Icy Camouflage: The Cryolophosaurus can blend into its wintry surroundings by utilizing its Icy Camouflage ability. By slowing its metabolism and adjusting its pigmentation, it can become nearly invisible in snowy environments, making it challenging for enemies to detect and track it.

  4. Polar Pack Tactics: Cryolophosaurus are known to exhibit cooperative hunting behavior, particularly when hunting larger prey. When multiple Cryolophosaurus work together, they can coordinate attacks and surround their target, overwhelming it with a barrage of swift and coordinated strikes.

  5. Glacial Sprint: When in pursuit of prey or evading danger, the Cryolophosaurus can engage its Glacial Sprint ability. It temporarily increases its movement speed, allowing it to swiftly maneuver through the icy terrain and catch up to fleeing prey or escape from potential threats.Taming

  6. Screenshot_20230604-052801_Google.jpeg.72a00b0d4092356c29edddd80d2b55b9.jpeg

  7. Taming

  8. Taming the Cryolophosaurus presents a thrilling challenge that requires a strategic approach. Unlike other creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved, the Cryolophosaurus cannot be tamed through traditional methods like tranquilizing or passive feeding. Instead, survivors must embark on a daring quest to earn the trust and loyalty of these icy predators.

  9. To initiate the taming process, players must locate a Cryolophosaurus pack consisting of 2-3 individuals in their natural cold habitats. These creatures are highly territorial and protective of their pack, making it essential to carefully observe their behavior before attempting interaction.

    Survivors will need to demonstrate their prowess by engaging in combat with the Cryolophosaurus pack. Facing them head-on, showcasing combat skills, and inflicting damage will trigger a test of strength and dominance within the pack's hierarchy.

    During the intense battle, players must strategically target the alpha or dominant Cryolophosaurus in the pack. Defeating this individual in combat and establishing dominance will result in the remaining Cryolophosaurus recognizing the survivor as their new pack leader.

    Once victorious, survivors can approach the defeated alpha and perform a special interaction to initiate the taming process. This interaction involves a display of respect, trust, and an offering of specific resources that appeal to the Cryolophosaurus's primal instincts.

    Survivors must remain vigilant during the taming process, as the remaining pack members will fiercely defend their fallen alpha. Players should exercise caution, utilize combat skills, and fend off any attacks while maintaining focus on the taming interaction.

    Upon successful completion of the taming process, the Cryolophosaurus pack members will acknowledge the survivor as their leader. They can now be ridden, commanded, and utilized for hunting or other tasks in the frozen lands of ARK.


Spawn Behavior and Group Dynamics:

Cryolophosaurus are native to the cold and icy regions of ARK, making their presence most prominent in snow-covered landscapes and high-altitude environments. These fierce predators typically spawn in small groups, consisting of 2-3 individuals.

Their preference for group living stems from a combination of enhanced hunting capabilities and increased survival odds in the harsh conditions of their habitat. Staying together in packs allows them to coordinate attacks, share resources, and provide mutual protection against larger predators.

Survivors seeking to encounter Cryolophosaurus should explore the freezing tundras, snowy mountains, and other cold biomes. Look for areas with ample visibility and prey availability to increase the chances of finding these elusive creatures.

While their pack behavior offers strength in numbers, it also makes them highly territorial and defensive. Approaching a Cryolophosaurus pack recklessly or without caution can quickly escalate into a dangerous confrontation. It is advised to observe their behavior from a safe distance and plan encounters carefully to avoid unnecessary risks.

Survivors should be prepared for swift, coordinated attacks from Cryolophosaurus packs. Engaging in combat or attempting to tame thesecreatures requires careful strategy and precise execution. Those who successfully navigate these challenges will find the Cryolophosaurus to be formidable allies and companions in the unforgiving cold lands of ARK.



The Cryolophosaurus, though not as massive as its formidable cousin, the Tyrannosaurus rex, is still an impressive predator in its own right. It stands tall and proud, exhibiting a combination of power and agility that sets it apart from many other creatures in the ARK world.

Measuring slightly smaller than a T. rex, the Cryolophosaurus boasts a length of around 26 to 30 feet (8 to 9 meters) from head to tail. Its robust build and muscular limbs give it a formidable presence, making it a force to be reckoned with.

While it may not possess the sheer size of a T. rex, the Cryolophosaurus compensates with its agility and speed. This allows it to maneuver swiftly through its natural icy habitat, making it a versatile and effective hunter in its own right


Different Attacks:

  1. Frostbite Slash: The Cryolophosaurus delivers a swift and precise slashing attack with its sharp claws. This attack inflicts moderate damage and has a chance to temporarily slow down the target, reducing their movement speed and granting a strategic advantage in combat.

  2. Arctic Roar: With a powerful bellow, the Cryolophosaurus emits an Arctic Roar that disorients and intimidates nearby enemies. This area-of-effect attack temporarily decreases the accuracy and damage output of affected creatures, providing an opportunity for survivors to gain the upper hand in group battles.

  3. Glacial Bite: The Cryolophosaurus unleashes a bone-crushing bite infused with icy energy. The Glacial Bite not only deals substantial damage but also has a chance to inflict a brief freezing effect on the target, immobilizing them momentarily and leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

  4. Blizzard Rush: Engaging its powerful hind limbs, the Cryolophosaurus charges forward in a Blizzard Rush. This attack allows the creature to swiftly close the gap between itself and its prey, dealing damage and knocking back smaller creatures in its path, creating an opportunity to separate targets or disorient groups.


Why Vote for the Cryolophosaurus:

  1. Unique Cold-Adapted Predator: The Cryolophosaurus brings a fresh and exciting addition to the ARK: Survival Evolved world. With its cold-adapted nature, it introduces a unique gameplay experience centered around the frozen environments of ARK.

  2. Balance and Diversity: By voting for the Cryolophosaurus, you contribute to the game's balance and diversity of creatures. Its slightly smaller size compared to other apex predators allows for a broader range of encounters and strategic choices for players.

  3. Engaging Taming Mechanism: The Cryolophosaurus's taming process offers a thrilling and challenging experience, diverging from the conventional methods. The battle for dominance and subsequent interaction with the pack leader adds an immersive layer of interaction and depth to the game.

  4. Environmental Interaction: The Cryolophosaurus's unique ability, Frost Strike, provides exciting opportunities for environmental manipulation and resource acquisition. This dynamic interaction adds depth to gameplay, allowing players to strategically utilize the frozen terrain to their advantage.

  5. Group Dynamics: The Cryolophosaurus's tendency to spawn in small groups enhances the immersive and realistic aspect of its behavior. Encounteringpacks of these predators adds an additional layer of excitement and challenge to the game's exploration and combat encounters.


Art by Pangalliformes, Toki999, Hanah boving, davesrightmind, PaleoGuy and PaleoPastori on deviantart and artstation


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in the snow capped peaks of ragnarok you can find cryolophosaurus glacalis.cryo can spit a liquid that can freeze its victims solid and can also make some powerful narcotics.this liquid comes from its trout sac witch contains a chemical that if mixed with water can make this liquid.if tamed cryoiophosaurus are one of the most deadliest mounts know to man. cryos loalty will go so far that if the owner dies cryo will carry your belongings as soon as you are respawned by the ark.its ability to freeze its victims solid will push tribes so far as to sacrifice a member so it can fall asleep so they can tame it.cryo can also make armor from its liquid.

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