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The Repenomamus: The Corrupt Mammal



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repenomamus_robustus-reconstruction.pngThe giant badger is the Strongest mammal ark has ever seen depending on the food the badger eat the powers it get I got Name -  Repenomamus Period -the Mesozoic era- Carnivore Temperament - Aggressive DOSSIER - WILD Found within the highest mountains and swamp of the ARK, is a colossal Badger and bear hybrid, a mix of Dire Bear and  a badger



Although Repenomamus seems to be quite rare

At first you might not think so, because  is not much bigger than parasaur , but they are the top of the foog chain. Their small size, compared to other mammals , they make up for with a strong biting force! But they are really aggressive. Their aggressions seems to be directed only against other of they species

Their aggressive nature made me wonder if they could be tamed.
During my research I made some very interesting discoveries.
They often are in pack of 4 were they 1 female and 3 male the male will guard the nest while the female will hunt and look for food. 


I caught many times that they can eat many different foods honey,metal,fish,wood,glass.


Taming:to tame the Repenomamus you need to lure the female away and knock her out or kill her. Since the females aren’t tamable only if you drag others dead body’s of Repenomamus

the male on the other hand can be tame by simply walking up to one a feeding it either,honey, they can then be tame since the male are passive while the female are aggressive 


claw attack

bite attack 


Matter armor 

honey throw

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Here's what I think about the power of Repenomamus robustus.

A Repenomamus robustus is about the size of a Heterocephalus magnus.Because the world of the ARK dinosaurs are too big.So if the Repenomamus robustus want to eat dinosaurs again, they have to get bigger.

First of all, Repenomamus robustus are dinosaur hunters, they will do their best to kill other dinosaurs.Their powerful jaws easily controlled the dinosaurs they wanted to hunt.This animal was particularly keen on preying on theropods.So in the wild, you can often see them crushing velociraptors with their jaws.Repenomamus robustus would have preferentially attacked theropods, but they would still have attacked other creatures. After all, it was a carnivore.

The animals become more excited and aggressive at night.Movement speed and jump height will be increased compared to the morning And find that your vision is bigger.It has night vision-like capabilities at night.

When you see the carcass of a wild, Repenomamus robustus.Don't be fooled by it, it's probably playing dead.Play Dead when a Repenomamus robustus is dying (below 20% health)

Effect: after 3 seconds of use, any creature hostile to your powerful reptile will no longer be hostile.

(This ability only works on wild and unmounted domestic animals.)

When a Repenomamus robustus is near a theropod, its ears pop up.It will automatically have the ability to echolocate nearby theropods(These include the Flying Bipedal Wyvern and the Draconis obscurum)And Repenomamus robustus are nervous enough not to eat meat, but only horny or chitin.

Repenomamus robustus can not be tamed by stun.Because it's immune to any toxicity.(The effect of immunity is jellyfish attack effect,Any weapon that increases the vertigo value,Immune to the venomous breath of the wyvern and the Serpens regulus.)So you can only build trust in the first place by stealing babies from the wild.When you find a Repenomamus robustus baby in the wild, it will ask for a random food.Feed it and it will jump on your back.Then all the Repenomamus robustus and theropods you come across will come after you.Meet the requirements of the baby, it will ask you to take it to the designated coordinates to see the scenery.After you have satisfied your baby's requirements for the specified coordinates, you will be able to claim it successfully.Tame after the baby, because you have met its requirements before, so it is 100% mark value.Be aware, however, that Repenomamus robutus was unable to eat horniness or chitin as a juvenile, and should not be exposed to wild theropods.


The tamed Repenomamus Robutus is an excellent swimmer, thanks to its waterproof fur.The fur also protects it from leeches.But Repenomamus Robutus was no better at diving than Pelagornis Miocaenus or reaper.

After Repenomamus Robutus had been in and out of the water, its fur was covered with many drops of water.And it will quickly shake the body to clean up its wet hair.This capability can be used once after entering or exiting the water, and unlimited times during rainy days.This action will frighten most creatures for 5 seconds, while creatures affected by this ability will be immune for 30 seconds after 5 seconds.

Repenomamus Robutus has a large, powerful mouth that can carry a Carnotaurus-sized creature around in it.The biggest function of this mouth is to chew wood, after chewing wood is no longer hard, can be used as fiber.The mouth also chews fungus-bearing wood and accurately separates the fungus from the wood.

The fur of Repenomamus Robutus is used to dry out the meat because it is extremely flat and dry.But Repenomamus Robutus would no longer be able to dry cooked meat after it had been in and out of the water.Just get Repenomamus Robutus to shake off the water.

If you accidentally put honey on it, then you will get a kind of already solidified honey.This solidified honey can be used as a resin.But the solidified honey can not be used to transform Rhyniognatha into resin bullets.

Repenomamus Robutus excels at collecting meat and berries.So its saddles feature two boxes for meat and berries.And if you put leech blood in the meat box, and Repenomamus Robutus shakes his body with less force than usual, you get a nasty-looking treat.This kind of food is not acceptable to people, but it is a delicious food for carnivores, and it will stimulate the desire of carnivores to be active.Feeding their own carnivores can also help keep the fight going without fear.The boxes of berries can be filled with honey, and the process described above will give the herbivores something to fight for.

This delicious, disgusting food can also be used as a projectile.Throw this food into the enemy's camp, you can see the enemy dinosaurs fight each other for this food and big fight picture.

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