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Ichthyovenator, the earth shattering Spinosaurid



The Ichthyovenator is a ferocious beast found primarily in swampy regions a true swamp terror outsizing even the already large spinosaurus, this swamp creature is known for not just its impressive size but it's deafening roar said to shake the ark itself any enemy who finds themselves too close to the Ichthyovenator will feel the wrath of said roar even hurting them, another thing it is known for is it's incredible ability to go into the deep waters of Ragnarok to fight it's mortal enemy the Tusoteuthis, they have been seen deliberately go deep into the water solely to attack them, they seem to enter a frenzied state when fighting said creatures aswell, despite their carnivorous diet Ichthyovenator is surprisingly tame, this is likely due to it's preference for fish although they will still attack if threatened.


when tamed Ichthyovenator is a absolute Beast of a tame, I've seen most survivors create saddles meant specifically for deep diving, as they put stuff like flashlights and oxygen tanks on the saddle with a glass window to see out of, I've even seen some add mining drills to more easily mine the many oil nodes located in the waters, the stronger tribes will always have at least one to show their dominance over all others, all in all definitely NOT a fun creature to be enemies with.



other things to note: eats fish exclusively, rarely spawns in swamp, similar size to charcar [but slightly smaller, but it also means you can't take it into boss fight's], earth shattering roar would only increase in damage if the oxygen stat is upgraded, mining drill cannot be used on land [for some reason].


taming would be like this: you find the Ichthyovenator, sacrifice aquatic tames to it [tuso would work the best but would make it enter frenzied state] to gain trust, once it trusts you enough you can passive tame it fish meat, if it enters it's frenzied state... RUN FOR THE HILLS


any suggestions would be awesome



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