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STOMATOSUCHUS was a stomatosuchid neosuchian that lived during the Late Cretaceous. It lived alongside some of the largest predatory Dinosaurs to have ever lived.



Name:  Stomatosuchus Inermis

Time: Late Cretaceous

Diet: Piscivore

Temperament: Aggressive



Stomatosuchus can be found in the Desert & River . Its diet consists mostly of fish however it may prey on smaller dinos if necessary. Despite its large size, it's still frequently preyed on by larger crocodilians and some large theropods. If provoked, the stomatosuchus will attack the survivor, possibly trying to swallow it whole.



To tame a Stomatosuchus, the survivor must passively feed it dead fish, similar to an otter. The survivor must wait for it to go to land and fall asleep, which is when the survivor must feed it. Fish with larger sizes will boost the taming effectiveness and speed up the taming process.



Stomatosuchus doesn't need a saddle to ride on, however it does contain natural armour similar to a shadowmane. This creature is also very fast in water, almost being as fast as a Sarcosuchus.The Stomatosuchus possesses a powerful bite that may be charged up while holding down it's primary attack. Stomatosuchus also has the ability to swallow smaller creatures and even survivors. Stomatosuchus is especially effective at helping the survivor obtain fish baskets. Fish will passively swim up to the Stomatosuchus where the survivor can easily trap them. Once tamed, the fish can then be stored in the Stomatosuchuses throat pouch and released when in another body of water.



Stomatosuchus doesn't need a saddle to ride on but if you wanna fight against any high level Creatures or Bosses then you must have to unlock it's saddle at level 85 and that saddle is the Armoured Saddle with 2 Automatic Turrets and need some Gasoline to use the Turrets. Equiped the Armoured Saddle on Stomatosuchus, then it is also 100% immune to Lava, Hot & Cold weather.


Finally, While you riding Stomatosuchus into the underwater, then you don't need scuba tank or else because Stomatosuchus will give you 100% oxygen into the underwater without sacrificing of its health or anything. And Stomatosuchus is 100% immune to Electricity because of it's Armour. Also Stomatosuchus have unlimited Giga bite damage for some moments to use against the Bosses & any high level Dinos or else. It can gather & produce lots of Oils.





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I really like this creature, and I spend a while reading your ability suggestion, and still think that no one would want to tame this thing. Not saying your suggestion are bad, its actually really good, it's just that ARK players generally do not care about chill PVE creature, they all want massive or fast creature for PVP. And I thought maybe the best way to make this creature is to NOT TAME IT, make ability that can make this creature stand out, make it special and make it rare, for example, "They are rare spawn in the swamp, and if you see them swimming with jaws wide open, you can feed it fish, and In return, it will spit out what is already in its jaw, like maybe black pearl, or special food to help you tame aquatic creature."  

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