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aquatic Rhizodus - Monstrous fish of the shores



Rhizodus was a massive fish from the carboniferous period, the era of large arthropods, it has been proposed rhizodus lunged at land-bound prey much like a modern crocodile.

My idea of Rhizodus is for it to be an aquatic creature that can traverse across lands in bursts, and for it to be anti-flier and anti-arthropod (Including stuff like tusoteuthis).

Its land crawling ability allows it to reach land based creatures and players, though its not very fast at all, however you can do a lunge out of the water to quickly snatch anything on land or in the sky. When it lunges at a player or creature it will grab them, of which they can be brought back into the water, it can grab creatures that are below-rex sized in terms of land creatures, and fliers it can grab up to Rhyniognatha, but quetzels and wyverns are excluded from this. Other aquatic creatures it can grab as well, plesiosaur size is its max in terms of grabbing. 

Thrashing is its special attack when it has grabbed something, causing a bone break debuff that increases the amount of damage the creature takes per thrash. (Base thrash does 60, next thrash will do 70, and then 80, etc for example). 
Arthropod predator makes it do 2X damage against arthropods and mollusks (tusoteuthis), along with its ability to grab fliers out of the sky makes it pretty well suited to counter against Rhyniognatha. Arthropod predator also has the added bonus of making it immune to resin. Ammonites cannot make creatures aggro onto Rhizodus. 
Tanky & high base attack are Rhizodus's strongest points in terms of stats, will health and melee stats higher than a rex, it makes it a dangerous foe to encounter be it the ocean, land or skies even. However it has poor stamina and speed. 
Immune to eel and jellyfish stuns, along with tuso grabs. This makes it an effective counter to eels, jellyfish and tusoteuthis along with basiliosaurus, which does make it good for underwater cave exploration. 
In terms of abilites thats it, but its saddle comes in handy in one way:

Its saddle has various storage containers on it that reduce basilo oil, bio-toxin and prime fish spoil times (on top of other perishable ocean items). This makes it useful when you go gathering resources in the ocean that spoil. 
Mario Lanzas on Twitter: "RHIZODUS (from the Carboniferous themed video:  https://t.co/xh36tw30Kp) Probably one of the largest lobe-finned fish ever  existed #paleoart #rhizodus #carboniferous #sayhitograndpa #naturalhistory  #bigfish https://t.co ...

And finally, it's taming method.
Its taming requires you to sacrifice Arthropods (or something like tusoteuthis) to it, with either Rhyniognatha or Tuso being the best creatures for taming it. 

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Species: Rhizodus gigas

Time: Carboniferous

Diet: Carnivore

Size: about 20 meters

Sadle unlocks at 78 lvl


700 health

500 stamina

300 moisture (oxygen) 

75 basic damage

??? Speed

600 weight(selica and black pearls weight less in its inventory) 


Rhizodus gigas is giant fish that terrorizes freshwater, sometimes saltwater and even land fauna that got unlucky being near water while Rhizodus is around. Even tho Rhizodus gigas is a fish it can crawl on land to catch its prey, but prey on land is fast so it uses it slimy belly to charge at it and have better chances of catching it. Original Earths Rhizodus  was only a Freshwater fish but Rhizodus gigas can also be found in oceans.

Rhizodus gigas is a pain to deal with for survivors not only because it was difficult to kill but it was not really rewardable cuz rhizodus meat is difficult to cook due to it fire resistant slime that covers not only its skin but also its meat


1. Grab

When Rhizodus catches small prey it swallows it whole but when it catches big prey it takes it as deep as possible and drowns it, in fear preys oxygen drains way faster than usuall. If you tame it you can use grab ability to grab your own tames or tribemates and take then underwater without worrying about them drowning cuz Rhizodus will provide them with oxygen.

If it grabs another water creature it will start mauling it with its powerfull jaws 

Deals 70 damage doesnt matter if u grab wild creature or your own tame

2. Tail slap

Tail slap stuns small animals in water and does huge knockback + bonebreak(20 sec.) on land. Deals 50 basic damage

3. Charge

Charge gives Rhizodus speed boost for 7 seconds and deals 5 basic damage to everything that gets in the way

4. Slide

Rhizodus can use its slimy belly to slide on land like a penguin, but can use it only 3 times, if all 3 is used it will have cooldown 10 minutes until you can use it again

5. Fire resistance

Slime protects Rhizodus from getting burned or take damage from fire

6. Thick skull 

Rhizodus will take less damage from being shot/hit in the head

Taming method:

1. Use repelant and let it swallow you after which it will spit you out and take some torpor(will drop very slowly) and then wait for it to do it again to knock it out, Rhizodus will eat any sort of meat exept for spoiled one but its most favorite is lamb

2. Become Jeremy and use fishing to tame it!

3. Make it swallow something poisonous to make it fall unconcious

4. Make it swallow carbonemis so it will choke and fall unconcious

Can farm: Selica pearls, Black pearls, stone and flint


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This is Rhizodus, a giant Sarcopterygian fish that lurked within the depths of the Carboniferous. This species consists element genera of Electric eel, Deepsea Viper, Snakehead & Lungfish. As an amphibious species this predatory fish terrorised prey on land as it does in water.

Amphibious predator
The Rhizodus has specifically evolved to be a semi aquatic predator, hunting prey both in water & on land. Like the lungfish the Rhizodus is able to venture out of the water using lamniform or serpentine manoeuvrability as well as using its frontal fins as limbs, as a means of obtaining better grip in order to sprint. The attacks of the Rhizodus also change depending on the medium of its current presence. 

Electrical enemy
Like the Electrophorus the Rhizodus is able to harness electricity using electrogenesis. Like Electric eels within the abdominals of the Rhizodus has a Hunters organ & a Sach organ, both in which a responsible for its electrical capabilities. The Rhizodus can generate a surge of electricity that inflicts the Electrocuted debuff, within water this attack is potentially more powerful capable of stunning & damaging creatures & other Survivors.

Hidden agenda
Like deep sea viperfish & eels the Rhizodus possesses pharyngeal jaws, a secondary set of oral jaws located inside the predators throat. These hidden jaws have the ability to deliver an instantaneous killing blow to prey that had been locked with its primary jaws, in which the Fish is able to carry creatures with a drag weight of 200 or less. The Rhizodus can also use these pharyngeal jaws as a heavy attack dealing high damage.

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