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insulator FALCARIUS VAGUS — Tiny Thermal Regulating Therizino! (new dossier art)



Hello again Ark community, heres my submission for the Ragnarok creature vote: Falcarius vagus

Table of contents:
- Concept art
- Dossier art & text
- Base stats
- Saddle
- Attacks
- Abilities
- Other references


Falcarius concept art:






Common Name: Falcarius

Species Name: Falcarius vagus

Time: Early Cretaceous

Diet: Omnivore

Temperament: Docile


Found in the most inhospitable regions of the ARK, Falcarius vagus is a mid-sized cousin of the Therizinosaurus. This hardy animal sports a fluffy coat of feathers along its body and neck, which allows it to stay insulated wherever it goes. Falcarius also sports the signature massive claws of its larger cousin, though they are notably shorter and can be swung much faster. 

Being nomadic in nature, a Falcarius cannot be picky with its food. These animals will normally prefer to eat meat, but will also chow down on the shrubbery if need be. It seems that Falcarius especially LOVE honey, and will go out of their way to get it by all means necessary.



To tame a Falcarius, one has to simply walk up to it slowly and feed it honey. It is recommended to crouch when approaching the animal as to not spook it.

Once tamed, Falcarius can insulate their riders wherever they go, whether that be the frigid mountaintops or the sweltering deserts. Plus, these fluffy critters are just way too cute to not tame!





Base stats:
HP: 240 
Stam: 650
Oxygen: 150
Food: 1500
Weight: 400
Melee: 100%


Unlocks at lvl 25
Cost: 80 Hide, 50 fiber, 15 Pelt/Hair/Wool, 15 Wood

Rider Weaponry allowed
1 Seated saddle


Lclick: Bite, gathers berries (20 base dmg)

Rclick: Claw swipes (15 base dmg, hits twice)

Spacebar: Hop

C key: Fluff up feathers, gradually depletes stamina, slows down Falc



Insulation: similar to dimetrodon, scales with melee

Accelerating sprint: Starts off same speed as a Parasaur, can accelerate to Iguanodon speeds at max sprint

Herbivore fire dmg reduction


Other references:

Reference images:




The real animal:

Hope you enjoy, and good luck with the creature vote everyone!


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